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Intro, and a Fundie explains Evolution

OK, this is my first post, but it's 1am and I'm a little tired. Need to be quick, as I'm not supposed to have PC access right now....

My family currently requires me to go to church with them twice a week: once on Sunday morning, and once on either Sunday or Wednesday night. That often interferes with my work schedule, but they don't care. They'll just kick me out of the house if I refuse (not joking, sadly).

Tonight I sat through an hour of the youth pastor explaining the… Continue

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My Big Dream.

I've had this dream ever since I noticed a little subdevelopment go in south of our town. Within a short amount of time, it had a state sign announcing it as the town of "Saddlebrook". I was aghast that this tiny little spot could suddenly appear and call itself a town, with the state's blessings (!) in such a short amount of time! And you can't even see any houses! Just roads! (I'm sure there are houses somewhere....like over the hill or something...surely....).

So that got me… Continue

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South Australian policeman stood down for exorcism

You would think this sort of thing only happens in Africa or, at a stretch in some backwoods bible belt county in the United States. But no, it has happened in South Australia, in an area I might be moving to. According to the Sydney Morning Herald:…


Added by Sean the Blogonaut on July 8, 2009 at 10:17pm — 2 Comments

Never let faith kill your wonder!

I used to think that faith in a Great Beyond - some other, bigger space - a space that transcended time and, well, space - was a comforting and desirable idea to hold on to. Somehow, I felt it in my bones. I had faith. Blessed was I who believed but did not see. I would live forever ... and ever ... and ever ...

Then, I realized that my faith was killing my wonder. I mean, against the backdrop of eternity - what was this existence worth? A square of toilet paper serves a greater… Continue

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So, I really don't need another blog. No, really. I have literally lost count of the number of blogs I have signed up for and discarded throughout he course of my life, and am currently doing the bar…

So, I really don't need another blog.
No, really. I have literally lost count of the number of blogs I have signed up for and discarded throughout he course of my life, and am currently doing the bare minimum to maintain blogs at LJ, FB, and dA.
Nonetheless, I figured--well, I don't know what I figured. But we'll see if this works out. Continue

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Michael Jackson in Tree Stump!!

I thought this was like an onion piece, until I found it on CBS's actual site. Now I need to ask myself, did a whole town get together and say 'fuck the news, we're gonna pull this prank while the iron is hot."

I mean, I think these people are laughing at the camera man. Honestly, though, this is… Continue

Added by Billy Deaton on July 7, 2009 at 11:17pm — 3 Comments

My Child is On Her Way to Becoming a Great Little Freethinker!

So I took my 7 y/o daughter fishing and camping last night. Out of nowhere she asked me how the world was made, I inturn asked her to explain to me how she thought the world was made. She proceeded to tell me that the earth was just a bunch of rocks and stuff, and she guessed it had alway been here like the moon and stuff. NO MENTION OF GOD!!! I then explained to her about space, gasses, the Big Bang, and so on. She thought that was cool. We kept talking about evolution and where animals came… Continue

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Ok Republicans... What's up with your governors?

I'm confused you see. I don't understand why the governor that should quit hasn't, and why the one that I would have expected to stay in didn't. Mark Sanford should quit, not because he had an affair, but because he himself said in the past that adulterous politicians (Bill Clinton notably) had lost the moral authority to govern. Now I disagree with his thesis, but it is his and if he really believed it he should step down. Of course, I'd accept him just admitting that personal behavior should… Continue

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My first Mormons!

We've lived here 10 years without a visit, and 2 days ago, they finally came. Well, one of them visited, the other was visiting the Reformed LDS guys across the street. My clean-cut visitor sweetly enquired as to why I was an atheist: was I mad at God? Did something happen? One event? I told him that it was a process of educating myself and actually READING the Bible - it is so full of contradictions and downright lies. He agreed, "Yes, it IS full of contradictions, isn't it?" I thought to… Continue

Added by Celtix1234 on July 6, 2009 at 11:54pm — 5 Comments

Dark Matter/Energy, Resolution of Spacetime, etc.

