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Its the memories that destroy me.They slowly eat away at the very fabric of my mind.They have shattered dreams of mine time and time again.Like a fallen star events that could never be again .I look to the past at the greatest and worst moments with fear and envy of it. I have always wanted to go back relive those moments over and over again.But I realize that's just thoughts in my mind not the actual moment just to be able to grasp it once again .I reminisce all of those times from happiness to sorrow from depression to Glee my life forever doomed to be trapped in this cycle.Even people change in such ways to go back to the way things were an old dream of mine.Is it impossible to go back to the way it was before.... Correct all of the mistakes of the past between people but then again how would I know when I have never tried.

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At 4:57pm on March 18, 2013, De Mush Doctor said…

Word up yo. You keeping it really real...spitting truth to the wise and misinformed. Wake us up from our never ending slumber.

At 11:23am on December 21, 2008, State of Protest said…
Thanks for the befriending!

If this is your music, it rocks! I could definitely listen to this. I also like your "Before." Very poetic and appropriately emotional. Thanks for sharing.
At 8:02am on October 30, 2008, THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER said…
I love your rap song "I have no religion". Keep the music flowing.
At 9:34am on October 14, 2008, THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER said…
Thanks Nyc Kosen for adding me as a friend. You are so right; only suckas goes to heaven. Heaven will be filled with lazzy people. Imagine sitting down on your ass forever doing nothing? Thats fun. Heaven will also be overflowing with insain schizophrenic people; everyone in Heaven will be hearing voices in their heads.
Heave will no doubt be fun; however, I will not be there. LOL
At 8:53am on October 12, 2008, Khemisi said…
Hey NYC, I'm overjoyed to hear from people like you, with your wit and insight into the depths of what's really real. You're welcome to vibe with me whenever. Check for my husband's page on A.N. He's The Grenadian Freethinker. Peace.
At 10:15am on October 5, 2008, Jeffrey Mark said…
Hi, thanks for adding me! I've seen you elsewhere online; I can't remember if it was myspace or facebook. Good stuff!
At 4:06pm on October 1, 2008, Sophia S. said…
Oh yeah, I forgot about that global warming part. How can anyone be so ignorant that they can't recognize scientific truths such as evolution and global warming. It just makes me so mad, so I'm going to stop talking about that movie because I could bitch about those people for hours. I can't really say that I have a favorite outspoken atheist debater, but I read PZ Myers' blog and listen to the Non-Prophets podcast "religiously" (lol). That Eucharist thing that PZ Myers started was awesome! Stupid Catholics thinking that a cracker is actually Jesus. I can't believe that Youtube removed all of those eucharist desecration videos. I'm so disappointed. I'm also a fan of Richard Dawkins and his Out Campaign. I'm probably leaving out something, but I'll let you know if anything else comes to me. What about you? Who is your favorite?
At 12:34pm on September 29, 2008, Sophia S. said…
So, yeah, I rented Jesus Camp and watched it last night. That is the scariest shit I have ever seen! I feel bad for those kids too. They don't know any better. Its an endless cycle of ignorance. We're screwed if those kids end up running the country one day. Free thought and free speech will be a thing of the past. And that woman running the whole thing! I couldn't believe how self-righteous she was. The part that I thought was the most horrible was when she told the kids that they were hypocrites and they were crying hysterically and their parents were just sitting there looking at her as if she, herself, was a god and could do no wrong. I don't understand how people can be so stupid. And the reasons that the one mother gave to that boy, Levi, why creationism is true didn't make sense in the least. Think about it: actual scientific proof versus this science stuff is too hard for me to understand so therefore, the answer is God and Jesus! Ugh!
At 7:58am on September 29, 2008, Dr. Terence Meaden said…
Thank you kindly.
At 5:03pm on September 28, 2008, Sophia S. said…
I didn't see it, but I just watched the trailer on youtube. Watching those two minutes or so, I have just lost all hope in humanity. The part in the trailer where it says that the evangelicals are taking over the government really creeped me out. I can't imagine what this country will be like in thirty years if we don't stop that from happening. I didn't know this movie existed, but now that I do, I'll have to watch the whole thing, even though I know that it is only going to make me angry! Thanks for telling me about it. I'll watch it all the way through, and than I'll tell you what I think.



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