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The Christian Devil: Friend or foe.

Started this discussion. Last reply by Amber Fajardo Apr 14, 2009. 6 Replies

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At 9:27am on April 21, 2009, Amber Fajardo said…
Your reply is so multifaceted. I re-read and find so much there. I have a question and you just may be the one with the answer. When you use the word science, how far would you go with this? I see something, a motive of science perhaps, that is following a line of reasoning that makes me conclude that he may be at work; and this seems almost sci-fi in effect; seeking to animate the flesh or in a sense, in magic, bring the ghost entirely forward with color and form: The idea no longer distant and abstract. The means and modes of how material organization came to be. Do you see this? Possibly the biggest question yet an underlying desire for love to manifest in absolute form within each individuals experience. Are you into magic? I know on a very personal level, the master of illusion. Having conquered the frail veil of time he is able to come right forward into let us call it 'solid conviction'? My thoughts are also very scientific in nature and this would be curiosity's leading. I do not wish to experience yet another earthly phase of existance. I would like to rise and not come down again but then there is always the question of whether or not the idea should be demonstrable and pratical, it's opposite perhaps 'mystical,? It is like for example, ah..interesting. Look at the idea of employment. Should a man with a firm intelligence lack opportunity to demonstrate this? By my seeing it from a higher standpoint i can see conclusively that this could never be the case and it manifests outwardly as my infinite reasoning having the power to open doors for him. This is truth's manifesting within his experience. But he seeks to awaken me within yet another bodily form within his experience. A riddle perhaps? Can you so who it is I walk with? Who is trying to awaken me into the flesh? Think about it. Sound a bit 'far out' distant or abstract? I went to an exhibit once at the Montserrat gallery. I met an amazing artist who painted the feelings he got from music with such vibrancy. I asked him if the idea, once portrayed outwardly, begins to loose it's potency or ability to lift him to such heights mentally. As with all artists, I think there is a deep desire there to share with others what they have found so inspiring. Maybe the need to share has given birth to the idea of marriage. The story in this case did not come to this conclusion, of course, but yes...I went on to wed myself to an artist. LOL. At some point I had to come forward out of the purely mental realms and into 'the flesh' so to speak. What can I say. He loved me and concluded that Love was his saving grace and did not desire it to remain distant from his experience. A very practical, grounded thought. Perhaps my question shall forever go unanswered. Once you aquire what you concider your ideal mate, must she go through the 'decaying' process? LOL Never happen. Too much to inspire her: Give her breath, color your experience, and open mental doors for you. Are you married?.
At 8:25am on April 21, 2009, Amber Fajardo said…
If evil be his hand, the dominant hand placed upon me, then he is my companion and I must walk with him. Yet I in my innocence witness no such thing. My task to disprove the lying tongue forever blameing him: Restoring him to his rightful place; peace and home: Wisdom and love forever at work awakening him.
At 7:55am on April 21, 2009, Amber Fajardo said…
Ah! Interesting. This idea of an imbalance between the masculine and feminine? I truly believe that most if not all of the challenges dealt with through out the feminine experience finds the solution in masculine qualities sought and demonstrated. Comman thought and therefor the visible experience seems to be composed of birth, growth, decay; as with him as well except she repeats the scene by reproducing it over again. Masculine objectivity destroys the belief that she has been touched by the phases of material existance. You must have heard it said in many different established systems of how 'all life flows through her'. Yes women are more sensitive to the surrounding elements but without the masculine she suffers what we see every day as a sort of emotionalism, the resulting irratic thinking and never quite hitting the mark, so to speak. Some people concider todays promiscuousness as a defined evil. Soon on the heels of this comes the judgement of old theology. you can take any example and watch the means and modes of humanity and it's so called working systems. Soon she may meet with the hand of psychiatry, the medical, and so she goes deeper and deeper into the human dream with it's pains and mental struggles. Can you see what gave birth to all these systems? Man has always tried to offer a saving hand. I would be absolutely destroyed by feminisim. As a matter of fact I was once under the thought of this, literally and figuaritively. I met two very sweet women, was fortold before hand and felt such an innocence about them. As I went deeper into their experience with them, I found them almost lost within the wilderness of Miami. They were a young gay couple and stood severly outside of society but had their hands in everything. One was interested in Reiki and she gave me a treatment. I really could not see her thought reading anything beyond her own mental experience and drawing conclusions from this. They also shared with me the reason why they were gay. There is such a struggle that goes on individually. There are ten thousand systems born of the struggle. In all this something must be true. My point regarding feminisim is they would look outwardly at me and draw their own conclusions. Most see my love of mankind as entirely unjustifiable depending upon, as you put it, which way the balances are tipped. I find Dante's discription of many levels of thinking to be interesting but once again it is a system based upon this deep underlying element called hell or an ultimate 'evil' within the pit. If you look at what the 