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At 7:46am on January 14, 2009, bludecembers said…
Hello new friend. ;)
At 3:42pm on January 9, 2009, Richard said…
I may not fully understand the feature of this site which allows you to monitor comments; I'm assuming that that means you can see them before they appear on the A|N site for any and all to see.
On that assumption, I'd like to give you my email if you'd like to write me directly. It's cozmcrae@aol.com
Also-- might I have seen your profile on Match.com? That's my best idea for where I may have seen the name "Micah."
At 11:28am on January 4, 2009, Richard said…
I just wrote a comment to you, saying I'm looking for other local (Chicago) gay atheist folks, and a message popped up saying "Micah has chosen to moderate comments." I'm not sure what that means or whether you saw or will get my other comment.
BTW, I am sure I've seen your name (or alias) somewhere before, but I'm not sure where.
At 11:26am on January 4, 2009, Richard said…
Hi. It looks like you and I are the only Chicago members of this group. Have you had any involvement with any other atheist/humanist/freethinker groups in Chicago? I've recently joined a Meetup group called "Chicago's Secular Singles," which claims to welcome people regardless of sexual orientation, but I haven't found any other GLBT people in that group. Also, I'm an "older" guy (it almost sounds like I'm confessing to something horrible!!) and that makes it a little harder, too. All the world seems to be younger people!
Anyway, I'd be happy to make a new gay atheist friend locally.
At 1:41am on November 18, 2008, Leesa said…
Yes, your heart told you to do the right thing. Nothing sadder than a big bird in a cage, especcialy a wild one that has been free all its life. Thanks for the reply.
At 7:07am on November 17, 2008, Leesa said…
Yep, crows are very interesting and wierd little creatures. I "adopded" a crow, which lived around my house for about 2 years. He was very clean and loved a full submersion, head and all, dip in the deep container of water i left out.
He had a bad wing but could still fly, but crows are bloodthirsty bastards so all the others around would try to beat him up. Luckily across the road is a 20 ft bank with thick vegetation so he would scarper down in there till they pissed off.
I began feeding him and after only 2 days he knew which side his bread was buttered on and would show up every day for a feed. He would just sit quietly on my verandah railing, i never ever heard him make a sound, unlike all the other noisy crows. Cat biscuits were his favourite. After a while i noticed him doing something really interesting and smart. When I would put out too much he would first gulp down quite a few, then take beakfuls to the shallow bird bath to dip them in as he liked his food moistened. Then with the rest if the buiscuts or whtever food it was he would grab a beakful and looking suspiciously around, he would run somewhere in the garden and shove it under the mulch, carefully burying it with bits of wood and stuff. Repeat untill gone. He had many stashes in the front garden and he would return at his leisure to dine. At first i could not figure out why my dog was always going crazy sniffing and digging when i took her out but she could smell it. After a while his wing became too painfull to fly so he would just gallop around evrywhere and jump/climb up into trees. I would see him all over the neighborhood, he used to really get around!!
He dissappeared for about 2 months a while back and i thought that was the end of him but he returned!! Sadly i have not seen him for months now, i think the cats probbably got him, i used to see him running up the street with a bloodthirsty moggie stalking him...
Miss that little guy.
At 1:53pm on October 17, 2008, John Tidwell said…
Thanks for joining Transhumanists of Atheist Nexus, Micah.
At 11:50am on October 17, 2008, TRZ said…
i wish i had a pet crow. i'd train him to attach people.
At 6:39am on October 17, 2008, Kevin Peddicord said…
Thanks for the kind words... not always easy to find an audience for my type of work in North Carolina!
At 9:56pm on October 16, 2008, Mac Rex said…
Nice Crow, but I prefer Ravens. Their smarter, and have a really cool vocabulary. I like to freak Crows, and Ravens out with my impersonation of their Caw. It seems to piss off the Ravens more than the Crows. Crows are my number 2 favourite birds, just behind Ravens.
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