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An excerpt of a piece I am working on.

Objectivity Manifests Misrepresentation

Gay men continually traverse through society as the triple other. Being labeled sterile, androgynous and quite often ambiguous the status of “eunuch” is quite comforting. This is because of the fear of fragmentation. Minority men, especially Black men, live in a constant state of fear and anxiety. This is because society, ethnicity, family, disease, ideal masculinity regulate their identity. For those who dare to accept their sexuality… Continue

Added by Anwar Diamante on January 19, 2010 at 8:30pm — 3 Comments

Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus, I know you will never get this message as you have been in your grave for some time. However, I like to play make-believe and pretend that you are still well and alive and are reading this message. So… How are you? How have you been? What have you been up to? Hey, do you have any influence over what Santa will bring me this Christmas? He hasn’t brought me anything ever since I moved away from my parents. I have been eating your body and blood, is that cool with you? Did you hear my… Continue

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What's YOUR Theory?

I teach a class on Counseling Theory and love it! One assignment I give for students to create an original theory that answers the following questions:

1. What is life all about?

Freud: Our instinctual drives (id) are forever at war with social propriety (superego) and life is about maintaining a balance between these two… Continue

Added by Edward Teach on January 19, 2010 at 2:00pm — 8 Comments

This made me laugh !! Sounds like a true "Believer".


There was a man who worked for the Post Office whose job was to process all the mail that had illegible addresses.

One day, a letter came addressed in a shaky handwriting to God with no actual address. He thought he should open it to see what it was about.

The letter read:

Dear God,

I am an 83 year old widow, living on a very small pension.

Yesterday someone stole my purse. It had $100 in… Continue

Added by Matty Hanlon on January 19, 2010 at 1:00pm — 4 Comments

Satan writes back to Pat Robertson

link here

Satan has written an open letter to The Pat. The Robertson. The Big Bloated Wrinkly Fool.

A woman wrote a response to Robertson's statement about Haiti's alleged "deal with the devil".

Too sweet!

"Dear Pat Robertson,

I know that you know that all press is good press, so I appreciate the shout-out. And you make God look like a big mean bully who kicks… Continue

Added by Kitty on January 19, 2010 at 7:00am — 3 Comments

Hitler Reacts to Melbourne Atheist Convention

Brilliant, brilliant video by… Continue

Added by Chrys Stevenson on January 19, 2010 at 5:16am — 5 Comments

"Can We Be Good Without God" [from "AnAtheistDefendsReligion.com/blog"]

During the past holiday season, atheistic organizations used buses and billboards in cities around the world to proclaim the non-existence of God. For example, the American Humanist Association sponsored a message, "Why believe in a god? Just be good for goodness' sake.” Ultimately, these public relations efforts have been designed to assert that nonbelievers are "just as ethical and moral as anyone else," according to a representative of the Secular Coalition for America.

In this… Continue

Added by Bruce Sheiman on January 19, 2010 at 3:00am — 2 Comments

Atheist Convention Melbourne - Are You Coming?

If you're a member of Atheist Nexus and will be attending the Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne in March, you may wish to join us at the Atheist Nexus table/s at the Saturday night gala dinner.

If so, would you please email me ASAP (like now!) at atheistnexus dot australia at gmail dot com with your name and the order number which appears on your Convention confirmation email.


Added by Chrys Stevenson on January 19, 2010 at 1:22am — No Comments

Defeating the Bible--One Chapter at a Time (Genesis Chapter 1)

This is to become a new segment I will be posting on Think Atheist and on Atheist Nexus.

The point of this new series of blog posts would be the weekly defeating of a chapter of the Christian Bible.

That said, let us start; in the beginning. (Pun intended)

In the first chapter of Genesis the creation of the world—in the Christian view—takes six days with one day for relaxation.

“In the beginning, when God created the heavens and the earth, the earth was… Continue

Added by Andrew Lafont on January 18, 2010 at 8:35pm — No Comments

Weapon scopes of soldiers in Iraq emlazoned with religious citations by manufacturer!

Like it says.

If you haven't heard about this yet, though I'm sure many of you already have, a US rifle scope manufacturer which provides all the sights and scopes to the soldiers in Iraq, and to the locals we are training, has emblazoned religious citations like 2CR3:11 or what have you next to the serial #'s.

