December 2011 Blog Posts (150)

Everyone who predicted and prayed for the return of Jesus in 2011 has officially been met with a giant, transcendent middle finger.

Being wrong sucks, so let’s all show some compassion and practice good sportsmanship towards the losing team… LOOOOSERS!! LOOOOOOOSERS!!! LEEEEWWWWWWWWZZZERSSSSSS!!!!!

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2011 - 2012 A new year ...

Since i skipped 2010-2011 year end blog entry, for some obvious reasons, some of them being not having anything outstandingly  positive to say, that is only balanced out by not having anything outstandingly negative to say either, here is a link to my 2009-2010 blog and the comments that it had collected since :-)  2009-2010-a-new-year  Now that we have the distant past out of the… Continue

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Why I Celebrate Christmas

A while back I got into a discussion by email with an ex-colleague of mine.

When we worked for same company he used to show me a number of handouts about "The Decreasing Speed Of Light", "The Age Of The Earth" and at the time I hadn't thought much about it (I was much younger, much less experienced, then). He presented himself as someone with a fairly balanced viewpoint and seeming to be asking what I thought rather than claiming any validity. He seemed to be superbly educated,…


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Christians For A Moral America Plan 'The Hobbit' Boycott

Christians For A Moral America Plan 'The Hobbit' Boycott

The Christoholics are upset again! OH NNOOEEZZ!! You poor, persecuted shitheads, I totally respect your feelings! :(

"Invading your local cinema next winter is a new work of evil "The Hobbit". "The Hobbit" follows on from the "Lord Of The Rings" trilogy and seemingly has brought everyone back…


Added by Odin Zeus McGaffer on December 30, 2011 at 11:12am — 5 Comments

Emergent Properties of the Human Brain

This post revisits arguments related to free will and complexity theory. I've recently been focused on newer arguments for self-determinism (a compatibilist explanation of free will) but an interview of Daniel Dennett, by CFI, has prompted me to revisit "emergent properties". If you're not familiar with my explanation for self-determinism, please consult my web page at for several posts on the topic.

The basic premise of hard…


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Anybody else have an substance abuse addicted friend, family member who turned to god, religion to help them stay sober? Sadly, she, like many others, 'found god' when she was her very bottom and it appears her new-found religious beliefs are helping her stay clean. I am close to her (we've weathered her hard times in the past) and in order for us to stay current with one another, we peruse our Facebook happenings. She posts daily about how god and jesus are great and how life is wonderful…


Added by LBGT Atheist/Secular Humanist on December 28, 2011 at 9:00pm — 5 Comments

FOX & Friends acting like good little conservatives

Added by Mule Breath on December 28, 2011 at 1:00pm — No Comments

Can We Have Political Power That Rivals the Extremely Religious

Just read the story of Jonestown and the mass suicide and murder involving over 900 people and over 200 children.  A lot of stuff bothers me about that story

The political power wielded by a small group in San Francisco to strong arm people trying to expose problems with Jim Jones is scary and…


Added by Russell Pangborn on December 28, 2011 at 11:59am — 3 Comments

On Religious Freedom

The concept of the natural rights of man has been recognized for some time. In some of the earliest known writings on the topic the Stoics of ancient Greece described slavery as an unnatural, or external condition of man. The philosophy of sui juris, or the freedom of the human soul was espoused in many writings of the day.

It is a mistake to imagine that slavery pervades a man's whole being;…

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The Wife

If you have been listening to the news there is more stirring about the wife of the alleged child abuser Sandusky.  People are questioning her innocents to knowledge of abuse by her husband. Of course there is a lot to discover and questions should be asked.  If she had knowledge and did not report it or try to help, was it because of her gross neglegence or was it because she felt powerless?  If she did not know, how could she not know or was she already separate from his life?  Is…


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Are Atheists smarter than the Religious?

believe it or not, the inspiration for this blog post comes from an article on, entitled 4 things both atheists and believers need to stop saying.  the author asserts that Atheists in general have a superiority complex, and think of the Religious as simple minded or stupid. 


while it may be true that many or even most Atheists tend to lean towards this stance, i wonder about the validity of the premise - not whether or not Atheists think they are…


Added by matthew greenberg on December 27, 2011 at 2:20pm — 54 Comments

Well. Happy Holiday of Your Choice.

This all started when I decided to write about what I’ve been doing this past week and my feelings about that subject. I haven’t come up with a new title, so this will have to do for now.

I’ve been to church. Two different ones in the past week. It’s brought up a lot of feelings about religion and why I am not religions. Also – why I won’t be religious any time soon. The first visit, last Sunday, was for a friend. Her daughter and mine are BFFs, and she’s been asking me to attend…


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Heathen discrimination

Just ran into my first case of blatant discrimination. I was applying for a job helping resettle refugees in the United States. I was excited to apply since I'm quite qualified for the position and it's always been something I wanted to do. There was a mention that I had to be able to work with "colleagues, resettlement partners, volunteers and Churches in the local community" but in my experience this shouldn't be any sort of problem since many people in churches are doing some…


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The "Good" of Moral Relativism

I began this exchange in the midst of another thread, but as it was developing into its own discourse, I decided it should be moved to its own thread. If you'd like to see the comments that lead up to this reply by my friend Glen Rosenberg, they are here.


"John, you just want an argument. OKAY

Your hard core [moral relativism]…


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Op-ed on "Hitch" published in Greensboro News and Record

This was published in the 26 December edition of the Greensboro News and Record:

A tall tree has fallen


By Dr. Tom Arcaro

Professor of Sociology

Elon University



“Human decency is not derived from religion. It precedes it.” …


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Regards to the future, end times, whatever your label of 'future' is... ha.. bbc!

As Fukuyama admitted, it's not an altogether appealing vision. But living in fear of the end is as stultifying as living in hope of it. Either way our lives are spent in the shadow of a future that's bound to be largely imaginary.

Without the faith that the future can be better than the past, many people say they could not go on. But when we look to the future to give…


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Poo Fools (us all)

Day after day I see Atheist Nexus members argue scripture details, spreading theistic memes here, without realizing their self-betrayal. Memetics still seems, to most, an abstract intellectual debate. We can't grasp religion as an infective agent. We can't see ourselves as merely copying machines for viruses.

A visual metaphor intrudes on my mind, of…


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