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Ohio school district lists 'Belief in God' as key value

A public school district in Uniontown, Ohio, erred by listing "belief in God" in its mission statement as a district "value," the Freedom From Religion Foundation says. The Foundation sent a letter Aug. 26 to Lake Local School District after one of its Ohio members alerted FFRF, which has about 350 Ohio members and 13,900 nationwide.

The suspect wording was included in the August 2009 issue of Blue Streak News, a district publication.

In the Foundation's letter, staff… Continue

Added by Trina Hoaks on August 27, 2009 at 6:31am — 2 Comments

Just an update on nothing

For a short while up until mid-July I was minorly depressed. I'm over it now, but lately I've been drawn to really depressing music. I wonder if the two are connected.

I'm listening to 3 Libras by A Perfect Circle right now, for reference.

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While reading 'The Long March of the Koalas' I came upon this:

"Those of us who aren't trapped in that frightening and disorienting false dichotomy, have the luxury of appreciating that while their earnest and urgent need to believe in the Long March of the Koalas may be tragic, it is also, undeniably, kind of funny. And so you may be tempted, at this point, to click over to the Answers in Genesis Web site and browse about through the alternate universe they've constructed there to read… Continue

Added by Tom Davidson on August 26, 2009 at 9:05pm — 4 Comments

Immediate feedback requested! DRAFT of my Powerpoint presentation to my colleagues tomorrow

*Look below for the report on the presentation*


I present to my colleagues at Elon University tomorrow and thought I would present a draft of my ppt for reaction from anyone of you nocturnal/other time zone people.

There is much I will fill in verbally, of course, but you can get a sense of what I'll present by looking at the slides. I only have 20 minutes to present, so that limited the depth dramatically.

Did I hit the pith at all? Make… Continue

Added by tom arcaro on August 26, 2009 at 9:00pm — 10 Comments

Statistics Help Anyone? Specifically R and Error terms in aov()

I'm running an analysis of variance for my Masters Thesis, and I'm learning R for the specific purpose of doing it. I'm one of those weird people who actually enjoys coding and its making the stats fun :D.

My analysis involves running an analysis of variance - I've managed to figure out that I need to use the aov() or possibly Anova(), and I can run a one way analysis fine. What I can't for the life of me figure out is the Error Term for my two way analysis.

Each… Continue

Added by Mel on August 26, 2009 at 8:02pm — 1 Comment

The Long March of the Koalas

Creationism is so tiresome, but this Aussie take on the wowcrazy Creation Museum and its originator Ken Ham (who is also responsible for Answers in Genesis) is just so hilarious I had to share it, by Slacktivist at

Added by Crystal Shard on August 26, 2009 at 4:00pm — No Comments

Embarrassed, already. Something a little misleading in Nexus website reference.

I was looking for a social networking site that was recovery-based. Something to replace the anti-intellectual tripe I see practically everywhere else.

I entered this group, Nexus, off an Internet websearch for "atheist recovery." A webpage appeared, not too different from the homepage. I eagerly joined. Today, I return, but where are the recovery folk?

Well, they are in one of divers groups. The recovery group has 30 members, which I noticed upon joining. I thought a small group… Continue

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My discussion continues with Jacob, the self-styled expert in biological sciences and critic of the scientific exploration of the feasibility and mechanism of abiogenesis.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Author: jacob

thanks for taking the time to go throught wat i've written, and for taking the trouble to 'correct' me as well... i shall go thru ur points one by one..

firstly, i fail to…

Added by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on August 26, 2009 at 2:30pm — 12 Comments

Mondo Diablo Episode 210: A Kool Kristian Kids Koncert

This week I have an old favorite from the 365 Days Project: Know When to Say No and It's Cool in the Furnace by Beryl Red and Grace Hawthorne.


It's Cool 1

Alleee 1

Enoch Light * The Look of Love

Zeb Turner * Big Fat Papa

It's Cool 2

Kyle Jarrow * L. Ron Hubbard

Sons of the Pioneers * The… Continue

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Washington will have a tree this year for Christmas - no nativity - no signs

After considering input from the public, lawmakers in Washington state have made a decision about how they will handle displays at the Capitol building in Olympia this holiday (Christmas) season. In an attempt to avoid all the nonsense that ensued last year, which gained national media attention, it has been decided that nothing will be allowed to be placed inside Capitol building.

