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Comment by Dyslexic's DOG on September 4, 2013 at 3:40am

LOL!  Creationists are such wankers, both old earth and young earth.  They don't get the problem with their concepts.  For one thing, such concepts can never be Theories.  Theories must have scientifically proven evidence (often called a fact), but the Theory is an explanation of these Facts. If there's no established factual evidence to support a Theory's explanation, there's no Theory.

Creationist ideas in both forms will only ever be concepts, postulations or Arguments.

Concepts cannot scientifically ever challenge Theories, because Theories are the highest level any scientific concept can attain.  Theories are higher than facts, because the theory explains why facts are facts.

Thus, Creationism cannot challenge Evolution, because they are nowhere near the same level.

The only thing that challenge Evolution is another Theory that has more facts as it's basis than Evolution can muster.   Such a Theory cannot exist.

If we ditched Evolution today and examined life from scratch, we'd just end up with Evolution again.

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