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Verbal altercation with the chaplain.

Today I got into a verbal alteration with our Chaplain. I am a correctional officer that works in a medium custody prison. I won't go into detail because it's too long, but long story short, he started it and I responded unprofessionally. At one point he says, " you must be having a bad day, I'll pray for you." Seems innocent enough, but he was very condescending when he said it. That runs me hot so I respond, " if praying to a magical sky wizard is what makes you happy, knock yourself out." So he gets offended and reports me to my Captain. I am told to go speak with him after work. I decide that it is best to just go in there and tell him the truth and fade the heat. When I first get in there he says that the Chaplain said I cussed him out. I stated to him that we did have a verbal altercation but I did not cuss him. I told Captain that I was out of line and was unprofessional and probably did say some things to the Chaplain that may have either hurt his feelings or offended him. Captain says, "tell me your side of the story." So I start telling him what happened. Then he cuts me off and says," you mean to tell me the Chaplain started it to begin with?" I say yes. Then I'm about to tell him about the magical sky wizard part. I'm thinking I'm so screwed. I work in a very conservative work environment. So when I tell the Captain, " I told him that if "praying to a magical sky wizard is what makes you happy, knock yourself out" the Captain throws his head back and laughs his ass off. He then starts to tell me something then thinks better of it and tells me to continue with my story. After it was all said and done, he says "I think I'm going to informally resolve this." He tells me that I'm a good officer that does a good job and is professional. With a smile still on his face he says that I acted unprofessionally and that I can't be doing that. Then he winks at me. I think my Captain might be an atheist.

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Church pizza party trying to teach a lesson turns into pure anarchy.

TL;DR - My church youth class had a pizza party with different amounts of pizza going to each table to describe the difference in wealth and poverty in the world to try and teach kids to appreciate what they have, and ends up causing fights and kids crying and a waste in food.

This happened in 1998, I used to go to a weeknight church youth class. This was not a youth group, it was more of learning the Bible and Christian shit, many kids being very bad eggs whose parents probably hoped this would straighten them out. Anyways, one day they decided to announce that this weeks youth class was a pizza party and not a bible lecture. Excited kids ranging from 11-14 rush to the auditorium for the feast but are greeted at the door with a teacher giving out cards and instructing them to sit at the designated table relating to their card. My card said Africa. I thought oh ok this is weird but I don't care, PIZZA! Some got North America, most got Africa, and it went through all the major continents. Except Antarctica. We all go and sit at our tables and see that at the Africa table there were about 12 kids seated but only one pizza and two jugs of water. I think ok they must have more. Then I look over to the North America table and see 4 kids sitting with 4 pizzas and 4 two liters of soda. Each table had a different amount of pizza and drinks and kids sitting down.

As we distribute food it is obvious that not everyone will get pizza. And so our table asks the Europe table for an extra box since they had plenty and they reluctantly shared. Some of us wanted Pepsi so we walked up to the NA table for Pepsi but we're shut down by the kids there. Eventually kids got upset and started switching seats trying to sit at Europe or NA only to be pushed away by the kids there. This eventually led to a food fight where people were grabbing food out of the mouths of the kids at the NA table or throwing whole boxes of pizza on the floor and in the trash. The teachers and youth leaders tried gaining control of everyone but it was like 5 teachers against 30 kids. It was a mess. I remember eating maybe half a slice before I just couldn't even get ahold of another. Let alone drinks. Someone threw the entire jug of water on the NA table, kids were crying because they slipped on liquids or pizza on the floor, some kids being kicked out for bad behavior.

After the chaos they tried explaining their motives. Saying the Africa table had one box of pizza for 12 kids and no soda because it's a poor country. And USA had more food and drink than the amount of people at the table showing our countries excess in what we have. And they'd hoped that the exercise would have helped us learn a lesson in sharing with the less fortunate and appreciating what we have here. Instead I feel like showed the realities of our modern society. Greed among the excess, the less fortunate stealing at the first chance they get, no peace was made. No lessons learned, in fact they told us to never expect any party again for the rest of the year.

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Forced to pray at work. What would you have done?

