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North Central book Tour

Tour Dates are all finalized for North Central book tour to include Detroit 4-24, Columbus, OH 4-25, Dayton 4-26, Madison, WI 4-27 & 28, Chicago 4-29, Lansing, MI 4-30, Toledo, 5-1.

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I have never seen any atheist/agnostic limericks,  I thought I would give it a try, any one else got one?

Note: Magog IS a town in Canada

A dyslexic agnostic from Magog
Was attacked by a beast in a bog
He prayed for salvation
And was saved by a dalmation,
Does this prove the existence of Dog?

Added by Michael Brice on March 31, 2012 at 1:22pm — 5 Comments

Support the Right To Not Pray! Sign the petition!

Sign the petition below and show your support for John Kieffer, Florida Atheist.  He's been arrested and is facing more than 1 year in prison for not participating in a prayer said at the beginning of a public school board meeting.  He, instead, took pictures.  His trial will be at the end of April this year.  Show your support and sign the petition!

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Fear of hell being the cause of persistent faith is not a new concept, but what most people, especially theists don’t understand that just like the admittance of any other kind of fear, admitting fear of hell and/ or the wrath of god is an essential element in the faith of anyone who had ever developed any doubt about his faith. I hold the view that since doubt is the one of the most basic element of human thinking, there never existed a believer, no matter how unshakable he may sound, to…


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Real American (atheist) Heros and Real American (theist) Villains


By now all should be familiar with Jessica Ahlquist, the 16 y/o student in R.I. who took her school to court to defend the U.S. Constitution. She received (and deservedly so) a lot of media attention, but she's not alone. Students across the country are demanding that their…


Added by Richard ∑wald on March 30, 2012 at 4:00pm — 19 Comments

Are You a Secular Sexual?

Hre is my 25 min. talk at the convention on The Shame of Believing or Why Do We Act Like Christians? I suggest that we should rethink our sexuality as secular sexuals. Take a look and let me know how this idea feels to you.

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Religion, Education, and Poverty: How Christianity is Actively Hurting America

My new post is up: Religion, Education, and Poverty: How Christianity is Actively Hurting America

Please leave any comments on my site to encourage non Atheist Nexus members to participate in the discussion.

  Thanks for all your support!


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Morality of the Machine: Sentience, Substance, and Society

As computers begin to reach a human level of intelligence, some consideration must be given as to their concept of ethics. Appropriately aligning moral values will mean the difference between a contributing member of society and a sociopath. This artificial morality can be informed by the evolution of sociality in humans. Since evolution selects for the fittest individuals, morality can be viewed as having evolved from the superior benefits it provides. This is demonstrated by mathematical… Continue

Added by Michael Stuart Campbell on March 29, 2012 at 4:21pm — 9 Comments

My bible reading experience - brainfart #1

I started a "discussion" in the forum section of this site describing my initial impressions of the old testament, as I have decided to familiarise myself with as many "sacred" texts as possible - I believe in knowing both sides of an argument, and so far my reading has served to strengthen my atheism. I am left wondering "how can anyone actually believe any of this bullshit, let alone WANT to believe in it?!?".

This and subsequent "brainfart" blog posts will serve as my diary…


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Mondo Diablo Episode 343: Once Upon a Time...L'Homme

Yeah, sorry about the wait. Again, my excuse is sickness. Anyway, you might like this. It's from a French series from the seventies or eighties. I like it because it makes no excuses or tries to sooth Creationists' feelings, and gets right to evolution. I also like the Commedia troupe qualities of the characters. Pierre et Pierrette. It's nice to know they still use those types, even though we American…


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Homophobia and Masturbation

In my convention talk, this statement got by far the strongest response.

"Homophobia, for many people, is rooted in guilt and anxiety about their own MASTURBATORY behavior and in the shame they feel about their own bodies." It is among the strongest challenges to religionists. Try using it on someone and see how they respond. Even if they vehemently disagree, there is no doubt that they will think about it the next time they masturbate. It is the most intimate thing you can do with…


Added by Darrel Ray on March 29, 2012 at 11:08am — 10 Comments

First Cause

I consider the Cosmological Argument the best argument for a creator God. Given the theme of this blog, I don’t consider it a particularly good argument, but it is the best none the less. What follows is the most fair, if not conclusive, rebuttal I have to give.

The argument from the origin of the universe, or the Cosmological Argument dates back to the beginning of apologetics. If you are interested in the history, Google it. I plan on…


Added by Steven Murphy on March 29, 2012 at 10:13am — 2 Comments

How I Got Into Opera (To be published 10/12 in Transformation Magazine)


My story shows how one day can change your life—one minute, one quick decision in a few seconds.


My girlfriend, Suzanne, and I were strolling up Broadway in the early ‘60s when JFK was president.  A kid growing up in a tough neighborhood in NYC in those days had to be pretty macho and street smart to avoid being picked on and pushed around.  It was something you learned pretty quickly on the streets, without ever realizing how or why it was happening.  But my “one of…


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渐行渐远,到哪儿为止?far far awy,where to stop?




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In this blog, I have tried comparing religion to a communicable disease, focussing on how a particular sect of religion can be seen as an multi-drug resistant strain of a harmful microbe.

To eradicate any communicable disease from a nation, let us say, there is first a nation-wide attack of measures. This is usually followed by surveys telling you the info on the more difficult zones in the nation that deserve special attention. Towards hitting the target of eradication, mopping up…


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Ardent Atheist Tonight at 7pm PST on

Hey Everybunny!

Listen to the previous week's episode of AA at 6pm PST. 


Join us again for another LIVE Ardent Atheist at 7pm PST!


The following folks will be in the studio;

Marc Maron - …


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NAP Pres. Troy Boyle Vs Frank Lovell

Do you live in the Louisville KY area? Looking for an great atheist meet up? Join the Louisville Atheists and Freethinkers for their April meet up. This month they are hosting a debate between National Atheist Party Troy Boyle and Frank Lovell. 

National Atheists Party Troy Boyle will present reasons why we should have an NAP, and Frank Lovell will present reasons why we should not put Atheists in a political party name.

6:00 - Meet and Talk

7:30 - Speakers…


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Evangelical “Truths” and Mark Driscoll---Leading the Credulous to more Stupidity

New blog is up.  Evangelical “Truths” and Mark Driscoll---Leading the Credulous to more Stupidity  Thanks for all your support.  As usual, please leave any comments at my site.  This promotes a larger discussion as non-atheist nexus members can participate as well.

   Thanks all,


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"The Right God"

   This actually happened about a month ago, but I never received any replies through Blogger so I'll try here.

   I was helping a friend move some furniture in her house today and we managed to get on the subject of the World Trade Center and 9/11 and about how I was trying to talk to my young daughter about it.  She's 8 years old.  I explained to my friend that I'd told my daughter that some people took over some planes filled…

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Separation Isn't Always A Good Thing

   We have lots of evidence that about 230,000 years ago, colonies of Neandertals began to settle on the continent of Europe.  They were alone there, from what we know, until about 30,000 years ago at which time our own ancestors began to colonize Europe as well.  It has been a pretty widely accepted theory that Homo Sapiens came in and outwitted the Neandertals and managed to wipe them out by out-surviving them.  More recent evidence and evidence analysis has shown that theory is likely to…


Added by Nontheist Central on March 28, 2012 at 10:05am — 5 Comments

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