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The Poetry of My Reality

In On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin said: “There is grandeur in this view of life, with its several powers, having been originally breathed into a few forms or into one; and that, whilst this planet has gone cycling on according to the fixed law of gravity, from so simple a beginning endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful have been, and are being, evolved."  That, to me, is such an apt view of what reality is. Lots of people feel it is a…

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How I became an Atheist - The Fear of Coming Out

    I was born in 1976 to a family who were members of the WGC or Worldwide Church of God, now known as Grace Communion International.  When I say my "family", I mean my entire family.  Grandparents on both my mom's and dad's side of the family on down through the generations went to this church even in different states.  I linked to the Wikipedia page so that you can read about…

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Female Atheism

Before I start here, let me say that I know this sounds a bit insensitive to the LGBTQ community, but it is not intended as such.  I am in no way attempting to diminish the contributions to our species by homosexuals in our branch of the Tree of Life, but for simplicity's sake, I'm sticking with the very basic, primitive idea of a family unit here.  Please forgive me if it offends...

  It is statistically proven that there are far fewer female atheists…


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Atheist Morality

NOTE: Before you start reading this, please be aware that this was my first blog post as an Atheist and I had only JUST begun to delve into the world on the internet.  The most common question I ran into was the one of Atheist morality.  I also had not yet heard about The Selfish Gene or knew anything about what it contained.  I've watched probably hundreds of hours of natural history programs, mostly presented or produced by Sir David Attenborough.  Dr. Alice Roberts quickly became a…

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Going Insane, Resignation and The Obligatory Coming Out Story

I found this in drafts, and figured I might as well post it! It's old... But I had to finish up my coming out story. Which is really more of a... becoming an atheist story...

So this last fall I started college. Now I'm living alone 200 miles from home, but still very much in Utah. At first, it was great. I loved being by myself, having freedom, the weather was much better, school went pretty well, and the people seemed a lot nicer-- and less fake, particularly. …


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I Will Likely Never Find Sexual Fulfillment.

Title says it all. I posted before on my sexual life story... I wish I could say that things have improved since then.


I don't think, when I wrote my first post, that I had experienced my first kiss. But I have now. And saw my first naked man in the same week. Kissing was cute, but not very sexual. Because I never feel truly sexual. The second guy I kissed, and likely my first time really "making out" is not a particularly good memory. I think the guy really is…


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That's right! I'm a whimp!

   I've been struggling, for several weeks now, with coming out publicly.  Today, I did...kinda.  I posted a picture someone made with a picture of Adam Savage with the last bit of his RR speech this weekend and changed my profile picture to one of our noodly creator.  I didn't come out and say it 'cause I'm a total wuss like that (#disappointment).  I think I'm trying to test the waters because that's not the forum where I want to debate the existence of god.  I've had social network…


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blowing the dust off!

wow, its been like two-three years since i last posted a bit of anything here.

in that time i've been employed at the mailroom job and finally got a raise and new job title and work at a better site (im a full-time contractor). in fact i have a second job part time at a retail office supply store (hint: its so EASY to work there nights and weekends). its the sign of the times but i am grateful for all of the work i have to do.

mentally, i'm better than i have…


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Some Lessons From Gnosticism, or Daemon est Deus inversus

Nietzsche by Edvard Munch

Believe it or not, I once was pope of a Gnostic church.  I know that sounds like a mad person making an absolutely ludicrous statement, but unfortunately (and yet, as shall hopefully be show) fortunately, too, the statement is true (insofar as I am capable of…


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American Atheist Convention

There is far too much to post and discuss in a blog post about the American Atheist Convention. I'll just have to say it was unlike any convention I have ever been to. I hope the video's are up soon. My talk on "The Shame of Believing or Why Do We Act Like Christians?" seemed to resonate well with many people, but the talk that captured most people was Jerry DeWitt's. Take a listen to him on the…


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Did a christian school help you find the truth?

I know only three atheists personally.

Two of them were raised completely devoid of any religion -- no church, no Sunday school, no religious brainwashing whatsoever. These two agree with almost everything posted on this site, but would never care enough to actually join an atheist site. They didn't know of Hitch, Harris, Dawkins, PZ etc. until I introduced them.

The other one, like myself, was raised to be christian. He went to catholic schools through high school. I was…


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Canadian Theo-Cons' Religious War on Science And Reason

A brief addendum to my previous post Creeping Canadian Theocrats (Are Creeping Me Out).  Here's a rather excellent opinion piece at the Tyee:

Understanding Harper's Evangelical…


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If you like Christopher Hitchens, then you might like this...

Christopher Hitchens Drawing by DarkMatter2525

and you can watch DarkMatter2525 draw it in this video:

it is near the end.

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Dawkins’ Comments at the Reason Rally

Hi all---back from my travels.  My new post is up: Dawkins’ Comments at the Reason Rally  As usual, please leave your comments there so that we can include non Atheist Nexus people in the discussions.


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Why Hard Determinism Fails

Determinism and Reciprocal Causation

An argument which proves too much, proves nothing.” ~M.M. Mangasarian

Carl Popper popularized the concept of scientific falsifiability. He asserted that a hypothesis, proposition, or theory is observably valid only if it is…


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my lover of wildness




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Don't Say This When Entering The United States

When going through airport security on my way to Washington I was asked the purpose of my visit.  I hesitated and said it was to visit the historic sites.  That was true, but I would never have come to Washington just to go sight seeing this year. My visit was solely inspired by the Reason Rally.

That reply felt a bit wimpy - this visitor should be proudly proclaiming Reason Rally support at every avenue.  But,there is a little survival instinct.  The worst that could happen…


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I don't have to be an egg headed mathmatical gen. to know that a black hole at the center of our galaxy

cannot produce a "universe" equivilent in size and character to our "universe"...  Still, "scientists" will

persist in claiming that a mere black hole within a galaxy can produce such a "universe".

While "scientists" make such asinine claims, they act as snobs berating others who dare show interest in

science by postulating ideas that are far less…


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Misunderstandings vs. Clarifications

As regards my book, JUST-US FOR ALL.  I think there might be some misunderstandings...  First of all,

I'm not an egg-headed, or math-headed scientist.  My theory on Universal Evolution is rather personal &

inspired.  It is intuitive.  I can't imagine a god setting off a Big Bang out of nowhere, so I imagine more!

I imagine much more for nature!

So, my book is not 100% Universal Evolution and it isn't "pure science".  As a matter of fact, I…


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The Reason Rally - My experience

We're Here! We're Godless!…


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