Hello everyone. I work as a nurse in the emergency room of a Level 1 trauma center in Minnesota. Everyday prior to starting my shift the nurses, techs, and clerks get together in a big room to assign patients and discuss current events. Over the past three weeks a few of the nurses have repeatedly announced a prayer service (occurring outside of work) for a fellow employee's terminally ill son. I feel that this is an appropriate announcement for the current events.

I can't imagine losing my son. I would be overwhelmed by depression and unable to complete my daily tasks without bursting out in tears. So when the child's death was announced in current events this morning I was immediately saddened. However, this emotion suddenly eluded me when the charge nurse told everyone to bow their heads for a prayer. As an atheist, I didn't really care. Other than wasting a few minutes of my work time it did not affect me in any way. However, one of the technicians is Islamic and I was disheartened by the idea that this person was being forced to disobey her own religion by praying to the Christian god.

It is senseless for me to get angry over this occurrence but as the day went on it started to annoy me more and more. Why? We were socially forced to partake in a prayer AT WORK because standing up and saying "I do not think it is appropriate for us to pray for this deceased child" would negatively impact our work-life considering almost all of the upper management is Christian. I would not be seen as someone standing up for the freedom of religion but rather I would be seen as a psychopath who does not have sympathy for the deceased child. I think I handled the situation as best as I could have. Do you agree or would you have acted differently?

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Ex-Muslim Girl Here. Need Advice On Moving Out (Emotional Support and Advice Maybe?)

I'm an ex-Muslim atheist female living in the US. I'm 25 (26 in 2 months) and I'm a teacher. I have a steady income, a car, and have around $20k in my savings account. I'm really dead-set on moving out. There's a lot of stuff in this place (from my parents) I can't deal with anymore. I kind of hinted at it to my mother and she straight up told me I'll be dead to my parents if I leave. That they'll never speak to me or talk to me again. She also said I'd 100% fail and not be able to afford it, and would come crawling back to them. She said I'm ungrateful because my parents pay the bills, and I don't have to contribute to any of that. It makes me nervous and scared hearing her say I'll fail and I know it's not true, that she's emotionally manipulating and blackmailing me, but it still deters me. My sister (a year older) married this guy from Pakistan and my parents are set on making me do the same. My mother and sister get in a team and verbally harass me everyday saying how I'm never going to get married and find a nice Muslim guy because I keep rejecting them and I'm getting old since in backwards ass Muslim culture 26 is considered old. How do I get past this fear that my mother is trying to manipulate me with? How would I deal with not having any family at all? I honestly wouldn't miss them, I know it. But I would miss having a close relation and interacting with people whenever I want. I only have like 2 close friends, lol. I'm just really scared of failure.

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One of the worst things organized religion has done for the US is elect Donald Trump

4 out of 5 Evangelicals voted for that vile piece of shit.

Edit: Well that escalated quickly. Just to be clear I never stated all atheists have the same political beliefs. I simply stated a fact alongside my own opinion. If you voted for Trump good for you. You already won. Now I have to go learn Russian and practice my marksmanship. Thanks a lot. Wolverines!

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Ramadan is here! A Message from /r/exmuslim!

I would like to Introduce myself as /u/One_deedat, one of the mods over at r/exmuslim. First of all I would like to thank all those atheists who have helped and supported us in the past year and beyond that. Most of us over at r/exmuslim are atheists ourselves and would consider you guys our comrades and natural allies. I never normally get the chance to do this so I would like to take this opportunity here.

Ramadan is already here, starting TODAY in most places (Saturday the 27th of May), so I felt it might be a good time to give you guys a quick once over, firstly to inform people about Ramadan and secondly to highlight how it affects us ex-muslims.

What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the name of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar that is considered holy by 1.6 billion Muslims globally. Muslims are commanded in the Quran 2:185 that :

"The month of Ramadan is that in which was revealed the Quran.......And whosoever of you is present, let him fast the month.....and that you should magnify Allah for having guided you, and that perhaps you may be thankful."

So Muslims have to fast to show gratitude to Allah, however some will tell you they fast to experience the hunger faced by those that are poor and impoverished. Muslims fast from sunrise till sunset for the whole month. This equates to 28 or 29 29 or 30 individual fasting days (dependant on sighting of the moon). Fasting consists of abstaining from ALL food and drink as well as things like sexual activity. The month is also considered by Muslims as a time to practice increased devotion towards their religion such as increased recitation of the Quran, extra prayers in the evening, sticking to the five times a day prayers and increased charity to the poor.

