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The Die for a Lie Argument

For many young Christians, the belief in the literal resurrection of Jesus has become their primary justification for belief in the entire Christian system. One argument they use in particular is that they don’t believe that the apostles would have died for a lie.

These particular Christians often tell me how many of the apostles and early Christians were tortured for spreading the Christian belief and who in their right mind would die for a lie? Who indeed? Let’s look at this for a… Continue

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My opinion of hypo-christianity.

Today I was having an argument with a couple of fundies, as always. If they called me vile, hateful or intolerant, I responded with

"Besides, you, Christians are the ones tormenting everyone else with hellfire if we don't believe your version of the story. The real difference between you and the muslims is, you threaten with hell, they make sure you get there…

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Colorado Springs - The Gill Foundation

I will be speaking at the Gill Foundation in Colorado Springs on Sunday June 13. It is cosponsored by the Gill Foundation, the Co. Spgs. Freethinkers and Recovering from Religion.
Let your Springs friends know.

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Morgan Freeman's "Through the Wormhole" on the Science Channel

The collection of channels including the History Channel, the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Animal Planet, the History Channel, etc, are quite controversial for their programs. Torn between love and hate, critics criticize the programs on these channels for dumbing down scientific, naturalistic, and historical subjects to the point of absurdity.

My personal take is that they have their place. I am endlessly fascinated by shows such as "The Universe", "Planet Earth", "Life",… Continue

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What elicited this response:

An acquaintance on Facebook posted this as their status several weeks ago.

"okay...i get that you might not believe in God. But why do you devote your entire life to trying to prove it wrong and trying to make Christians

look stupid?! Bc ur just making yourself look like an ass. i don't like


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Atheist child rearing

My wife and I are both atheist. We have four children (three together and the oldest is my step son). My parents are basically non-theists or deists. They never discussed religion with any of their children, nor did they ever advocate any religion, including atheism. It just wasn't discussed in our house. My wife's family are minimally religious, minus some extended family. They believe but don't technically practice or attend services, with some exceptions during "religious" holidays. I should… Continue

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Here I go again, stating the obvious.

An epiphany...I have been doing a great deal of reading on atheism. While I am sure that many people have come to this same conclusion before me I am still impressed that I came up with this on my own in my own little mind.

I was reading about the god of the Old Testament and as we all know he was fairly unpleasant. This seemed to be so different from what my parents taught me about god. They did warn me however that god was watching over me and that he was keeping track of my…


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Belief and a Bigger Bloody Nose

As a fourth grader I had my nose bloodied by a bully named 'Todd.' During homeroom period a friend of mine, Brian, who was on friendly terms with Todd, playfully teased Todd by poking him in the chest. Playfully. I joined the fun, aiding my buddy by lightly wrapping my arms around Todd so he couldn't raise his own arms in defense. Todd didn't like that. He busted free and popped me in the proboscis. It was more shocking and embarrassing than painful. But it did hurt. And bleed. Why had he… Continue

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My Journey to Reason...

This is the story of my life in regards to religion and reason. Just

thought I would share my background and how I came to Atheist Nexus...

this is kind of long, but I've been dying to get it out on paper...

When I was seven I moved to another state with my mother, who was very

young and I'm fairly certain a bit of a sociopath, but that's another

blog entirely! We did not go to church, but we had friends who did, and

they communicated to us a god of love… Continue

Added by Erica McDavid on June 2, 2010 at 2:00am — 3 Comments

Christians seem to like the actions of the Abrahamic God.

On 5/31/10 I published on two popular Bible pages many of the most notorious Bible verses, which are listed in detail at:


Many people clicked “like.” The other responses I got were quite surprising. One woman posted “very nice” as a comment and then gave me a link to a God… Continue

Added by Rudy Ruddell on June 1, 2010 at 10:16pm — 2 Comments

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