Here's the article:…


Added by Caine on January 18, 2010 at 6:48pm — No Comments

Why do women still follow the bible??

I have noticed over the years that women seem to be more likely than men to be hard core bible pushers, yes both men and women both do this but it always seems like women are more in your face about it. I mean think about it, when you walk through the mall you dont see men wearing a crucifix necklace, its always the women. When you see people driving down the road with the jesus fish on the back of their cars it always seems to be women. My local news channel has a girl on at 6 pm every week… Continue

Added by Mark Ritenour on January 18, 2010 at 12:06pm — 8 Comments

No One Is Mentioning The Role Of Chrisitanity In The Haitian Devastation

How come no one in the media is talkin’ about the role of the Catholic Church in the tragic loss of life in Haiti? If the Haitian people lived in harmony with their fragile, insufficient island, there wouldn’t be tens of thousands perishing under the mass of poorly constructed buildings and shanties. They were crushed to death like roaches under the heel of a boot.

If the Spanish conquistadors hadn’t invaded the island, Haiti could have been an earthly paradise. Imagine a tropical… Continue

Added by Rich Goss on January 18, 2010 at 11:59am — 27 Comments

Are Theists Unnatural? My Shot At An Answer

I've been reading the post and discussion from Alber Crombie's discussion, "Are Theists Unnatural?" with great interest. I started writing an entry to their discussion and found myself writing the proverbial War and Peace in response. Rather than deluge their discussion with my… Continue

Added by Loren Miller on January 17, 2010 at 2:32pm — 2 Comments

Lets be fair and reasoned on Pat Robertson

Yes, he made what could be considered one of the dumbest, most poorly timed statements yet. But those are just words, honestly. What is Pat Robertson doing about Haiti's recent disaster:

"Dr. Robertson’s compassion for the people of Haiti is clear. He called for prayer for them. His humanitarian arm has been working to help thousands of people in Haiti over the last year, and they are currently launching a major relief and recovery effort to help the victims of this disaster. They… Continue

Added by ryan cameron on January 17, 2010 at 1:01pm — 14 Comments

The resolution to the DPRjones and VFX drama

If you haven't seen the video "A message from Shawn." On DPR's channel; you should. That is if you are familiar with Venomfangx.

I watched that video and I found it really inspiring. I noticed that a lot of people aren't happy. Many Christians that loved Venomfangx aren't happy. And the others that just wanted to see blood aren't either. Both groups fail to see what is best for Shawn, and not for their entertainment. What he did takes courage, even if it is apologizing to a camera, it is… Continue

Added by Hekate Moon on January 17, 2010 at 11:48am — 3 Comments

Wellll Yes, it is JUST a Theory!!

I came across this blog the other day and it was talking about how creationist always try and knock down the theory of evolution by saying it is "only a theory", I to have ran across these people MANY times, and over and over again here on myspace. The blog got me thinking and it made me realize that even I have miss used the word "theory" from time to time in my on going battle with the creationist. So I think it is time to give the word "theory" a… Continue

Added by Mark Ritenour on January 16, 2010 at 7:50pm — 5 Comments

Saying Atheism is sort of like Asexuality

I always hate it when some non-atheist tries to define and explain what atheism means. They say things like, "Atheism means that you know there is no god. You can't be that certain." Or they say "Atheism means you are against theism and/or you hate god and religious people. I'm' thinking of trying this response out:

Many people think the term atheist by itself conveys a lot of hostility and presupposes unjustified certainty. To help you understand why that is not correct, consider… Continue

Added by Russ on January 16, 2010 at 2:22pm — 6 Comments

Getting Even With the Fake "Christians"

For months now I have allowed a prosperity gospel type cheap imitation megachurch to get my goat by sending out large-size postal cards in garish colors with pandering messages for their corporation, something they call the Bay Area Fellowship. It's run by a Barbee and Ken duo who post their mugs on every one of these sleazy solicitations, and when I finally saw them on one that inspired me to action, I thought, Now I have them! It was an almost all black card with neon red colors inviting me… Continue

Added by James M. Martin on January 16, 2010 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

A Favorite

Dig this excellent poetry!


Added by Secular Sue on January 16, 2010 at 4:47am — 1 Comment

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