Warning: This is wild speculation from someone who probably doesn't know what he's talking about. Please link me to any resources that would set me straight. :)

Cliffs Notes: Could the possibility of a fundamental resolution to the universe explain dark matter/energy?

Something about the search for the nature of dark matter/energy has always bugged me. Every time I've seen the topic explored (and I admit I haven't done any really advanced reading on it), they've taken for… Continue

Added by Matthew Orlando on July 6, 2009 at 10:47pm — 5 Comments

Mondo Diablo Episode 204: Meat is Life

This is the film from The American Meat Concern, or Institute or something.


Beau Hunks * Our Gang Music

This is Life 1

Alleee 1

Billy May * Goin' Out of my Head

Shirley and Lee * Let the Good Times Roll

This is Life 2

Ennio Morricone * Giocoso, Gioioso

Tom… Continue

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Animated Short: An Athiest Meets God

Hahahaha! This is great. "You should have learned the truth, like everyone else, through one of the questionable edits of my best selling book, about… Continue

Added by Sara Ksenia on July 6, 2009 at 9:05pm — No Comments

Penitents Compete: Brand New Atheist Game show!

Would you go on this kind of game show? I think I would!

"Turkish television Kanal T is launching a game show where a Muslim imam, a Christian Priest, a rabbi and a Buddhist monk try to convert 10 atheists, reports Reuters. Converts win the pilgrimage of their chosen faith: Mecca for Muslims, the Vatican for Christians, Jerusalem for Jews and Tibet for Buddhists."

They say the purpose of the show is to get people to believe in SOMETHING, though I know a few Atheistic… Continue

Added by Sara Ksenia on July 6, 2009 at 7:47pm — 2 Comments

Yahoo News reports on "Game show looks to convert atheists" to be run on Turkish TV

I am very amused by this but also saddened by the thought of how theists would react to a gameshow aimed at persuading theists to renounce their theism.


Added by Mike Gonsalves on July 6, 2009 at 7:40pm — 5 Comments

Awesome :)

It gets good about 2:30 of the way… Continue

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Summer Movies

The following is an excerpt from "Exodus from Zion".

It rained nearly every day that summer, one brief storm over lunch and then over within an hour. Rain would beat against the thin trailer windows of my grandmother's home as my sister and I picked a black-and-white movie to watch while we ate. Giggy would eat one giant bowl of Santa Fe rice and beans or else half a sleeve of saltine crackers dipped in the egg salad that was a staple of that refrigerator for the fourteen… Continue

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Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe is an atheist and respects Richard Dawkins

It is no secret that people have long protested not only the Harry Potter books but the movies as well. Many of those people who protest do so with their religious conviction in mind.

Continue reading...

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Atheist Alliance convention featuring Richard Dawkins and Bill Maher coming soon

Atheist Alliance International (AAI) in conjunction with The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (RDF) is hosting what is shaping up to be one of the best conventions this year.

Continue… Continue

Added by Trina Hoaks on July 6, 2009 at 8:59am — 6 Comments

Gay Characters in Comic Books

I always thought I hated comic books. As a kid I avoided shows like X-men and Batman and TNMT, and I have no idea why. Point being, until my favorite kick ass Vampire slayer (Anita Blake) was turned into a comic book, I never read any comics at all. After Anita, I picked up X-Men: The End, and I was stricken with Emma Frost, after that I went on to explore more interesting characters, and actually bought comics for the first time in my life (as a 19 year old no less) I fell in love with… Continue

Added by Antonio Villalpando on July 5, 2009 at 7:22pm — 4 Comments

Miracle House

This is a repost from my regular blog here. It documents one particular difficulty I did not anticipate when looking for an apartment in New Jersey. I thought it would be a good introduction for this profile.


"Cody does not find a suitable apartment"

"I'm a very religious person. I probably should've told you that on the phone."

.: So began a three hour… Continue

Added by Caulimovirus on July 5, 2009 at 6:49pm — 1 Comment

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