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Happy Zombie-Jesus Day / Pagan Fertility Festival!

All Christian ceremony thievery connotations aside, Easter is my favorite holiday and I wish you all a good one!

I get totally into Easter. I make baskets for anyone who has so much as been nice to me lately. I decorate. I wear fuzzy ears. I'm even nice (read: less bitchy) to strangers. Last year my roommate, my boyfriend, and I hid somewhere between 60 and 90 eggs for each other (the last one was found more than a month later). I love Easter!

I wasn't raised to be… Continue

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More 10 Answers from an Atheist from Check Your Premises

Francois' Answers

Recently Alison gave her answers to the 10 Questions for the Atheist from the web site LifeWay. Since I’ve answered this sort of thing before, I decided to have another go at it. But before we start, a word on their definition of atheism:

Atheism, by definition, holds that there is no God and nothing beyond this world of matter, space, time, and energy.


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Holy Shit! It Was the Sunday School Teacher!

I blogged last week about a little girl who disappeared and was found murdered 10 days later.

How I felt bad because I couldn't pray in the first place, and that I knew was going to turn out horribly anyway.

Who on earth could have known that it was a Sunday school teacher; the mother of a five-year-old little girl? All those people praying, what do they think of a god who would let one of his own agents commit such a heinous act? Aside from being sick on top of confounded, I don't… Continue

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Hitch Envy

Every now and then, while stumbling across the intertubes, I stumble across some appallingly badly designed website that purports to prove the existence of God. The 'proof' consists of a series of logical fallacies posed as questions to which the site will only accept one answer – essentially forcing you to accept their premise at every step.

It turns out that there is a radio station in the US which also runs an audio version of this stunt. Todd Friel is the stuck-record presenter… Continue

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Dr. Susan Blackmore provides a splendid primer on memetics here. This will give you background to understand the concepts I am about to propound.

Let the truth flash like lightning.

Memes are in constant competition to take root, much like seeds landing on fertile soil. The soil is called the belief space. A basic meme such as “God love you” can take root and quickly develop co-memes. Picture a spore sprouting… Continue

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Episode 193: Ajay Will Not Be Swayed

Ajay Lowery's album is some kind of anti-federalist, sovereign American thing. Which would not be too bad, were it not so pro-American. I know, right? Just in time for Easter, folks. An Easter record for you, all about how the IRS should be brought down. Which is also not so bad, either.

What? What do you think you pay for with your federal tax money? Dolls for orphans? Stem-cell research?… Continue

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Word Challenge: Rhyming "-ation" 20 times

Writing prompts are a popular way to get aspiring poets to write SOMETHING. The following was a "writing prompt" word challenge, using 20 words that end with "ation". This particular prompt was a bit limiting: because of the "-ation" rhymes at the end of all lines, I had to write this poem in trochaic -- instead of iambic -- tetrameter. The "ation" sound is a trochee, not an iamb. Additionally, these 20 words range between 2 and 5 syllables apiece and complicates rhythm. The other constraint… Continue

Added by Atheist Exile on April 11, 2009 at 4:30am — 3 Comments a wonderful place

I'm stopping over in Cuba before heading to the Panama canal to see what Americans have been missing. So far I have enjoyed my stay and love these people. They remind me of the pioneering immigrants of the yesteryear Americans, live on little but not afraid to make a new life without any outside help. The people hear are absolutely amazing. I am glad I stopped over for a short time.

I am off in the morning to Panama for a few days before sailing the canal so I can get to Ecuador to… Continue

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Is The Bible Scientific?

Who says that the Bible is a scientific book? Most fundamentalist Christians say so. I guess it has something to do with the inerrancy doctrine.

If the Bible is inspired by an omniscient God, then even in the field of science and mathematics the Bible must be correct. Even the “Sorianista” (the followers of Eliseo Soriano’s sect) believe that God is the inventor of science…whatever that means.

It’s not the atheist’s job to prove whether the Bible is scientifically… Continue

Added by John Paraiso on April 10, 2009 at 9:14pm — 1 Comment

Jesus and the Fig Tree.

You know what I really hate, a fig tree killer!

When I question the story about Jesus killing the fig tree in the Book of Mark (11:12-13, 20-21) and the Book of Matthew (21:18-21), I always get different responses. Here is an example from a Christian named Claro.

