Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology (vol. 1, Cosmology of God & Jesus)

What if not believing buys me a ticket to the Eternal Furnace?
If there is a God, do I really believe this is part of His shtick??
If there is a God, and I deny Him, utilizing the brain He allegedly gave me, do I really believe he will cast me into the fire like an errant marshmallow?
I have genuine difficulty imagining the degree of cruelty it would take for any being to behave in that way. That's made doubly disturbing by the underlying idea that God should be good. God should be the embodiment of love and acceptance and caring. Shouldn't He?

In thinking about this idea that God is a loving entity, there are some immediate problems. If God Is Love, and loves me as His child, why don't I ever see him at the dinner table? Did that Last Supper thing leave a bad taste in his mouth?

A friend of mine pointed out that she believes that God is all things, and that would mean both good and evil. While this idea explains much of the alleged "behavior" of the Christian God, why would I voluntarily worship such a being? If I'm to worship some entity, I would want it to be the best of all things good, and I would aspire to be as much like that being as possible. Otherwise, why would we even complain about the Hitlers and Bin Ladens and Saddams of the world? Aren't they merely manifesting a portion of that which God created? A portion of Himself?

Thus, I can find no rational reason to embrace nor worship a god who is as evil as he is good.

If there is no God, then the decision to not believe He exists, only reveals my own brilliance. It's a win-win.

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