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Why do you need a public forum?

The local daily newspaper has a section wherein it publishes letters from readers. Generally, the letters are commentaries on current events, but least a couple of times a week someone writes in espousing their religious views. Today's ditty is a real gem. There are floods, fires, hurricanes and tornadoes because - get this - prayer isn't allowed in public schools. I supposed those things never happened at any time in history prior to the U.S. Supreme Court enforcing the First Amendment. That's… Continue

Added by Oh-Oh-Oreo on August 23, 2008 at 5:00pm — 3 Comments

Webster's Dictionary Is Biased Towards Christianity

Over at our new home, Heaving Dead Cats, I talked a bit about how important words are, and then look into some definitions. It seems that Webster's is biased towards christianity. I would have thought dictionaries would be a bastion of objectivity.

Also, for those of you who have been so kind to support Believers Anonymous, Heaving Dead Cats is our new home! WOOT! :D… Continue

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Awesome Hi-Rez photos

The Boston Globe website has a newer feature, detailing various topics with some gigantically hi-rez photos, called The Big Picture.

There's a number of different features here but the Large Hadron Collider and 'Views of Jupiter' tickled my geekier side.

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Obama's 3:00 AM Phone Call

Although I'm certain that I will be far from the only one to draw the parallel, let me be the first one to note it here.

Hillary had her "3 AM Phone Call" ad, where she awoke to answer a crisis phone call. Now some of us know how Hillary would have felt, particularly if the call were not a true crisis. Barack Obama has just PLACED a 3 AM phone call to those whom he can least afford to offend by an early…

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What's a Girl to Do?

Bat for Lashes, 2006. Two takes.

The fun part is finding the break.

Get the album… Continue

Added by warreno on August 23, 2008 at 3:39am — 1 Comment

Seeya later Dems

A while back it was announced that the Democratic National Convention will be kicked off with what’s being called the “first-ever Democratic National Convention interfaith gathering“. The polarization among loyal democrats seemed nearly instant, some seeing it as a line in the sand and others writing it off as nothing but a show to win votes. The latter was my initial reaction; it just seemed to surreal. The overall weirdness of the ordeal never left my mind but I’ve been able to mentally write… Continue

Added by Hessenroots on August 22, 2008 at 9:05pm — 1 Comment

Estadísticas rompen la absurda visión del "ateo inmoral"

Justo hablaba con un cristiano en un foro por internet, cuando al parecer pensó mencionar estadísticas le daría la razón a su creencia. Mencionó unas estadísticas sobre divorcio y suicidio (donde al parecer los ateos vamos en la cabecera).. ¿dió fuentes? Ninguna en lo absoluto, así que bien pudo ser un invento, si algo aprendí en la internét es a desconfiar de las cosas sin fuente, ya que bien pueden ser inventadas o sacadas de contexto... como las citas de Albert Einstein usadas ingenuamente… Continue

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Más excusas...

"¿Cómo hace uno para decidir si ha quedado más impresionado por el cristiano convencido o por el musulman convencido? ¿O, si se quiere, por la persona igualmente convencida de los poderes curativos de las sales o de que la fe mueve montañas? Si no hay razones para adoptar esos sistemas de creencia, parece imposible que haya alguna razón para elegir uno entre ellos. Casi ni hace falta que diga que mi respuesta es no tomar la fe demasiado en serio.” (John Dupré, en El legado de… Continue

Added by eleberr on August 22, 2008 at 8:39pm — 1 Comment

Terry Pratchett - Dioses menores

-¡Nada es imposible para aquellos que tienen fe!

- ¿Nada? Pruebe a encender una cerilla rascándola

contra un trozo de gelatina, caballero.

(Terry Pratchett, Dioses menores)

A todos los ateos y descreídos que quieren leer una novela interesante les voy a recomendar este librazo, les va a encantar.

Bueno, antes de leerlo deben de saber lo que Pratchett escribe: Libros que parodian el género de fantasía (a… Continue

Added by eleberr on August 22, 2008 at 8:35pm — 1 Comment

Friday, 22 August, 2008 17:49

Friday, 22 August, 2008 17:49

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

death: fucking unfair,

life: fucking temporary.

In the middle: cool!

Another beautiful day, though a little bit warmer than I like it.

Lana called about 08:15, and I was shrill half-asleep, and hit the wrong button on my phone which was charging on my headboard.

I had steak and eggs for breakfast... Mmmmm, good.

