Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology (vol. 4, Cosmology of the Dark Side)

Modern Christians are fond of defending Christianity's checkered past with the claim that they are no longer caught in the dark ages, and don't behave the same way.

Be that as it may, while their actions don't include torches and beheadings, they still torture, maim, oppress, kill and make power-plays that seek to usurp the government. And they are perhaps not as humble, embracing a life of simplicity and sacrifice.

So, is Christianity a force for good? To answer this question, one has only to first look at historical fact, since it informs the actions and behaviors of modern-day Christians, who are also guilty of crimes against humanity. While good deeds done in the name of Christianity do exist, these good deeds are not exclusive to believers, and do not negate the overwhelming historicity of Christian oppressors, hatred, torture, and slaughter.

Throughout history, the belief both in God and in the truth of the Bible, has led to the most heinous crimes imaginable. Modern Christians might argue that my focus is narrow and unbalanced by my attention to the negatives, but I contend that we have had two thousand years of truth-glossing and focus upon the positive aspects of Christianity in the education of believers. Thus, equal time will be given here, and I hope the mainstream awareness will be more accurately schooled on the darker side of Christianity.

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