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Forward Looking People

Forward Looking People

President Barack Obama keeps mentioning that he is a forward looking person. Here are some of my (narrow minded) thoughts on what I think forward looking means.

I've heard it said that "to know where you are going you must know where you came from." I wonder though if the past is obvious and evident, do we need to continue confirming what we already know? In other words, do we need to continue looking backwards to move forward? When I was in… Continue

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Atheism on the Rise Among Canadian Teens

Project Teen Canada has been conducting surveys on the religious affiliations of teenagers since 1984. Its latest findings show that Canadians are becoming more polarised into believers and non-believers. The number of faithless has grown almost three-fold whereas Christians have dropped below 50% for the first time. There has also been a steep rise in believers of other faiths, although this is largely due to immigrants. One minor point is that the new data for 2008 only adds up to 93% rather… Continue

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In Augusta now...Atlanta in the morning!

The drive to Augusta started smoothly until we (me and my sister) hit an hour long traffic jam involving a smashed up semi-truck and other vehical that wasn't even recognizable considering it's doors and other car parts were flung all across the highway. I really hope no one was hurt.

After we made it past the accident it was smooth sailing from there. FIRST LONG DISTANCE TRIP ON MY OWN COMPLETED! YAY! I'm very proud of myself but I also gotta thank my GPS. I very much enjoyed… Continue

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The Jewish-Christian divinity is depicted as rabidly homophobic in the pages of the Old Testament, in the annuls of the Vatican and in the sermons of many Christian hot heads. What can we make of this in the light of modern psychological research?

We are told in the Hebrew book of Genesis that Yahweh (or El) made man in his own image. I guess that means that this god, like his earthly son, comes with male sexual organs attached. We don't know much about what the Almighty Father does… Continue

Added by Rosemary LYNDALL WEMM on April 9, 2009 at 10:23pm — 3 Comments

I'd like to beat these parents with a bamboo stick.

I swear my 4 year old is the reincarnate of Hitler, so I know about bad behavior. But to think that bad behavior comes from a demon consumed through meat? Really? I know I'll be giving my kids a couple extra hugs tonight!

Prosecutors: Bamboo sticks used in 'demon' beating

Sister says couple also poked their 3-year-old child with chopsticks


Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle

April 7, 2009, 7:19PM

Both parents of a 3-year-old… Continue

Added by vivian on April 9, 2009 at 8:18pm — 18 Comments

The no free-will bus campaign

The no free-will bus campaign

The no free-will bus campaign is going international! Featuring, "There's probably no free-will, now stop worrying, as if you had a choice." advertised on the side of buses.

Added by TJMorgan on April 9, 2009 at 6:30pm — 1 Comment

The OTA needs a rez

At one time the United States had something called the Office of Technology Assessment. Renowned futurist Newt Gingrich killed the OTA in 1995, apparently out of fear that the OTA might help bring about the future. Now, at last under a President who values empirical data and a rationalist's approach to problems, there is a chance that the OTA might be resurrected with full hit points and an Acuity buff.…


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Vermont FTW!

Vermont has become the first state in the US to legislatively permit same-sex marriage without being first forced to do so by a court order. Vermont, unlike every other state so far, didn't need to be shamed or chivvied by a court decision into behaving like grownups toward same-sex marriage. Instead, the Vermont legislature took up the issue directly, and not only passed legislation guaranteeing marriage equality to all adult, pair-bonded humans in the state, they did so with a sufficient… Continue

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My rebellious daughter 13 is been stolen by God

I really don't know whether to laugh or fall down in a heap and cry.

Tonight a lady in floral skirt and perfect makeup took my daughter to a 7th day Adventis meeting. I am a passionate atheist and rationalist and I allow her to go through and discover the world as she deems right for her. But how COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME!!! I really did not know much about this religion I guess its part of the monolithic group and low and behold this is a really literal group. They believe every thing in… Continue

Added by Victoria's View on April 9, 2009 at 5:30am — 10 Comments

Hand of God?

I always sucked at looking at clouds. Doesn't look like a hand from a supernatural power to me.

NASA released photos of what is being hailed as the "hand of God". I like to see it as an awesome manifestation of the energy known as the universe.

Official caption reads: "Red represents low-energy X-rays, the medium range is green, and… Continue

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Our father

eats himself in a cannibalistic seizure

regurgitates himself all over the floor

and calls himself cleanliness.

Our father

runs like water towards the sea

loses inertia in every shallow stream

and calls himself omnipotence.

We might lie down

face down

on the cold concrete

begging for attention

useless puddles polluted with the promise of evaporation

We might sing

an electric… Continue

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To The Soul

nos es deus


what is there left?

we have seen the sky, we know the dirt, we have 4 names and a solid lack of understanding about white noise

a quiet uncertainty about the absolute

and a dead wish to conquer the universe.

nos es deus


where do we go?

we must build a boat out of the speed of night

and sail it into oblivion

we must let our breath escape our throat

and vibrate the… Continue

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To The Shine

if I could stop breathing

for just a minute

I might remember who I used to be

those villains

and victims

that vitriol that used to run through me as quickly as mercury

and if I close my eyes tight enough

and try to look backwards

I might start compensating for the nights it was too loud inside of my head to sleep

those nights I’d lie on my back

watching the ceiling start to buckle

breaking into tiny fractals of light too intricate to look… Continue

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To The Shade

Why grasp at straws

or dream that thought is an option

and death is simply a return home?

Or ask for proof of absence

a division by zero

and cling to it like the sunrise to the horizon?

Why wear masks made of morphine and metaphor

-both false poison and its’ sugar pill cure?

If truth is, then it is this:

we were born to be a brief series of inhales and exhales

we should be taught to be transient, intrinsically

to outrun… Continue

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Dogma Free America

I have listened to Rich Orman's Dogma Free America for a couple of years and love his international flavor to understanding the impact of religion on the world. This week he had me on his podcast to talk about The God Virus. You can listen to it on iTunes or download it from his website:

Rich has a great interview style and certainly did his homework before the podcast. Take a listen and let me know what you think.

Added by Darrel Ray on April 8, 2009 at 8:42pm — 1 Comment

Same-Sex Marriage debate on MSNBC's Hardball - right now.

Christopher Hitchens was on earlier, but the debate continues. Hardball will be on again at 11.

Added by Atheist Insurgency on April 8, 2009 at 6:53pm — 1 Comment

Atheists and Christian marriage???

Me and my boyfriend have been dating a few years now, both atheists. Now all the sudden he thinks there is a god and he needs to go to church and read the bible. We fight about it alot and there is no happy medium right now... just fighting. He wants me to believe but i NEVER will. Just wondering people opinions on this and think if a atheist christian marriage could work. Like subject of children comes up? what to do on that...

Added by Allison Schreier on April 8, 2009 at 5:54pm — 7 Comments

The Walker Lever!!!

This gave me a good thirty minute laugh

Conan O'Brien and Walker Texas… Continue

Added by Jennifer W on April 8, 2009 at 4:58pm — 1 Comment


Added by kimba on April 8, 2009 at 4:30pm — 1 Comment

What is your opinion about Atheist Churches? Erm...

What a bizarre question. I think we call 'em 'pubs' 'round these parts.

Added by Dave P on April 8, 2009 at 3:00pm — 8 Comments

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