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The problem with "Letters to ..." is the bias of the editors and publisher.

Congress should look to the future to see what we want our military to do, not assume every war to come will be one of "nation building." We should instruct our representatives to develop a strategy that leverages US technologies, protects the industrial base, and maximizes US advantages. An element of this strategy is to project US power forward … so we don’t have to fight on our nation’s shore, but do so abroad.

Current base…

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Pat Condell's latest (106th) video: The Gathering Storm

Pat says that he's been receiving comments about venturing into political territory. He says it's natural for him to do so because he believes, strongly, in democracy. That's his prerogative. But I do wonder: Why now (only recently)?  With 106 videos under his belt -- almost all of them focused on religion -- perhaps he's running out of material or inspiration.  What I do know is that he was on much firmer ground when discussing religion. I can't think of a single religion-related post of…


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Mondo Diablo Episode 332: A Reasonable Season

Thrill as Hellbound Alleee lectures on the secular and pagan origins of Christmas, because she's going to keep doing it until everyone knows it and thinks they thought of it.


Christmas Traditions 1

Alleee1 Buddy and Bunny Burden * Frosty the Snowman

Father Malcolm Boyd and Charlie Byrd * It's Christmas Again, Jesus

Christmas Traditions 2

Dick Leibert * Home for…


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Virtual Walkthroughs In Mexico DF

These are the best virtual walkthroughs, that I have ever seen:

The Frida Kahlo museum:

the Museo Anahuacali


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What is god? An expansive theory of an "omniscient" force.

Click here for article(:

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To Our Members and Nonmembers Alike:

We take this time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s to bring up a very serious issue, or group of issues.  We hope that the questions we begin to ask will be answered with sincerity and your thoughts of solutions. We hope to pass this letter along to as many people as possible, so that United Under One can put together a platform to send to Washington, prior to the campaigning for the next presidential election.  It’s important that these issues…


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Combating Religious Prejudice

Most of us are aware, when people are in a group setting, they generally "behave" in a way conducive to positive behavior.  People tend not to take things from others if they know they are being watched.  Religious people, generally speaking, believe that their actions are under constant scrutiny even in the absence of… Continue

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25 questions for god

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The Free Speech Rule of Thumb.

It's that season to confront the Christians especially but not exclusively. We can use our right to Free Speech to share our ideas and experiences. 

But what was the original purpose to give the right of Free Speech to the lowly citizen of this new country, the United States? I don't know if the idea to give all citizens the right to Free Speech originated in the U.S, but I am sure the founding fathers intended for it to have a purpose in our government.

I think that it was to…


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Careful what we wish for...

Fundamentally, we Atheists would love to share our secret.  We know how nonsensical religions are.  We feel a collective freedom.  We feel it's a better way to go through life, and we'd love for others to join us. 


But what if this actually does happen.  Atheism catches on, and 15% becomes 50%.  Would this be a good thing?  Maybe, maybe not.  I imagine a scenario where the remaining believers become even more dug in, more fanatical.  It almost has to be that way.  In order to…


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Productive Dialog with Theists

Nobody enjoys a good argument more than I do, especially when I’m right.  As a counselor though, I am very much aware that most of the time heated arguments only serve to solidify the position one has already taken.  Consider the debates we see on the news.  Democrats and Republicans regularly skewer

each other.  We never see a Republican say “Gosh!  You’re right!  What was I thinking all this time?” Likewise, Democrats in debate generally don’t suddenly say “Wow!  Reaganomics really…


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Do you know the difference between an Atheist and a Satanist?

I am just asking because I have to keep explaining just how impossible that is. I am curious if anyone else has this same problem.

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Beware product branding!


I’ll commit a sin right here………..well a sin against proper intellectual inquiry!.

Here goes, when it comes to the balance of killing in the bible, who can claim the highest body count, god or satan? Well it has been a long time since I have read the bible and to be quite honest I cannot stomach turning the pages of that book again, so I will take others research at face value, yes what a charlatan I am......believing others without actually finding out for myself, that is my…


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How an atheist deals with the death of a loved one

A while ago I had a conversation with a friend on Facebook about dealing with the death of a loved one.  This is part of that conversation.

I've been thinking about your note that we as people tend to fear death.

My grandfather was the most ethical man I ever knew. He never went to church and even used to joke that he wasn't worried about going to hell because he would be too busy shaking all of his friend's hands. :) 

He died in December of 2000. I was in Chile…


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Thrown out of church again.

When it was time to give praise to Jesus, I rolled my eyes and let out an obnoxious groan.  When the rest of the congregation asked what was wrong, I told them that I just couldn't bring myself to worship a 33 year old virgin that still lives with his parents.


Added by Odin Zeus McGaffer on November 27, 2011 at 11:55am — 2 Comments

F*** GOD

I understand the frustration that many, dare I saw all, atheists have when it comes to religion.  Almost daily we are confronted with it on some level, it's just assumed that EVERYONE is a christian (I know that there are other religions, but all of my run ins have been with christians).   If we are to make ourselves known, and more importantly, change perceptions how should we go about it? 

Today I came across a t-shirt that said "FUCK GOD".  That's a very strong statement.  Don't…


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Creativity through mindfulness.

     So lately I have been reading an interesting book about how each and every person on this planet has a unique story and something to contribute how does everyone feel about this?  The name of the book is "the Art of Original Thinking" by Jan Phillips.  But more to the point how does everyone feel about my question?  Do you think that we are all an interconnected part of the world and that all of us individually have a part in creating not only our own stories but sharing them with…


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Mondo Diablo Episode 331: Santa is a Wildman

Welcome to an all-new Secular Solstice Season 2011! This year has come to a great start, since I did not have to work on Black Friday! How much better could it be? The clips for this show come from an old article in LA weekly by Jeffrey Vallance. It's lauded by cryptozoologists for some reason, but I think it's a great article for fans of the pagan origins of Christmas. You can read the article here:…


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I didn't know Thanksgiving was a religious holiday...


oh wait, it isn't.  good job Mr. President. 


but just look at the backlash he is receiving about this.  people are up in arms (not literally, thankfully).  can't we be thankful for things besides God? …


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International Association of Free Thought

Foundation of the International Association of Free Thought

(at the initiative of the International Liaison Committee of Atheists and Freethinkers)


The 10th August 2011 in Oslo (Norway), 150 free-thinkers and atheists from 18 countries (Germany, England, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Spain, Finland, France,…


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