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Ella E commented on Sarah Bova's blog post I say this to you IN LOVE!! :)
"Love the replies, pity all good xstian people aren't spared cancer..........."
Jan 17, 2011
Ella E commented on Sarah Bova's blog post Coming out to my dad ...
"Wonderful letter, Bee, well done. You write so sincerely and without extremes of emotion or expression. I would be really proud of you if you were my child."
Jan 17, 2011
Tomas W replied to Ella E's discussion Nutzoid things I did as a christian. in the group Life After Christian Fundamentalism
"Hmm. It's not so nutzoid, but something that's bothered me greatly afterwards. For one, I held bible studies with some fellow students in my high school - and I actually had some influence back then. Fortunately, they turned out mostly…"
Apr 18, 2010
cogitoergosum replied to Ella E's discussion Nutzoid things I did as a christian. in the group Life After Christian Fundamentalism
"The list is too long for me to even know where to start. I'll say this one though because I think it's kind of funny. At the age of 14, with some friends, at 1:00 am, on a giving-tracts-to-the-drunk-homeless mission, we passed by a statue…"
Apr 15, 2010
Jo replied to Ella E's discussion Nutzoid things I did as a christian. in the group Life After Christian Fundamentalism
"Two spring to mind. When I was about 16, a friend of mind was going in for her second or third abortion. My fundie friend and I visited her in the hospital and stood at the foot of her bed and showered fire and brimstone down on her. Imagine that.…"
Jan 21, 2010
Angela replied to Ella E's discussion Content filters / computer safeguards in the group Parenting Little Heathens
"There's nothing I could add about talking with him that hasn't already been said, but here's a site that compares the top parental control/filtering software. http://www.child-internet-safety.com/products.php Turning on increased…"
Sep 4, 2009
Elizabeth Grismer replied to Ella E's discussion Content filters / computer safeguards in the group Parenting Little Heathens
"We had a similar experience a few years ago, and while it probably isn't creating permanent "damage", I don't think you want your kids exposed to the infinite supply of porn only the internet can provide. It's one thing to…"
Sep 4, 2009
Ella E commented on Tracy's blog post We can NOT accept gay marriage in our society. If we do, what's next????
"I LIKE that Steve I also think that the till death us do part this is obsolete but have been wondering how you develop a system that ensures that children are cared for and not dumped either with the Mom or in between parents in no man's land.…"
Sep 3, 2009
Ella E replied to Vitomama's discussion Respect? in the group Are You Experienced? Ages 40 and Over
"I'd have to go with Kristy on this one. Being contentious with people you love or have been long time friends with over religion is no better than being contentious about their politics. Political views damage the world too but we don't…"
Aug 29, 2009
Ella E replied to Ella E's discussion Content filters / computer safeguards in the group Parenting Little Heathens
"I have, through people's answers to this post, found the Google preferences and discovered that the whole thing would never have happened if it had been set on strict monitoring rather than moderate. Such a simple easy step to take. It will not…"
Aug 25, 2009
Dawn K replied to Ella E's discussion Content filters / computer safeguards in the group Parenting Little Heathens
"I doubt there was any damage; you might ask him if he has any questions about what he saw, and if so, answer honestly and briefly...don't go into a 20 minute lecture on reproduction! ;o) give the info asked for, and let him decide if he wants…"
Aug 24, 2009
Ella E added a discussion to the group Parenting Little Heathens

Content filters / computer safeguards

Hello AllWe have had a nasty experience this last week in which my 9 year old son found pornography on the web. I need to put safeguards on my computers but I have no idea what to use or how to use it. Please can I have some info from those of you in the know about this sort of thing. Also with this one exposure that was about 20 minutes of page flipping the max was 2 minutes on the one page while waiting for a download that never completed. So it was a relatively brief glimpse of what he did…See More
Aug 24, 2009
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Aug 23, 2009
Ella E commented on Ella E's blog post Protecting my kids from the Christian neighbours
"Strangely enough the child in question went straight home and told her Mom. It was the first time she had found porn on the net and thought it would be fun to look up "naked girls" on google. Evidently she got a whole lot more than she…"
Aug 23, 2009
HourglassStargazer replied to Ella E's discussion Nutzoid things I did as a christian. in the group Life After Christian Fundamentalism
"I allowed myself to accept that I was a lesser being, in being a woman. I glazed over the very dark details of the bible. After glazing over the dark areas of the bible, I spent years claiming "Halloween" was evil. I missed out on a lot…"
Aug 23, 2009

Reminding myself of all the reasons why I am not christian anymore.

