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Titanic oversight?

There's been a lot in the atheist blogosphere lately about AIG and the idiotic Ark Park being subsidized by the government. 

I just had a funny thought and I'd love to know if anyone can actually do the math on this. 

For the sake of argument, if the "Ark" actually did exist and carry 2 of every species (7 of the "clean" ones) on the planet, PLUS (as is propositioned by AIG and the Creation "museum") the dinosaurs...


Wouldn't that much weight simply sink the…


Added by Jas Brimstone on May 31, 2011 at 5:07pm — 5 Comments

Legends of the Heathen Table

After much ado and an unhealthy dose of procrastination, I have finally updated my webcomic/blog. Check it out! It has stick figures and the best special effects that a free copy of MS Paint can buy!


Legends of the Heathen Table


For all of you rabid fans out there, Happy Atom merchandise is available…


Added by Gordon W Maples on May 31, 2011 at 1:04am — 1 Comment

Our Responsibility to Defeat Barbaric Islam and Communism

Ok, I don't have the exact quote, but the retired Navy chaplain who spoke at our town's memorial today basically mentioned those two items as being the job of our military.  I don't recall him saying that our military is there to protect our nation or national interest or help our allies.  Naturally he followed this with a quote from Ronald Reagan.


The bright spot in this was that my 15 yr old son picked up on this and was able to make fun of him.


Next year I…


Added by Daniel B on May 30, 2011 at 7:43pm — 1 Comment

A building cannot assemble itself, there must be a builder. This proves god.

"Look at the perfection of design, that must suggest a designer"...or some similar argument is made by theists regularly and has become one of their church hymns. Many of them say that if a bomb goes off in a junkyard, that cannot create a fighter jet;Therefore a designer must exist for "creation.".....ummm ot really Mr. Theist.

One must be careful when debating this topic with theists as they have alot of holes they will try to suck you into.

Firstly, explain to Mr. Theist…


Added by Antonio Chambers on May 30, 2011 at 6:30pm — 14 Comments

So when bad things happen to us.....

As a "baby atheist"..I am often tempted to "pray" when bad things happen...where do atheists go to get comfort when needed???  I know prayer doesn't work, but what does?

Added by Kimberlee Williams on May 30, 2011 at 5:32pm — 6 Comments

Kandahars Women

Working in Kandahar it was interesting but mostly sad to see how these people live. There is a certain morbid but generally accepted dysfunction about the region; self-inflicted by the local nationals that dwell there. I say dwell because it is not living in the sense you might be living your life.


I wondered aloud why one very rarely saw women anywhere –accepted that they would be wearing their grim blue burka. I was told by local Kandahar gentlemen that there is an…


Added by Mundify the Epigastrium on May 30, 2011 at 1:02pm — 12 Comments

Hi my name is...*distracted* squirrel!!(A Study of Insomnia)


Alright, so I passed my ethics class(woo!) and am in the third week of Health Psychology. Or as I'd like to call it, "How to make your patient actually do what you told them to do in the first dang place." or "Patient excuses 101".


Before that, I had to evacuate because the Mississippi River decided that she wanted to be a bit of a pain, so I went west. Thankfully, my family did fine. Apparently there was no flooding in my town, but the ones around it got lots…


Added by Monica S. on May 30, 2011 at 3:37am — No Comments

A letter to New York Magazine

I just watched the interview with General Peter Chiarelli with Candy Crowley on CNN. I hit the ceiling to hear such balderdash. How the heck can the general say it with a straight face on national TV? To the problem of one in ten GIs coming home with missing limbs, or one in four with serious mental post-traumatic stress disorders and an “epidemic suicide rate,” the general conjectured “we need to study the brain!” What do you expect from ten years of atrocity, General? From a full decade of…


Added by Rich Goss on May 29, 2011 at 5:46pm — 4 Comments

Mondo Diablo Episode 311: The Thinking Atheist

The Thinking Atheist is a You Tube channel, personality and podcast offering the best in deconstruction of religion. You should go.


