The Alamo

Ever wondered why all the pictures of the Alamo are all from the same angle? I found out when I went there, this is quite simply the ONLY angle you can take a good photo from. It looks like a remote, and tranquil location from this angle, but it actually sits squarely in the middle of modern, downtown San Antonio. Move the camera a hairsbreath to the right or left and your tranquility is beset by the billboards, hotels, scyscrapers, and construction cranes of any large modern city. ...and that's without mentioning the teaming masses pouring out of, and around the place like an ant mound someone stirred with a stick. I waited for a loooong while for each of the few pictures I got while I was waiting for a shot with no people in it. I got exceedingly lucky with the timing on this one, just at sunset.

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