'Human' mind contains you will find just that. First escaping the pit into 'free thinking' standing against judgementalism, and perhaps witchcraft? (an old term for defining this 'new age' thinking.) At some point you can see a clearly defined path that all humans take in order to free themselves from the surrounding influences. Very true for each state and governmental systems as well. From established religion to organized crime..on and on until governement is nearly patterned after a diviner sense. Justice, fairness, humanity...etc. I don't know if I agree with your explaination as to a present 'pivotal point' Perhaps you could explain it more in depth? Man's integrity does not need the feminine nurturing motherhood. Or perhaps at this point within my experience I see no need for this. I do so man as the dominant hand and this is exactly how it should be. She has way too much to outgrow and cannot do it without observing and understanding man. He still maintains the highest post and this is as it should be. Presently, as I said, I am working through the belief of mysticism. Living in a place where there is a VERY strong belief in 'ghosts', I find myself being pressed down under this and at night it takes the form of ghostly men bringing to me an extremely sensual illusion. Almost a rape of sorts; his face seen right up to mine and the sensual impulse felt (energy theory?). I have a tough road ahead of me. When you see more of the limitlessness of mind you naturally experience what others may describe as 'out of body' experience. Now I have to seek solution for this and view it from a purely objective standpoint (above it in a sense) Through the most aggressive experiences within this mortal dream, I have had to lift my thoughts so high in order to see i have never been touched by this experience. No matter how challenging we always safely come to what we love the most. Not God...Wisdom. Perhaps this is god, no?
At 10:15pm on April 20, 2009, Mens Luxifer said…
So far I find your writing(and by extension perspective) incredibly interesting and unique. Mystical huh ? Then that may make two of us here. It is true that I value the material of this world but not in a any "materialist" stereo-typical sense, if that makes any sense ;-)
However, I value the unseen equally if not more. In fact I believe that all material things begin there. I'm also grateful that you brought up the point about the feminine. I feel that much of what I described is a result of an imbalance between male and female forces in the universe, psyche and human history over thousands of years. The male aspect of this has been far to dominant and in many cases at the expense of the female forces in society and history. I believe that the balance is corrected naturally and we as a species are at such a pivotal point now in our history.
Also, I believe that homo sapiens is an incredibly unique creature. I'd go as far as using the word "divine" even in this forum. I however take license with the word "divine" in that I do not mean created or designed by a god. Maybe "magical" is a better word. I do believe that much of humanity right now does not exist in the natural state(physical and meta-physical) for a variety of reasons. Also this may be much of the reason for "evil" in humanitie's nature. Ah the question of "evil" and conversely "good". Religion has been completely wrong about explaining these and Science has often stayed well clear of them instead.
At 8:07pm on April 20, 2009, Amber Fajardo said…
Ya know. the only thing I ever regret at the end of every day is that perhaps I could have said or expressed something with a bit more grace. I like this place (athiest nexus) because I am assuming there are very unique, individual thinkers here. I believe what they are saying when they object to limitation or dictated standards is that basically there minds are not giant closed doors. This is the worst of all limitation. I truely want to understand your point of view and I am very grateful when i can express my own. Most people find me to be a bit abstract and most times i just keep quiet rather than try to explain how I draw my conclusions. Presently I am under fire from those who see me as possibly existing within a kind of mysticism. Thats okay. I am a writer and life makes for some very good writing. If I am asked if I balieve in god I answer as honestly as i can without appearing too 'mystical'? I have to walk around here like everyone else, right? I find religion to be less than demonstrable and way too theoretical. I have no problem finding inspiration. I view man from an objective standpoint. Of course I do...I am a woman. I love the good in all people. I have no judgement on matters that do not touch me personally. That is difficult. I have been touched though not impressed with EVERY facet of society. Life is a challenge. We can't come under anything we have to rise above so much on a daily basis. We also have to be intelligent and well informed and protect our rights. Once again, have you ever asked yourself where these deeper elements come from? Intelligence, strength, courage, patience, grace, etc. Without these what would animate this 'material' organization that so many obsess over. Okay...I'm done.
At 4:36pm on April 20, 2009, Mens Luxifer said…
Hi Amber. I didn't quite understand your response.
What do you mean by "obsession with the flesh" ?
At 10:44am on March 16, 2009, Amber Fajardo said…
OH MY GOD! Book 2 is going to startle people! It shocks me! Want a brief discription of the concept? Men seem to love it more than women. I guess they are rather hopeful that 'he' will prevail. She embodies a sort of 'old victorian' prudishness about her and so guards against anything 'coming near her bed'. She explains the metaphysical significance of 'her bed' in book one. He being the hand behind all visual illusion, controls her to an extent, her fleshly self. This is the MOST AMAZING book! Book 2 is really powerful!
At 8:23am on March 15, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
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At 9:28pm on March 14, 2009, cj the cynic said…
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