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I felt like an eagle floating above the earth

I remember the moment of my epiphany, the moment I became an atheist. I was 20 years old. I had read the oscillating universe by George Gamow & the origin of species by Charles Darwin.

Then, suddenly, I realized we homo-sapiens are just a kind of animal like other animals on this spinning rock we call Earth. Whatever purpose we feel we have is one we devise for ourselves; it’s not handed to us from on high. We are on our own; there is no deity holding a net under our feet as…


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Ark of the Covenant's favourite Song (no joke!)

Revelation 15


Ark of the Covenant's favourite Song (no joke!)


Gary P Nunn w/ Jerry Jeff Walker "London Homesick Blues"


O Lord God Almightie



HM Queen Elizabeth II's favourite Song (no joke!)


Ray Wylie…


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Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly

All you Sons of Bitches'll be Anti-theists on Dig my Arks day

All you Sons of Bitches'll be Antitheists on Dig my Arks day

All you Sons of Bitches'll be Atheists on Dig my Arks day

from: Denoco Inc. <denocoinc@gmail.com>

Attachments - 2:30 PM (30 minutes ago)

to: nytnews@nytimes.com, appsec@theguardian.com

cc: Melchizedek King of Salem <Melchizedek_KingofSalem@aol.com>,

HM Queen Elizabeth II…


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"Tell those FUCKS they Got two (2) Days!" the Devil Satan

Sun, Jan 13, 2019 1:55 pm

Denoco Inc. DenocoInc@outlook.com

To appsec@theguardian.com appsec@theguardian.com, nytnews@nytimes.com nytnews@nytimes.com

Cc Melchizedek King of Salem melchizedek_kingofsalem@aol.com, HM Queen Elizabeth II alt.atheism@aol.com

David Bowie

Denoco Inc.

Tell those FUCKS they Got two (2) Days!

Cunt suck Ass fucks, Two!

the Devil…


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Do I matter?

Do I matter? 

No! I don’t matter! The point isn’t to depress you or me. I am not that important.  The central issue is, I don’t matter. It is a delusion to think that I matter, that I am powerful or weak. Denial holds me in delusions.

What does matter? The planet, soils, water, air, & life matters.

I will vanish, unremembered, like the…


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The Real World Always Wins

Some time back, I was watching a conference on YouTube, featuring some notable high-end audio equipment designers. What does that have to do with atheism, you might well ask. Well, one of the designers present, in talking about design theory and best practices, made mention of being “skeptical” of these standards, and then he dropped the following bombshell:

In a battle between theory and the real world, the real world always wins.

-- Kevin Hayes, VAC



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