Thinking Atheist 1

Alleee 1

Fanfarlo * Harold T Wilkins, Or How to Wait a Very Long Time


Eric Swan * Lightly Amusing

Thinking Atheist 2

Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra * I Can't Go for That

Bromo… Continue

Added by Rev Hellbound Alleee on May 29, 2011 at 1:51pm — No Comments

Atheism is a religion

Really? Is it?......Theists always bring this up during debates and discussion for whatever reason..I don't know. However, this is a silly notion as atheism is neither a belief or a religion but LACK of belief and LACK of religion. The prefix "A" before theists should be clearly seen as the absence of something, but then again theists don't use common sense.


The Merriam-websters dictionary defines religion as; "(1) The service and worship of God or the…


Added by Antonio Chambers on May 29, 2011 at 1:18pm — 100 Comments

New to atheism: Coming out

As published on God Hates Atheists -

Having family members who are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, or just theists in general can make for an interesting mix. But there are ways to avoid nasty conflicts to improve the situation, or maintain a good relationship with the ones you love. I can only speak about my relationship with my parents, as the one with my girlfriend's family has been somewhat… Continue

Added by Eric Keyte on May 28, 2011 at 10:55pm — 2 Comments

We Are All Equally Ignorant

Lately, I've debated a lot of people here about the validity of saying that a particular model of reality is superior to another. Many of you are wont to claim that religious ideas are non-sense or at least less sense than non-religious ideas, or scientific ideas (I distinguish the two because atheists are not always scientists). The reason I bother to debate this point at all is not even to assert a model of my own, but to illustrate that no idea should really be considered more or…


Added by John Camilli on May 28, 2011 at 9:01pm — 35 Comments

Censorship on the Nexus

I have recently encountered a member here who refuses to post comments of mine in his blog. The comments were related directly to his blog and did not contain incendiary or irrelevant remarks. I believe he refused to post them because they were sound arguments that defeated his own, and he was tired of being made to look foolish.


I would, therefore, like to ask all who read this to boycott and unfriend…


Added by John Camilli on May 28, 2011 at 12:25pm — 7 Comments

Religion in the 2012 Presidential Race

In this article on the race for the presidential nomination, religion figures prominently.  Two contenders are controversial because they're mormon.


"Evangelicals who dominate the Iowa and South Carolina nominating contests are unlikely to back Romney or former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman; some call the two men's shared Mormon…


Added by Daniel B on May 28, 2011 at 9:47am — 8 Comments

Zach Kopplin (fighting against creationist bullshit) should run for POTUS when he's of age.

"Louisiana students can't compete with kids across the country and around the world if we're not being taught evolution," Kopplln said.

Such anti-science behavior is… Continue

Added by AgeOfAtheists14 on May 28, 2011 at 7:52am — No Comments

One of my rants

This is a post I made in a closed forum dedicated to IT security (of all things), where a fairly civilized discussion about religion came up. The discussion went on and on about "what is the basis for ethics in the absence of religion?", seemingly on the assumption that if "the man" doesn't tell you what to do, how do you know what to do?


- - -

Let's agree, first of all, that humans have the instinct to form social groups. We needed that on the savanna running from…


Added by Martin Wehlou on May 28, 2011 at 6:05am — 1 Comment

The Pledge of Allegiance Old and New

While I haven’t seen many billboards across Tennessee that are religious in nature that are surprising, this new campaign in North Carolina is a welcome change. I’m actually surprised this didn’t happen sooner, but I hope this will catch on. The gist is putting up an American flag pattern with… Continue

Added by Jared Sloan Cowan on May 28, 2011 at 12:00am — No Comments

Sam Harris on Ethics

I’ve read Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation and own both versions (hardback and paperback) as well as a paperback copy of The End of Faith long recommended to me by my second roommate. While I don’t share his enthusiasm or background in philosophy and neuroscience, I can agree in principle with the thoughts he espouses in this article,… Continue

Added by Jared Sloan Cowan on May 27, 2011 at 11:57pm — No Comments

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