I went to see the psychologist at 11:15 and mt MD at… Continue

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Adding another blog to my cadre of blogs

This is getting ridiculous. I feel as if I'm divided in a million little pieces. I have my blog for writing up my stuff about Lost: We're all normal here. I generally keep up with that only when Lost is actually airing. I have this community. I have a small blog for work that I kind of dislike, but keep up for appearances. I have a personal journal at LiveJournal, which is highly fractionated and very private. Now I'm starting a new… Continue

Added by AtheistJoy on August 22, 2008 at 9:00am — 1 Comment

Scientists Create Blood From Stem Cells

Scientists have used embryonic stem cells to generate blood -- a feat that could eventually lead to endless supplies of type O-negative blood, a rare blood type prized by doctors for its versatility.

"We literally generated whole tubes in the lab, from scratch," said Robert Lanza, chief science officer at Advanced Cell Technologies.

Read More at :… Continue

Added by LogicalMind on August 22, 2008 at 8:44am — 1 Comment never forget your first meme

(Two serious posts already this week! Who's up for some Friday blog candy?)


The first time my kids saw our family photo on the back of Parenting Beyond Belief in a bookstore, they were elated. “We’re famous!” Erin squealed.

"Yes," Laney replied, “but the quiet kind of famous.”

She had once said she wanted to be “one of those famous people on the magazine covers.” Becca replied that… Continue

Added by Dale McGowan on August 22, 2008 at 6:00am — 1 Comment

If there is no god…ohnoes!

Fundamentalists news websites, how I love thee, especially WorldNutDaily. WND never ceases to provide amusement in the form of fundie logic and wacky advertisements. Claiming itself as a ‘news source’ this beyond right-wing rag makes Fox news look like the Disney Channel. I used to get pissed at the B.S. they sling but I’ve come to embrace it for what it really is; satirical humor. Some people can take this stuff with a grain of salt and some can’t, so steer clear if you’re easily aggravated by… Continue

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Thursday, 21 August, 2008 22322

Thursday, 21 August, 2008 22322

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

death: fucking unfair,

life: fucking temporary.

In the middle: cool!

What a day... I got some sleep... from 02:00 until 11:45, and it was good.

Lanas' mother is in the hospital... I am so helpless to help her, but I really want to.

She has a lot of family... and that is great.

And I am still here, wanting to help. not knowing any of them, but feeling for all of… Continue

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Christians want their Bibles Back from Chinese Govt

The Vision Beyond Borders is a group based in Sheridan, Wyoming that distributes bibles and Christian teaching materials around the world. The VBB web site states:

Many of the six billion people on the earth have never heard of the name of Jesus Christ. The disciples were sent out to preach the Good News of Jesus to the far reaches of the world. We believe that Vision Beyond Borders is helping to fulfill that commission with the same urgency found in first-century… Continue

Added by Terry Osburn-Sharff on August 21, 2008 at 9:48pm — No Comments

Warping their fragile, little minds

So, I just watched a couple of episodes of Happy Tree Friends on YouTube. I had seen an episode of that little show before, the one where the critters are swimming and dying bloodily in a pool, but that episode struck me as nothing but pointless gore, so I wrote the series off as nothing but an unimaginative excuse to show blood and guts.

Now, probably around six months to a year later, I watch it again and actually see some intelligence in this show. There's cleverness to the… Continue

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"How was the earth created, Mommy?"

I got an interesting question from School Girl this morning. While we were in the middle of the “hurry-up-brush-your-teeth-and-get-dressed” tango, she asked, “Mommy, how was the earth created?”

Now, that rang a couple of alarm bells in my head. First, the Big Questions normally come at the end of the day, as we’re getting ready for bed. I’ll admit, in the past few months we’ve been talking about some Big Questions indeed. But nothing like this.

I do know that School Girl’s… Continue

Added by Karen Mohler on August 21, 2008 at 3:57pm — 6 Comments

Say godfree!

Not Godless.

I'm not less of anything, much like people who chose to not have children refer to themselves as child-free as opposed to childless.

Fuck Ann C@#$&*r and her ilk. Don't let "less"er people define who we are.

Added by Your girl Friday on August 21, 2008 at 2:32pm — No Comments


Today I blogged about de-christianizing actions and thinking. Full post here. I am curious as to how you feel about the need to remove religious expressions and actions from our lives as much as possible.

Do you think it's necessary? Do you have any suggestions for… Continue

Added by Neece on August 21, 2008 at 1:30pm — 2 Comments

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