God thinks all my good deeds are 'as filthy rags'
God doesn't want to know me unless I am hiding behind Jesus.
God killed more people in the bible than anyone else.
God does genocide.
God hates some people.
God has favourites
God doesn't condemn slavery.
Women can't talk in church.
Women can't lead in church.
Women get stoned for adultery but men don't.
The church doesn't think I am capable unless god is strengthening me.
There is a flip side to every story, god saved Noah and murdered everyone else, god gave Israel victory at Jericho and murdered everyone else etc.
God is vindictive. he smote the fig tree because it wasn't bearing fruit (out of season)
God likes pruning people ie keeping them small, under control and in pain.
God sees some people as abominations.
God created some people to be the slaves of others.
God wants to destroy the earth.
God asks people to kill their children, then he tells one of them at the last minute not to and lets the other one kill his kid.
God takes away peoples lives bit by bit leaving them broken, ill and devastated, then he thinks he can give them lots of new stuff and its ok. - Job
God lies, he said we would do greater things than Jesus and I haven't met one person who raised the dead or opened eyes. etc.
There is no evidence of the bible stories.
Christians pray and 'behave' but their lives are in NO way different from anyone elses in spite of being gods children. Oh ja that is where faith comes in, 'silly me'
If god created individuals why does he want them all to be carbon copies of jesus?
If he were almighty there ought to be SOME evidence by now.
People don't get healed.
So many christians are in financial straits when the cattle on a thousand hills belong to them um Him....reminds me of the catholic church and Mother Teresa, what she couldn't have done with some of the gold under St Peter's.
When I do something good I must attribute it to god's goodness /strength /enabling when I do something not good, I get to shoulder all the blame and realise I fall short of the glory!
Celibacy is unnatural.
Family planning is not a bad idea!
There are too many rich churches and starving people.
My pastor committed adultery with two of the band members.
My pastor smoked in secret and condemned smokers in public.
My pastor ridiculed people from the pulpit and exposed their secrets.
My pastor publicly said that people ie me who go to university then think they know better than god are..........!
My dad is a minister he is also violent and treats my mom like his servant. He does have redeeming features though.
A member of my former church said that my marriage was null and void because I didn't believe in the god under whom i got married anymore.
I am wise, humane, compassionate, generous, intelligent, creative, positive, happy and wonder of wonders all that is possible without god in spite of what I had been told.
Not all non christians are unhappy or bad.....wow.
Non christians can be wise, kind, moral .
Amazing how spiritual laws work in the entire universe for all people. They have been grabbed by the church and wrapped up to look like they are god's principles only.
I didn't get taught to think.
i didn't get offered a choice.
Prayer, meditation and hypnosis are much the same thing, what a joke!
Intolerance, need I say more?
God says that if a virgin not promised to another is raped that the guy who raped her must pay her father for the damage..... also the girl must marry the rapist! Then he can do what he likes with her! So what do you guess if someone doesn't want to marry you you just rape them then they have no choice. interesting how little of the bible modern people choose to live by, they just choose bits to eat the rest of us up with!

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At 11:47pm on July 8, 2009, Loren ɟɟןoʍ said…
Hi Ella, your points above are so apt even coming from a PAST Jewish background, it's pretty much the same. Religion across the board does no one any favours! Well done, this is a good list against and I'm sure there's more that can be added. I am sure others would be happy to add.
At 10:12pm on July 5, 2009, Ajita Kamal said…
Hi Ella, Welcome to the Naturalism group on Atheist Nexus! I hope you will enjoy our community by participating in the discussions and sharing your views with us!
At 2:21pm on July 4, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Wow, you said a lot just there, about what can be wrong in being a christian.
Now, welcome to Atheist Nexus where you'll find that you have many thousands of genuine friends, and welcome to the busy discussion group "Origins".
Do visit us often. There's much to talk about.

Ella E's Blog

Protecting my kids from the Christian neighbours

Posted on August 21, 2009 at 5:09am 2 Comments

The 12 year old girl from the very christian family next door just introduced my 9 year old son to porn online and not by accident either. So now my kids morality must be protected from the christian kids, how ironic is that!

BTW this is not the first problem we had from next door, I am not overreacting on the strength of one incident.

Imaginary Friends

Posted on July 20, 2009 at 1:00am 2 Comments

Imaginary friends

Most of us know about imaginary friends, either we had one or have a child with one. As a parent it can be irritating and frustrating to have to feed or lay a table setting for someone who simply isn't there. The child blames the friend for his/her misdemeanours and congratulates them on a painting well done. We are usually told by professionals to just go with the flow as the child will grow out of it.

What are the benefits of imaginary friends? Someone who is… Continue

Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

Posted on July 4, 2009 at 1:08pm 1 Comment

Forested Landscapes of the Soul.

When I look at a forested landscape I see perfection. I think of all landscapes as perfect, much of what makes up that landscape however is imperfect.

A fallen tree, A dead tree, A blackened tree hit by lightening, Rotting wood and leaves, Piles of fallen leaves, Broken branches, Fallen birds nests, A rotting carcass from a dead animal, A stagnant pool waiting for the coming rains, An ancient rock cracked in pieces, Leaves ravaged by… Continue


Posted on July 4, 2009 at 1:07pm 0 Comments


Do you murder the good in your life? I tend to go through my world expecting things to turn out right. I expect the sun to shine on party days. I expect the service people in the shop to want to help me. I expect the flowers to be blooming enthusiastically. I expect you to find something to take away and think about each time I write. I have in short become an optimist.

I haven't always been. Recently in a late night chat I realised how easy it is to destroy the… Continue

I am a Circus

Posted on July 4, 2009 at 1:06pm 0 Comments

I am a Circus.

It would seem that I am a circus.

I’m a big top,

rising proudly,

high and ostentatious with flags of victory.

Covering all the people



watching unnoticed from above,

and extending my borders,

always room for one more.

Now quiet, waiting, resting....

Now full, excited, action packed.

I’m the clown.

You are laughing,

but do you know if I’m happy or… Continue


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