Zeljko Tadic
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  • Vukovar
  • Croatia
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At 1:25pm on August 2, 2009, Scott said…
Maybe you should use a marketing strategy and target the largest group on the internet in Croatia. Wrap atheism in an appealing package and it may cause enough curiosity to have a steam roller effect. It is a tricky thing to blatantly challenge someones cherished beliefs. I think a more laid back approach would work.
At 6:23am on August 2, 2009, Zeljko Tadic said…
Yes, we in Croatia have a lot of work to do. The Catholic church is strong having Vatican behind its back. For now it seems like don Quijote against windmills (-:
About the law... Well, I don't know about laws, but in core Croatia is Secular so I think there is no any law that prevents atheists to go in public, but since the church is strong, it is hard to reach the people. the church doesn't need any law to protect it, it has its flock. The church probably knows that so for now it is quiet (-:
At 10:12pm on July 31, 2009, Scott said…
The Catholic church is more like a corporation. They seem to be less fundamentalist in U.S. They know that what they preach is not true, hell, they started all this shit two thousand years ago! The lutherans and Evangelicals are far more fundamentlist. They are the ones who are trying to say that U.S. is founded on christianity. It was/is a secular nation. It sounds like you have a lot of work to do over there if you want atheism to excel. If more people bring it to the public what could go wrong? Do you have any laws that would prevent atheists from challenging the Catholic church?
At 2:25am on July 28, 2009, Zeljko Tadic said…
I don't know if Catholics are bigger fundamentalists than evangelic or lutherans, but in Croatia is peaceful. There are some articles on the internet about atheists (on religious sites) which spread negative view but in general we don't have debates or similar happenings. BUT, that's because we don't have anyone to make debates. Atheist in Croatia are based on forums and few blogs and sites but that's all. I've connected with several site/blog owners but all of us make impact online, but not in other media like TV, newspapers or such. Croatia is secular country, but it seems only on paper. Now we have a very hard time because of the recession, and I heard media mentioned church only once in news when church stated that they will give off 50 mil. kuna. (it's like $1 mil.) Well, that's a lot of money but almost nothing comparing to 300-400 mil. church gets from state each year. And they stated they give off 50 mil. after soooo long. Well, some newspaper wrote few articles about church/recession, so maybe church realized it could give some money away. I don't know. Now, again, no one mentioned church-money-recession thing. We'll see what happens next.

At 7:32pm on July 27, 2009, Scott said…
I would think you may have an easier time dealing with catholics. In the U.S. we must deal with the right wing lutherans and they are far less tolerant than catholics. Has Croatia ever had a theocratic government? The U.S. has been a secular nation from the beginning so I guess that makes it a little easier to be openly atheist. I wish you luck in bringing atheism to the public's attention in Croatia. I hope you keep me informed of your progress.
At 1:27am on July 27, 2009, Zeljko Tadic said…
Well, I can't say about USA for sure (been there but among christians, so...). But in Croatia, I can say for sure, we are like babies in diapers. There is no organized atheist movement. There is a secular organization, but there is no any activities in public. I was called from a local TV station to be interviewed, but I think the lady gave up (probably because I have my site only for 2 months, she probably thought I have it longer, don't know). So, what I aim to say, in Croatia there is no any atheist who would step out in public. I aim to do that, and according to mails I get, people want that and need that. Croatia is strong Catholic country with Vatican behind it, so atheists in Croatia have a heavy struggle to deal with.
At 6:34pm on July 25, 2009, Scott said…
Hey whats up? I think you will fine that atheism in the U.S. is heavily politicized. I am guilty of it to an extent but I doubt the political acceptance of our movement will ever gain complete acceptance. At least not in my lifetime! What is it like in your country? I imagine atheism is more readily accepted.



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