John the Atheist: Do you have to kill an innocent life form just to prove your point?

Claro: If the value of the “point” you are trying to prove is more valuable than the “innocent life”, why not. The… Continue

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Eliseo Soriano’s Imaginary Argument

If you’re a Christian or to be specific a member of Eliseo Soriano’s “Ang Dating Daan” or ADD for short, chances are you’ve already read Soriano’s triage against atheism.

Using Soriano’s blog post (The Claim That There Is No God Is An Escape From All Realities), well what can I say…maybe instead of making a rebuttal I think it would be fitting to make an article… Continue

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The research presented by Susan Fiske, professor of psychology at Princeton University is now being used by both Christians and Muslims to justify their abhorrence with the bikini bathing suit.

Psychologist Susan Fiske of Princeton University discourages women to wear bikinis after she discovered that men look at scantily clad ladies as objects.

According to this Christian… Continue

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Susan Jacoby on William Goetzmann’s ‘Beyond the Revolution’

Came across this while checking my mail. It is from Thought it was interesting and thought I'd share it with you. Let me know what you think.

Book Review

Susan Jacoby on William Goetzmann’s ‘Beyond the Revolution’

Posted on Apr 10, 2009

By Susan Jacoby

During the past half-century, American scholars have tended to place more emphasis on the anti-intellectual and anti-rational strains in our national character and… Continue

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Easter Dinner Tradition.

Bloody Marys and Deviled Eggs!

(Of course you can have the rest of the dinner too, I just thought it would be funny to mention Bloody Marys and Deviled Eggs for Easter)

Here's the classic Bloody Mary recipe. Enjoy!

1 1/2 ounces (1 jigger) vodka (I prefer Tanqueray)

1/2 cup tomato juice (I like V8 or Clamato better)

2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice (I never tried it with lemon, I'm not so sure)

Worcestershire sauce to taste (Yes)

Tabasco to taste… Continue

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It's funny...

my family never goes to church, and yet it's assumed we all believe in the big Sky Daddy. Holidays were so secular I did know for years that they had some religious 'reason' for their existence. The only vaguely religious thing we did was not eat meat on Good Friday, which happens to be today.

So in honor of the one religious thing my mother insists we do...I'm making myself steak fajitas for dinner. :)

P.S. - I'm in VA, they're in MD. So it's cool. So sneaky… Continue

Added by deepthought42 on April 10, 2009 at 5:30pm — 7 Comments

I glad this happens to other people too.


I'm 33 and haven't been in college since I was 21. So 12 years later I'm still having these kinds of dreams. I also dream that I was rehired by my last employer and I keep forgetting to go to work until it's too late. The only thing I can think is that my subconsious is telling me I'm forgetting something, but I have no idea what I'm forgetting!!!

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We all know of the common misconception about atheists/secularists: that we're all angry, bitter and hopelessly pessimistic. Such a generalization is as tenuous as any other, but that said, I feel there are a lot of pessimists walking around these days, no matter their personal philosophy. I'd surmised that I'd end up a pessimist as well, but I find that, as I advance in years, my negativity recedes more and more. That isn't to say I've become jovially naive, but I'm less likely to sneer and… Continue

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Learn about Easter.

When I was a kid, my parents forced me to go to church. It would've been more bearable if they had taught this… Continue

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Atheism and meaning

If you're an atheist, you've heard it before. How can life have meaning and purpose if there is no god? Most people who believe in a god also believe that such god has a higher purpose of some kind. Maybe your god has a higher purpose especially for you - he specifically put you on this planet to accomplish X. Maybe he has a plan - he let you survive that horrific car accident with merely scratches because it's his plan. Maybe he is everything and everything is him - but you're still working… Continue

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1% of people in my city don't believe in anything.

This is according to a telephone survey conducted in Cd. Juárez, Chihuahua, México.

A local newspaper interviewed 100 people over the phone and found out that 94 percent say they profess a specific religion; 5 percent believe in a higher power but aren't members of any religion; one person doesn't believe in anything.

Oh, how it bothers me when they say we don't believe in anything. According to my father we don't even believe in our own mothers...…


Added by Eduardo on April 10, 2009 at 3:20pm — 4 Comments

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