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Here I am.

Nice to meet everyone. I'm glad to have this site for a bit of venting and a bit of real non-theist community. Not that other places aren't just as nice, but this feels a little bit safer than saying these things on MySpace or one of the other more public blog spots. I used to have a journal online (before it got termed blogging) that I tediously updated, but I dropped the account a while back, and they finally got around to purging it last year. Not that it would make entertaining reading, as… Continue

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George W Bush Sewage Plant

Ah, morning. Wake up, stumble around the apartment, feed the cat, get the coffee, sit down...whaddaya need? Sometimes I need a good laugh, but don't often get it. I'm usually bombarded with things like natural disasters, tragic shooting deaths, my candidate morphing into a conservative, and Atheist Nexus being a Christian sham. But today, we have been provided ample belly-laughs… Continue

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First of Many

Well, this is my first blog post to this particular site.

I have a somewhat minor journal thingy at LiveJournal, but a more official blog on blogger. Might as well add this one to the list.

I don't know what else to say in this that you can't already read in my "About Me" thing on my homepage here.

I'm a 21-year old college student who is just now entering his "rebellious teen" stage, but my atheism is separate from that. The whole godlessness thing was a… Continue

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Evolution For Everyone

"Consider the way that knowledge is organized at institutions of higher education. My university, like most others, includes a College of Arts and Sciences that is divided into a number of divisions. The Division of Science and Mathematics includes physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and one human-related department-psychology. The Division of Social Sciences includes anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. These human-related subjects are often… Continue

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Where can I find more by this Ingenious sloth?

I have a blog elsewhere, as does everyone else here apparently, and you can find my ramblings there. Be warned that my blog isn't just about atheism, you never know when the mood will strike me to remark on politics, philosophy, writing, and goofy pictures. The blog is call Apple of Doubt a unique little moniker I chose in homage to the apple of wisdom. I blog to think out loud so don't go there expecting professional journalism or a good… Continue

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My blog

Since I already have one that works good for me I'll just link to it from here:


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Where I Blog:

Hi. I blog on blogger under Luke the atheist.

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I wish there was a way to import my external blog. I have a blog elsewhere on the internet, and I don't want to duplicate it here. I would rather have its entries automatically show up in this space.

I wish there was a way to import my external blog. I have a blog elsewhere on the internet, and I don't want to duplicate it here. I would rather have its entries automatically show up in this space. Continue

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My actual bloggy thing

I actually have a real blog somewhere....... I have enough trouble motivating myself to post on that these days, so I'm unlikely to post things here. I might do a bit of cross-posting, who knows.

It's called Artificial Habitat and it's meant to be about science. Wander over and have a look

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So, I bicycled over to the supermarket earlier this evening. I was wandering the vegetable section when I saw this attractive blonde walk past, a baby balanced on her hip. She was probably about 23 years old and was wearing khaki shorts and a white sleeveless shirt. I glanced at her face and her expression was just dead. No emotion at all. Her expression was just flat and dead.

Something about it just screamed "abused" to me. She turned and I glanced at her left shoulder. Sure… Continue

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Atheist Revolution

My blog, Atheist Revolution, focuses on breaking free from irrational belief and opposing Christian extremism in America. Content emphasizes promoting the atheist movement (i.e., atheism, reason, science, critical thinking, etc.) and exposing the realities of Christian extremism in the United States. In addition, I regularly address progressive politics and offer tips to atheist bloggers for increasing traffic to their blogs.

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"I Intend to Offend"

The motto at HeathenQueer.

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And I finally give in...

Goodnight everyone, my name is Vyktor and I'm a new member of the Nexus. I never thought I'd be joining a social site, since I don't see much purpose for them, until (oh, that word) I came across a link to this place in vjack's Atheist Revolution. So I gave in. Anyway, it's good to be here.

Rêves Doux

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See My Blog Here

Please visit my blog here.

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Between the great and sublime

We lie down to sleep

Near the calm of trees

We breathe heavily

Watching up at the starry sky

Seeing which cannot be seen

Feeling only what our bodies cannot feel

Is this the end of the world?

Between the earth and the skies

In the embracement of light

We are fulfilled

"There is so much more to be said

There is so much more to be done"

We hear they whisper

While we rest underneath the heavy… Continue

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Choice & Religion

Free will is completely necessary within religion, with the most heavy emphasis I've experienced being placed upon Christianity. The Christian god is said to have created Adam and Eve, and given them free will. Were they perfect creations of God? No, apparently not. Their intelligence was incredibly limited and God knew that this free will would bring them into pain and sin, yet he gave it to them anyway. He knew what path every single person on earth would take because of his choice. The… Continue

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Yes, they're out there. The question is not about whether they exist or not, but about *what they'd like for breakfast*. Preferably, of course, the answer should exclude words like `us` in favour of things like `marmelade` or `fried eggs on toast`.

If you had a pet alien, what would you feed it?

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My first blog was a quick failure. Called, Rational Thought, it got something like 3 comments. I created it at the same time I was attempting podcasting. Boy, that podcasting thing didn't last long. It came and went in just a few months, superseded by sites like YouTube.

My next blog was on Yahoo360. I really enjoyed it. I had made a few friends off of Yahoo Answers and they carried over to the 360 site. I stopped blogging there for a variety of reasons... mainly because I felt that… Continue

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Well, I'm not about to try 2 blogs at once, but I do blog on occasion over at www.blueglowy.com
I also have music and photos and stuff there. Check it out.

Also, anyone know how to search for members by location? Is that possible?

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My Blog

I can't keep two blogs at once, either, so I'll just link to the two blogs I write at:
http://bluelinchpin.wordpress.com (My personal opinion blog on politics and atheism/religion)

Maybe I'll switch my personal nonsense blog to here.

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