Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology (vol. 3, Cosmology of the Bible)

The Bible tells me so?
The belief that Christians have about what the Bible actually tells them is violated first by the fact that most Christians have not read the entire Bible, and is violated second by their willingness to overlook the fact that the Bible contradicts itself so often within the same version. What would be a more accurate statement is “The clergy has told me what the Bible says, and the rest I get from circulating memes in society.”

Bible Literacy?
I find it odd and telling that modern Christians will make time to read endless novels of popular writers, and I believe that very few have ever read the bible cover to cover. According to the website, Jesus Christology, "Statistical research shows that less than 10% of professing Christians have ever read the entire Bible."

But as usual, those who run that site don't realize it's something they should keep hush-hush. Instead, they use the statistic as an admonishment to finally do just that--read it. But don’t they realize they are playing into our hands?

Christians can't possibly know what they're talking about, if they haven't read the whole Bible. And frankly, I think if they want to swell the ranks of Christians, they ought not encourage it. Reading the entire bible is what turned me toward atheism.

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