A Muslim is required to fast if they have attained puberty, however most people start fasting a lot earlier through peer pressure and encouragement from their families and friends. Children are not however expected to fast more than a handful of days in the whole month. For females they don’t have to fast during their periods.

Isn't Ramadan later in the year?

You might be thinking this is if you remember the date for a previous Ramadan but because the Islamic calendar is a lunar based calendar Ramadan moves back about 11-12 days each solar year. Also because of this fasting days change in length each year and are different throughout the world e.g. this year’s fasts last about 20 hours in Norway, 18 hours in the UK/Canada, 16 hours USA/Turkey, 15 hours India/Pakistan, 14 hours KSA etc….. If Ramadan fell around xmas in the UK, the fats would only last about 7-8 hours.

So, how does all this adversely affect exmuslims?

The effect of Ramadan varies greatly depending on which country they live in, the religious makeup of their immediate and extended family, their freedom of movement, gender and age specific pressures, etc etc etc. However due to the repercussions of publically coming out or even coming out to their families, exmuslims feel coerced and are sometimes even forced to partake in the rituals of the month with little freedom to choose for themselves and so this could be the most frustrating part of the whole year.

Part of this frustration is due to Ramadan being full of rituals, these include:

  • Having to wake up early in the morning before sunset (3-4 am) to eat before dawn leading to a significant disruption of the circadian rhythm

  • The fast itself can lead to dehydration in the hot summer weather and involves hypoglycaemia,

  • The evening breaking of fast (iftar) is normally a large meal, lavish if affordable and plays havoc with the digestive system

  • The extra prayers at late night (Taraweeh) are extremely long (1-1.5 hours) and involve prolonged periods of standing. This time of the year these would be held at around 10pm leaving only 4-5 hours to sleep until the cycle repeats itself for the next fast.

The last few times, Ramadan has started to fall at a time of year when a lot of western exmuslims are doing their annual exams and the above stresses add to the risk of failure or under performance for reasons exmuslims know are bogus and will bring them very little benefit in life and will adversely affect their future.

Things can however be worse in Muslim countries, where eating in public during fasting hours can lead to punishment or at the very least serious shunning and there is less scope to hide from prying eyes and maybe secretly drink a few drops of water or down a chocolate bar.

Every Ramadan, we get many posts from people having trouble reconciling their position as an apostate in a hyper-religious environment. We get an increased footfall compared to our average level, from what I assume to be distressed exmuslims looking for an outlet to be themselves.

If you’re an Ex-Muslim here, reading this- you're not alone for we are many! Head over to /r/exmuslim to meet some like minded individuals.

If you are never-Muslim (never-moose) atheist then just remember us in your thoughts as individuals who dare to think differently in communities and families where thinking differently is a taboo and in some people’s eyes the most heinous of all crimes.

That's all from me so have a nice day you guys, feel free to ask any questions especially specific to Ramadan, I will strive to give my honest impartial opinion even as an exmuslim!

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At 11:01am on March 2, 2009, Timothy said…
agreed. i bet if there were a study done on leaders of fundie churches, one would find an alarming rate of Axis II personality disorders based on the DSM-IV-TR...
At 7:25pm on February 17, 2009, Timothy said…
that was a funny freudian...acception should read exception, of course.
At 7:22pm on February 17, 2009, Timothy said…
i am very happy to meet your acquaintance. my father is also like yours in that he could very well be described as an abusive manipulative hypocritical megalomaniac control freak. what's the probablity there are two of those? kidding. the only acception to their similarity is that my father decided to join The Ministry...I was not allowed to dance or date outside of our so-called non-denomination. It was miserable other than I learned to sexualize the corporal punishment. kidding again. or AM i?
At 2:56am on February 11, 2009, Tao Jones said…
Thanks for the add.
At 8:35pm on February 4, 2009, Moonbeam said…
Yay, another atheist comedian to make fun of the sheeple! ;-)

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somewhere between coming up with the concept and the end result....

I may have lost my way...

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