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How Cats Help Me Learn Zen

Edit: Our household has since lost the first cat and gained a new one in the form of a stray tabby, so I may do a follow up on the Buddhist qualities in that cat in the future

Our present household has three cats, each of which I have a decent analysis of their personality. Cat personality at first glance seems to be a contradiction, since cats are essentially non human and thus have little potential to manifest what we’d term personality traits. But part of this difficulty… Continue

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Minority Advantages and Majority Advances

As something of a self identified Buddhist in the Bible Belt (of all places), I have felt (potentially unrealistically) a sense of isolation and separation from a genuine sangha or even a community of lay Buddhists. With only a single professor in… Continue

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American Atheist Convention and Easter Scheduling

While Easter Sunday is nearly to be celebrated (early in the day, no doubt) by Christians across the world, on this same weekend, the American Atheists are meeting in their 36th convention. This year’s goal in particular is to note that while there are still widespread stereotypes about atheism (one of them especially mistaken, since… Continue

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Aspergers and Atheism

I don’t usually bring up my being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome in conversation. It’s distinct from autism by the lack of language development problems as well as the patient being able to function better in society, thus why it is also sometimes called high functioning… Continue

Added by Jared Sloan Cowan on May 27, 2011 at 11:40pm — 1 Comment

A Bible For Believers And Nonbelievers Alike

What if you took the Bible and edited out all the supernatural references and got to the core of its ethical teachings? That’s not quite what the new release by…


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about board people in facebook "groups" and outer boardeline stalkers

so this is a little off topic of my other blog posts and to be honest is more a venting session. so on that note here we go. i have joined this "group" on facebook named god is a atheist over all people are intelligent and have some great points about religion and some people i even like despite not really knowing them. but this is is where the sad or creepy part comes in(i will let you dear reader be the judge) a couple of days ago i posted two pics on the "groups" thread that said proof that… Continue

Added by Azel Praer on May 27, 2011 at 8:35pm — 8 Comments

May 21st, Christianity and Child Abuse

I was raised in a fundamentalist christian religion; Seventh Day Adventist.  We were not taught about the rapture but instead the "glorious second coming" when Jesus would descend from heaven on a cloud accompanied by all the angels, and it was going to happen any day because in the 50's and 60's we were living in the very end of time.  I remember being shown images of horrifying beasts and being told of the mayhem that would occur as Jesus…

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If you don't believe in god, where do your morals come from??

Once again, during debates and/or discussions, this is another question that i am asked quite often.

"IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE IN GOD, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MORALS?" or more "intelligent" theists will phrase it similarly; "what is the basis for your morality, absolute morality."

Now there are many ways to attack this ridiculous statement. Firstly, jab at them and ask; what f*cking morality? Judging the judeo-christian god, his morality involves stoning adulterers. killing… Continue

Added by Antonio Chambers on May 27, 2011 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Scandinavian atheism

Scandinavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists

I wonder if they are not true atheists after all. Personally I 'lost' my belief in any divinity aged 6-7 yrs old. It happened because I was a lazy bugger to do my homework. One day I decided that perhaps I should impress my teacher by doing my homework after all. So what happened - I could not find my assignment book, panic! I searched high and low - nowhere was it to be found. I thought to myself that finding…


Added by Mundify the Epigastrium on May 27, 2011 at 3:30pm — 1 Comment

How do I estimate the probability that God exists?

One of my favorite websites for feeding my little hungry mind is  Ask a Mathematician / Ask a Physicist


Recently, a Mathematician took a stab at estimating the probability that god exists. I found it to be an interesting read, maybe you will too. There are a few theists replies in the comments section; I believe they may have felt threatened by the…


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Harold Camping, Penny Guru of Spiritual Scams or The Emotional Price of a Failed Rapture

I’m an Atheist who sees god. Do laugh, but don’t click away, yet. Seeing or perceiving god is really easy, even for a non-believer. Even in my godfree world, God is a collage of artistic-aesthetic re-presentations, a sensory response to the magnificent beauty of a stunningly decorated church, a life-like statue, a painting, a ritual song or dance, a poem, etc. To me, God exists as an awe inspiring anthropological artifact which can never be fully dead as long as I retain the ability…


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Sarajevo Rose

Sarajevo Rose is a concrete scar caused by a mortar

shell's explosion that was later filled with red resin.

Sarajevo Rose…


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The Ethics of Jesus


This is something I wrote Spring 2004. Please forward as you think

appropriate. -John B. Hodges.



Added by John B Hodges on May 27, 2011 at 6:12am — 5 Comments

A Pastafarian Sex Prayer

I gave this prayer at the KU ReasonFest May 7, 2011.  I wasn't to sure if I should use it, but after giving it, have had many people request a copy. It was the prelude to my talk on our Sex and Secularism Survey results.  You can see the youtube of the prayer at: Sex Prayer  Here is the full text of the prayer:


A prayer from Dr. Darrel Ray, author of The God Virus: How Religion Infects Our Lives and…


Added by Darrel Ray on May 26, 2011 at 10:02pm — 3 Comments

“Hear No Evil” Filter for Your TV, or Voluntary Fascism?

Focus on the Family is teaming up with TVGuardian to provide clean entertainment choices for families through the TVGuardian filter, a device that eliminates objectionable language from television shows.

Penned as a “foul language filter” for HDTV’s, the device seeks to protect children not only from all foul language, but also from offensive religious slurs, sexual references, and…


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In Which I Rip Atlanta's Apologist Examiner a New One on the Topic of Christian Education

Atlanta Christian Apologetics Examiner Terrence Albritton has penned an exhortation to good Christians to consider religious education "an order," not "a luxury." This is not an uncommon belief, especially among evangelicals and the far right. It is also a major point of contention for many non-believers, who claim that (1) religious "education" is really a euphemism for indoctrination and scare tactics, and (2) Christian education doesn't achieve measurably better societal or individual… Continue

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