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At 8:36am on November 12, 2012, Brent Feeney said…

You're quite welcome! =)  Things could be better, but I guess they could be worse too. Hope your week goes well.

At 9:36pm on November 10, 2012, Brent Feeney said…

Welcome aboard! =)  Hope you're doing well today...

At 8:57pm on November 9, 2012, Joseph P said…

Sorry, had a bit of a crazy week there.

Ohhhhhhhh, yeah, I hadn't thought about home-schooling.  That can effectively be turned into less than a high school education, depending upon how the parents gimp down the curriculum.

My own family didn't force anybody to quit high school, but the preference was clear. Drop out of school to spend more time preaching, and be treated special. Continuing school meant my parents were much more harsh.

*blink*  Whoah.  Who the hell thinks like that?  That's crazy.  That really says something about you, that you went through that and still got off to college.

What I don't understand is why they don't at least push some sort of religious secondary-education.  I take it there's no Jehovah's Witness seminary, or anything of that flavor?

One thing that completely blows my mind:  surely they've got to realize that not everyone can become a preacher or a preacher's wife.  I mean, I realize that that's pretty much the ultimate aspiration of of every parent, to have a bunch of men of God (and slaves ... err, I mean wives of Men of God) in their family, but does no one believe in backup plans?  Is that the whole bit from the Sermon on the Mount, about having no thought for tomorrow, that God will provide?  Is that that bad suggestion in action?

That's basically my understanding of the Catholic perspective of Revelation, yes.  Those who were the intended recipients would know what he was talking about.

It's sort of like, if they were in the right frame of mind and thinking about the right ideas, the numbers and details would point to specific analogues of the (then) present world.  Hopefully, anyone who might intercept the scroll wouldn't grasp what it was about, thinking it some sort of random religious text, as it appeared on the surface.  We can see some of the analogues, now, but there are certainly many for which we lack details of the time, and we can't tell what they really meant.

But yeah, as for prophesy?  Nope, none of that in Revelation, according to the Catholics.

Hell, they ignore more than half of the Bible, particularly the Old Testament.  Most of Catholic doctrine doesn't even come directly from the Bible.  There's a huge amount of other writings

Catholicism is still unconditionally authoritarian, but the Pope takes the place of the Bible.  The Bible is just a foundation, and huge portions of it are considered metaphorical ... or at least they were under John-Paul II.  Rat-boy seems to be taking the Catholic doctrine back to a more fundamentalist stance.

Heh heh heh heh heh heh heh.  I don't know about the hallucinogenic mold effecting the Salem Witch Trials.  That sounds like spin, by people who don't want to admit to themselves that crazy religious people can really be that evil and petty towards each other, to the point that they'll set each other up for execution.

Hysteria explains a lot of that.  If you're having a miserable time of life in general, as often happened in early-American colonization, and then a few people go a bit insane and make a few accusations of something they saw someone else doing ... and it just snowballs.

Psychosis is a much better explanation, considering that most forms of psychosis are genetic ... of which I'm an excellent example.  The Levites were the tribe of Israel from which most of the priests came.  It's kind of suspicious that the ability to speak directly with Yahweh tended to be passed down, within a bloodline.

It's also possible that some picked up the use of hallucinogenics from the Greeks.  I've heard that the Oracles tended to use that kind of thing.

I will be using various sorts of media, once i get my worthless ass in gear, yes.  I've got about an hour and a half of material, because I'm obsessive-compulsive and tend to over-prepare.  I'm working on memor

At 11:05pm on November 4, 2012, Ruth Anthony-Gardner said…

Welcome, Becky! Glad you could join us. :D I see you already found a few groups you like.

Please consider joining a group to meet people and talk about anything that's on your mind, Hang With Friends. You might also like Women Atheists, Female Atheists, and possibly Feminist Atheists.

I also recommend Eco-Logical and Climate Concerns, since the climate is changing so drastically.

After you've searched for topics of interest in "Groups" above and in the "Forums", don't forget to look at recent activity which hides along the right margin of the page all the way at the bottom.

At 2:57pm on November 4, 2012, Dr. Terence Meaden said…

Hi Becky
We can see that you are a clever girl. Welcome to this world of rationality, truth and peace, where common sense and science lead to freethinking wisdom.
We invite you to join the busy group "ORIGINS: Universe, Astronomy, Life, Earth, Humans, Religion, Gods, Atheism, Evolution, Darwin..." with 700 discussion topics and 3600 members.

At 11:37am on November 4, 2012, Joseph P said…

No worries about that.  Just join a couple of groups that look interesting and read through the recent conversation threads.  You can join most of the discussions, midstream, or just stick something on the end.

Hmm, no, it's not Mormons I'm thinking of; I know they have a bunch of their own universities.  Although, it's one of the other distinct denominations, as opposed to Methodists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Episcopalians, and a few others, which are nearly indistinguishable from the outside.

Oh, I know what I'm thinking of: Seventh Day Adventists.  They have their own universities, too.  One of the atheist podcasts did a few episodes about them, because one of their friends is an ex-SDA member.

Heh, so the JW's are generally okay with education up to high school?  Are there some who aren't okay with that much?  That would be pretty freaking crazy.

Funny how different denominations hold wildly variant views on psychology.  Some demonize it, and others embrace it far too readily, making use of the cult, brainwashing techniques for their own purposes.

Revelation isn't necessarily the result of hallucination, though.  The Catholic stance on it, and that of many Biblical scholars, is that it was a sort of code to keep the authorities of the day from recognizing what the writer was actually referring to.

Many parts of Revelation are obviously references to the Roman Empire and the Emperor of the day.  All of the wars and rumors of war stuff and the bits about famine and such were commentary on wars and famines going on at that time.  There were end-times cults at the time the Bible was written, as there have been in pretty much every age since.

I dunno, maybe there was just more of a drug problem, in Biblical times, than the scholars are aware of.

I've got two novels about half-written, but they're on the back burner, right now.  I'm focused on the standup comedy.  I'll get back to the writing, a bit more, if I can get out of the I.T. field and making a living doing standup.

For one thing, I'll have more free time, during travel and such.  I'll also be better able to get over my inertia and finish one of the damned things, when I can be certain of publication.  Success in one creative field tends to lead to respect and consideration in what you would think are unrelated art-forms.

At 10:09am on November 4, 2012, Steph S. said…

Greetings! Welcome to the site!

At 1:24am on November 4, 2012, Joseph P said…

(college is highly frowned on by JWs)

Whoah, wait, what?  Don't the Jehovah's Witnesses have their own colleges?  Or am I thinking of another denomination?  Do they even look down upon their own advanced degrees, or are those more okay?

I think that early exposure to psychology (I was a bit of a psycho, as a little kid) is also one of the things that helped me see where so much of the Bible is completely insane ... literally.  Schizophrenia and similar hallucination-causing conditions explained so much of the Bible, even to my young mind.

There were a half-dozen other contributing factors, but that was a big one.


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