Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology (vol. 5, Cosmology of Science)

In a debate, when a creationist makes some statement meant to incite a defense, and the scientist hesitates and says something like—well, that’s very complex…” and you hear the audience (full of creationists) laughing, booing, hissing or dismissing the scientist, as if he were caught in his own lie, there is something profoundly misleading going on here. Something complex enough that a believer would assign to the ability of a god, cannot possibly be explained easily by the humans who contend that they know how it all came about in a natural way.

It defies the laws of logic to assume that a scientist should be able to answer a multi-faceted question, with so many variables and points of clarity and misunderstanding to address, in a few seconds. Creationists can do this because they have no data. They have belief, and then continued efforts to find things they can twist to fist their paradigm. Science doesn’t do this. That’s what the scientific method is about.

Part of the scientific method is to try to falsify the findings. A scientist might have a theory, and in order to prove it right, he must first try to prove it wrong. When he continues to arrive at the same conclusions, with empirical data and strict parameters of fact on one side, the result is something “proven” by science. There is no belief or wishing involved.

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