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Satya Sai of Puttaparthi is undoubtedly the most publicized and the biggest supernaturally powerful (?) saint of present day India. Among his devotees are eminent people and that enhances his popularity as a ‘true Godman’.



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Where is the God when Japan occured earthquake?

It is easy to find all answers we want in the Bible, no matter earthquake,tsunami,or nuclear crisis which happened on 11th,march,Japan, also we could know everything which would be happened in the world, because the Bible tells us it is not safe in the world.


Yes, remember the world is not safe always and try to understand what will occurr or be ready to accept all tragedies, do not try to avoid it .


But why not give the hints to human beings to predicat it ?…


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If you were not at the American Atheist convention, you missed the best convention of the year, maybe the decade.  Best one I have been to in terms of content and energy to say nothing of the excitement around the announcements and developments in the community. At 800 or more people, it was easily the best attended.  With what is going on in the community, it is going to get a lot harder for the theocrats to ignore us.  Hope you will all consider attending the Reason Rally in Washington, DC…


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Running into a cathedral with a stick of dynamite


I’ve always been one to let curiosity get the best of me. On the playground as a child, I refused to use the space as it was intended the way other children did. I played on the roof, I played on the outside of the walls, I climbed up the support beams. I wasn’t inclined to be restricted by the ‘right’ way to interact with the space set out for me. This trend of individualism marked many important decisions in my life, from being an exchange student…


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The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris

I’ve recently read The Moral Landscape by Sam Harris.  I found it quite inspiring and empowering for us atheists to have a same in moral matters of the world.


I especially like his idea of a moral elite advisory group that gives moral direction to the world.  I think this a great and beneficial idea.


I like also the idea of ‘well-being’ being the basis for our moral code.


I can see also how evolution can select for different moral codes due to…


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trying to save myself from God's followers





greetings nexus visitors,   just curious to know if any friendly people are close to me in cincinnati?   i'm dying to meet some like minded people.   j. troy

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Strong atheism: Substituting chain saws for axes


Dear friends at Strong Atheists, I have no idea where or how this will be posted, but if any of you do end up reading it then please note that I am still looking for some critical feedback to an essay that I think has substantial potential for advancing our agenda. I will post the abstract and URL below. Any and all comments gratefully received.


‘Truth?’ Abstract:


This essay is a direct attack on the rational legitimacy of our concept…


Added by Keith Sewell on April 24, 2011 at 6:07pm — 11 Comments

New favorite TED presenter: Dan Ariely

Very interesting talks, if not exactly hot off the press. The first one especially could be useful for people working in outreach or capacity building, such as trying to extract a little more money for conservation, or getting more people on your state's organ donors list...Dan Ariely on human decision-making:…


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cutting your life short and why?

humans are creatures of habit there is no doubt about that but how long does it take to break a habit? and what is the process? some people stay in the same rut there whole lives while outers break free of there mundane lives and do great and wonderful things. i believe in taking risk trying new things and making mistakes its how you grow and its how you get a better life. i do not want to die in the same town in which i was born the need to travel is great to develop new positive habits. so… Continue

Added by Azel Praer on April 24, 2011 at 5:02pm — 2 Comments

arg...too many zombie jesus cards and facebook posts

he is risen!  he is risen indeed! the "secret handshake" of christians popping up all over my facebook, and these creepy flash based easter greeting cards.


Zombie Jesus indeed.

Added by ryan cameron on April 24, 2011 at 11:06am — 4 Comments

Thrown out of church on Easter

I organized an Easter egg hunt for all of the children and promised that the Easter eggs contained something very important. But, to the surprise of the children, all of the eggs were empty. "You have all made an important discovery," I preached. "Those eggs contain all of the evidence we have that Jesus rose from the dead today." One of the kids screamed when he opened his egg and found that it was completely full of horse shit. "Oh, look! Jack found the Mormon egg!"

Added by Odin Zeus McGaffer on April 24, 2011 at 9:47am — 4 Comments

Easter Fun!

Ali is four and goes to preschool. It's a half day program. Part of my daily routine when I'm playing Responsible Dad Guy is to drop her off and pick her up. I passed the school library and there was a display of kiddy Easter books. I did a double take. Did I just see what I thought I saw?… Continue

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Though I like South Korea in general my current duty assignment has me up on the DMZ. It isn't all bad. We get to make our own schedule for the most part and don't have to deal with company or battalion very often. On the down side we can't drink up here, and we have lots of free time. Yes I'm listing free time as a down. Why you ask? Because you can only play video games, do college work online, work out in the gym, and sleep so much before it gets tedious or repetitive. It even gets boring… Continue

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Mondo Diablo Episode 307: Everything You Know is Firesign

Throwing in some irreverent humor to break the seriousness and remind everyone that Easter was always more about bunnies and sex goddesses that it ever was about Jesus. Sure, Easter is about birth, and maybe even rebirth, since it's in the spring. Yeah, rebirth of vice that nobody gave up for Lent anyway. 40 days of guilt over succumbing to temptation is half of the religion, I guess, and Easter is just… Continue

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A Blog post about my OTHER blog posts

Here are some of my Creating in Flow posts that relate to atheism in some way:


The Many Voices of the Happily Godless…


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The Genesis Of The Resurrection Myth

Today is Easter Sunday. It is the Christian high holy day that has been set aside to celebrate the resurrection of their god-born savior, a tenet which is central to their faith. If there were no resurrection, the human sacrifice known as the crucifixion would be the end of a failed mission. The cycle of the death…


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Cons of Theism

I have to admit, since I have returned to atheism the benefits have been seemingly lacking. My first spill into atheism gave my anxiety about Hell a big break. As a child I constantly worried if I was "really saved" or if I somehow lost my salvation. When I was "borned again" at the age of 16 I did not completely resume my fear of Hell because I believed that as long as I felt a personal connection to God that I was still safe to assume I was saved. Now I am an atheist again, and I often…


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Favourite Superhero

At the family lunch last Easter my nephew (who was 4) was telling my son (who was 6) all about the gory details of the crucifixion.  At one point, my son turned to him and said "My favorite superhero is Spiderman."

Added by Elaine on April 22, 2011 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

Tune in TONIGHT for talk radio with a difference

You've heard of the extreme left. You've heard of the extreme right. Tune in to ShockNet Radio or Freethought Radio (http://www.freethoughtradio.com) at 8 pm ET/5 pm PT TONIGHT for a show that calls out both sides in the name of liberty and freedom!


Yes friends, another edition of ShockNet Radio's American Heathen airs tonight, and as always, co-hosts RJ Evans and David 2 - along with John Mill, 2Buck Chuck, Queen…


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