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Parody and Humor:

Dan Barker, Christianity in a Nutshell: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E0Bqa97tUI&feature=share

Vania Heymann, Watering Can: http://vimeo.com/25149893

TmsT, Two Guys and A Puzzle: …


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Old Testament Translation Completes Inuktitut Bible

Good news! (Stay with me here, now.) From Northern News Service Online:

After 34 years, Bishop Benjamin Arreak and a team of Canadian Bible Society translators, including Bishop Andrew Atagotaaluk, have completed the project of a lifetime: translating the Old Testament to make a complete Bible in…


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Slam Dunking God

The naturalist understanding of morality asserts that we have evolved empathy as an impetus to cooperation. Combined with personal experience, empathy leads most of us to a "Golden Rule" sense of morality. From experience, I know what hurts me: with empathy, I know the same things likely hurt you too. Experience and empathy is all we need to decide most moral matters. "Do unto…


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The Rise of Militant Catholicism

Hi all---new post is up.  Please leave your comments at my site so that we can include non-Atheist Nexus members in any discussions.  You can read my post here: The Rise of Militant Catholicism



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Mondo Diablo Episode 347: Kathleen Hanna Smells Like Teen Spirit

This week things get a little sentimental. Please bear with me while I get personal and tell one of my stories about my time with Kathleen Hanna. Also Kathleen tells her story about how she came up with the title "Smell's Like Teen Spirit."


KHanna 1

Alleee 1

Bikini Kill with Joan Jett * Rebel Girl

Memphis Minnie * Me and my Chauffeur Blues

KHanna 2



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Magic and Pretense: The New Age

        There was a time when people believed in magic.  There then came a time when people believed the supernatural was just sheer and utter nonsense.  And now we seem to be living in a time when some people want to believe in supernatural nonsense, but wish to hide the nonsense under a pile of pseudo-scientific jargon and misappropriated terms from the field of psychology.  Welcome to the new age.

        I have been perusing occult blogs to see what people are saying about…


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Three hours of reason in an unreasonable world - 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT!

It's been said we're at a crossroads these days - go in one direction, this will happen; go in another direction, that will happen. Neither direction seems to be all that palatable. But there is a third direction, one that respects what seems to be a foreign concept today - Freedom and Liberty FOR ALL! ShockNet Radio's American Heathen - airing at 8 ET/5 PT TONIGHT - addresses that direction, from an Atheist and Libertarian perspective, and does so in a…


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Looks like the Vatican has nun-o-phobia too.

While listening to the Ask An Atheist (One Nation Indivisible) podcast, I heard that the Vatican is coming down hard on American…


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Not all Men Like Sports!

Attention Men!

If you think about “the game” excessively after it’s over, think you’re an expert on your sport when really you’re just a big fan, start arguments and discuss theories with other like minded men, explain rules and situations from your game to people who have absolutely no interest in sports, I just want you to know, YOU’RE A FUCKING NERD!

I’m fucking sick of all these sport geeks babbling constantly about football players, or…


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Freethinkers and Skeptics In Ancient Literature Part I: Thersites the Contrarian

As an outlet for the repressed literature student in me, I'm starting up this new series that focuses on characters in ancient Western literature who show some sign of skepticism or freethinking. By extension I'll also show the quacks, charlatans or authorities they dare to annoy with their tiresome voices of…


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Gay Marriage Debate

I listened to the Gay Marriage episode on Unbelievable episode 4/21/12 (http://www.premierradio.org.uk/shows/saturday/unbelievable.aspx) and I must say something about this Catholic anti-gay marriage advocate’s arguments. …


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The Secretary-General, United Nations: Recognize “The International Day Against State Religion”

Action Alert! Please SIGN this petition in solidarity with the victims of the State Religion of Pakistan, namely, non-Muslims and non-believers. Let the United Nations recognize “The International Day Against State Religion”. -- …


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Debates Between Atheists

New Post is up.  Please leave your comment at my site so that we can include non-Atheist Nexus Members in the discussion.

New Post: Debates Between Atheists

Thanks for your support,


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From Chinese blog


2012-04-27 13:10
来源: 新浪
【字號】      小…

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Freedom to Create - Freedom to Live


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Mondo Diablo Episode 346: Unbelievable! Crazy Calls to the Atheist Experience

This week is an extra-long treat, with the best bad calls to the Atheist Experience, which can be viewed or listened to at http://www.atheist-experience.com/ . I recommend listening on Ustream or Blip TV live. They've got quite a following on Youtube though, and one could watch clips from several years of shows for hours on end. And I've done…


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Learned about way old school artist by the name Bosch... like 1500's.. all xtianed out! nutty!


In 1488 he joined the highly respected Brotherhood of Our Lady, an arch-conservative (wow that sounds mega fascist nowdays!?) religious group of some 40…


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