The only thing that will be present this year is a holiday tree. According to a report on The Seattle… Continue

Added by Trina Hoaks on August 26, 2009 at 9:04am — 3 Comments

Atheist News Podcast Episode 013


"Hemant, t-shirts and a blog contest, hot damn!"

The thirteenth episode of the Atheist News Podcast has posted.
This week Hemant Mehta from the Friendly Atheist blog joins us to talk about his recent woes with the Illinois Family Institute. A…

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Successes and disappointments of Secular Coalition in 2009

The Secular Coalition for America has been working hard to have the atheist voice not only heard but taken into consideration in Washington for years. As a result of their diligence, nontheists have finally earned enough respect to be given a seat at the political table.

During 2009, SCA has had many successes in Washington and it has suffered some disappointments. However, they are still working hard, with Sean Faircloth, the new executive director at the helm to continue to work… Continue

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Supporters of the Government "Death Panels"

I made this blog post a little while ago on my web page, but I wanted to repost it here, just because of the sheer irony and humour of it (not my post, but the two "supporters". I don't honestly think that I'm that funny!):

You are all aware I am sure of the "Government Death Panels" that are in the… Continue

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Here's a thought I just had. People of religious faith are like a person who buys a lottery ticket with the full unwavering belief that they will win the big prize. The only problem is they have to die to find out if they won or not, and they are perfectly fine with that. They go to the lotto agent (minister) and ask them what will increase my odds just incase my faith wavers. The agent sells them a troll with pink hair and a purple rabbits foot (the rabbit didn't have enough luck to keep her… Continue

Added by Seth R. on August 25, 2009 at 11:00pm — 1 Comment


My Stumble Upon button sometimes gets me into forums where I cannot resist taking on the locals who demonstrate less than stellar thinking, especially when it is related to god belief. Here is a recent example from the Nofunnybusiness web site.

jacob Says:

Hi guys… I’m a post-graduate in the biological sciences, and I can humbly say that I possess more knowledge than most of you… Continue

Added by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on August 25, 2009 at 2:00pm — 9 Comments

Donate to the Foundation Beyond Belief

If, like me, you are tired of nontheist organizations doing nothing other than filing lawsuits and releasing statements to the press, you should consider donating to the new nonprofit organization: Foundation Beyond Belief. Its founder, and Executive Director, is parenting guru, and fellow Atlantan, Dale McGowan.

The Foundation goal… Continue

Added by Richard Haynes on August 25, 2009 at 1:14pm — No Comments

Myself vs myself vs fiction...

I have been struggling of late, to understand religion and belief, asking myself the question...

Why do people feel the need to believe in fictions?

This past weekend my mom said something very telling to me that I think struck at the heart of my personal dilemma for the past few months.

"We (my family) did not need Religion, the way others families did."

To put some context around myself and this post (I warn you its a bit of a ramble, if you want… Continue

Added by JayBarti on August 25, 2009 at 9:19am — 1 Comment

Anti-atheist-ad bus driver returns to work - no guarantees

The bus driver who refused to drive a Des Moines area transit bus last week that had the above atheist ad on it has returned to work. Angela Shiel, refused to take over the bus, which had passengers on it and was in mid-route, because she felt the ads were against her religion. She was suspended from her job after the incident and faced termination.

Now Shiel is back at work with no guarantee that she will not be faced once again with the same "dilemma." Chances are that she could be… Continue

Added by Trina Hoaks on August 25, 2009 at 7:36am — 1 Comment

Just watched Jesus Camp, some thoughts.

I know I'm a little behind the curve but I just finished watching the documentary JESUS CAMP.

Just wanted to jot down my first impressions before I forget them, so apologies if this is a bit disorganized.

I was singularly unimpressed by the performance of the liberal Christian radio host in trying to mount a defense against and criticism of his more evangelical co-religionists. Liberal Christianity makes for a poor defender of democracy and reason indeed. The best defense… Continue

Added by Aggiememenon on August 25, 2009 at 1:17am — 3 Comments

Common sense approach to atheism

Atheism does not require science. Atheism does not require science – repetition was in order to get it into your head. There is no need for science whatsoever. Not believing in god is very easy and natural. It is part of our psyche; otherwise, we would have six billion people on this planet believing in Zeus, Thor or any other mythical god. You don’t believe in them, do you?

Read full article here:…


Added by V1ktor on August 24, 2009 at 11:56pm — 3 Comments

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