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At 6:51pm on January 12, 2009, Garry said…
The one point I must differ with is calling an agnostic an atheist. They are no more than a Pascal's Pussy in Atheist clothing. If you don't want to make up your mind and leave doors open, or play the odds so hoping losers can be winners I think it is a sorry way out. You waste your time and degrade yourself by not taking a stand.
Although I cannot undeniably ascertain any of the 8000+ gods created, manufactured by man because of the past human propensity to invent something to explain what could not be, rationally, without modern day technology (aka, volcanoes, earthquakes, lightning, etc), for their own convenience and self/ and mass control I am of the consensus that all 8000+ gods are merely gap-fillers. They are an "explain-all", without the need for investigation. Man created gods to explain what they didn't understand. But we do now!!!! We investigate. These gods who used to be an explain all instead require a lot of explaining. Christians are clinging onto the idea that "hokus pokus" created everything to get themselves through life because you don't want to believe WE had built things WITHOUT this "hokus pokus", but WITH knowledge of the ages. WE did it. WE learnt from the past. WE, have the ability to get things done WITHOUT "hokus pokus". With what we know today, what has been scientifically proven 99% of the quandaries of the past from theists have been answered, logically and rationally. But they chose to hang on to that lonely percentile for fear of losing their invisible force-field, life-after-death, their security blanket, their poorly written B-movie. They have discarded and ignored fact, for faith. Logic, for hopes and dreams. 90% of the world countries are no longer dictatorships so why would these free citizens chose to revert back to an autocratic state and follow/worship this maniacal, mysterious, invisible dictator who is without foresight, battle-hungry, capricious, chauvinistic, covenant-crazy, egoistic, error-prone, genocidal, prejudicial, vengeful and barbaric, blood thirsty and murderous. This sort of character would be better suited to an Edgar Allen Poe classic or Steven King sci-fi. A sequel to The Bible should be written entitled "God Made Me do it" with special guests George Bush, Jim Jones, Charles Manson and cameo appearances by your favourite serial Killers.
You christians were too late in plagiarizing this myth, and it wasn't even original. The Greeks and Egyptians came up with the story long before the christians with Osiris, Hercules, Attis, Horus Dionysus, Mithra and Odin of the Norse. There were 17 god-men before Jesus all of a virgin birth, put to death, rose from the dead and ascended to heaven, and all preceded christianity. Nothing original there. The bronze-age tribesman campfire tales spread from country to country and distorted each time and back in those days one country to the next was quite the venture. They just made up their own god-man and gave him these same attributes adding or improving upon them as the tale dragged on. But they still didn't get it right. That's because the societies that created these gods and religions were just technologically disadvantaged what now can be.
Do you want to believe, worship and allow this mystical, magical, invisible, omnipotent hobgoblin to rule your life? This same spook who has time and time again proven itself petualant, impotent, jealous, spiteful and a sandbox warrior? I don't.
I will not believe in some 3000+ year old, bronze-age, technologically disadvantaged sheepherder's campfire tales and then try to base my LIFE on them. Because of the history of religions and gods and the replication, copying, plagiarizing, bastardizing, shape-shifting and warping through the centuries I BELIEVE gods and religions are nothing but a lie to control masses and extort money, a pacifier for the insecure and child abuse by stifling their education and degrading their quality of learning.
And even if this pouty little ghosty did exist I sure a fuck wouldn't worship him.
Don't come in here with both guns blazing BLANKS. Lastly, to all christians: "GET AN EDUCATION!!!!" Learn where your religion came from. Where your godman comes from. Where your Christmas comes from. No god existed before it was created(materialized) by some superstitious, scientifically stinted society.

At times I am very passionate about these "debates" because I hate ignorance and more so when people unabashed and blatantly portray, promote and perpetuate their ignorance by subscribing and advocating an invisible coin-flip god, with even a poorer track record!!! Without interception of logic and common sense.
At 6:32pm on January 12, 2009, Garry said…
Your welcome Dallas, and all the other atheists I have added so far. I am new here from the Singapore Atheist Haven and logged on primarily to respond to Straits Times Journalist Yen Feng. Not sure if he is debating whether or not atheism is right for him, or he wants to do an expose'. In any case I gave him a few nips and tucks of my opinion. I hope I wasn't too radical for him. These religions are sooooo stupid, and the followers can be sooooooo irrationally cantankerous, even hostile.
Glad to be aboard, my friends.
At 11:32am on January 12, 2009, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Welcome to Atheist Nexus and the world of common sense.
Join Nexus groups when you can, and read, write, and relax with rational people.
Terry Meaden
founder of
"ORIGINS: Universe, Life, Humankind, Darwin..." This very busy group has fine discussion, good writing, about 100 science video clips including 10 recent Stanford University lectures on evolution, and seeks to understand the mysteries of the universe and how life and everything began.
At 7:05pm on January 11, 2009, It's just Matt said…
Welcome,enjoy your stay!

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