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Edwin Kagin endorsement

I am very happy to report that Edwin Kagin, National Legal Director at the American Atheist Association has written a strong endorsement for my book. Here is his quote:

"I have found The God Virus to be a most readable and important piece of work. I can happily recommend it to potential readers, particularly to those who are not overly burdened with too much formal education in the arcane aspects of theology and philosophy. Your book is, to me at least, an everyman’s explanation of… Continue

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Great Video

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I expect this is not a new theme to anyone, in fact it's probably one of the most frequently discussed topics, among both by the religious and the non religious. It's probably one of the few things that all can usually agree on. Whatever your belief, you should respect opposing views. Each to their own. Don't tread on me and I shan't tread on you. Freedom of conscience is, of course, one of the greatest rights we have as free men. We can safely all agree on this one patch of common ground and… Continue

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Everything that's wrong with religion...

Rape row sparks excommunications

And who, you may ask, is being threatened with excommubication? The stepfather who had been sexually abusing a nine-year-old girl since she was six?

Of course not.

A Brazilian archbishop says all those who helped a child rape victim secure an abortion are to be excommunicated from the Catholic Church.

What I find objectionable is the… Continue

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Dragon Con

I will be attending the Dragon Con in Atlanta, September 4-7. You will find many athiest are in to science fiction. If you are in the area I hope you will come out.

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Science is cool

I have discovered what I believe is the coolest sentence ever written in a scientific abstract preceding a peer-reviewed research journal article.
"We then examine the consequences of Earth being thrown into deep space."

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#67 Fags

Prepare thyself, he who reads this, to tremble and quake before the Incredible Word of God, as written by THE LORD HIMSELF!

I, The Almighty Lord God, HATE FAGS! I always have. Their constant faggotronics piss Me off something good.

Fags are all a bunch of effeminate cocksucker assholes! They should all totally get jumped and get the snot knocked out of their stupid fag faces.

I HATE FAGS SO MUCH! But you’ve… Continue

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Best Practices 4: Teach engaged coexistence

Editor/author, Parenting Beyond Belief and Raising Freethinkers

Astrology survived Copernicus.

That's my simple response whenever someone suggests to me that science will eventually put religion out of business.

By all rights, astrology should have been forced out of business in 1543.… Continue

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Fuck church...

I was forced to go to church until I was 16. Every sunday I got dressed up in ridiculous, uncomfortable clothes and forced to waste a perfectly good sunday listening to a grueling marathon of religious rhetoric and human psycho babble.

The church of jesus christ of latter day saints was the bane of my young existence. In terms of churches it has to be the worst one. The Sabbath starts out with something called 'Sacrament' which is an hour meeting where members of the congregation… Continue

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When the octuplets were born, I posted the following excerpt from Mirror Reversal on a right-wing website. I figured they'd enjoy it since the piece supports their believe system. I really just wanted to find out their reactions.

The comments were mixed, mostly from "You gotta be kiddin', and "Are you crazy?" to "I like your reasoning," and "Yes, babies are miracles, God bless 'em."

Let me make it clear, I'm not a sexest. Wayne is a composite of the kids I… Continue

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Music in religion

I just put up my latest discussion of music in the church where I discuss the "rock band" phenomenon in many churches and the reasons why music is used. The picture quality is not as good as I would like and not sure what is causing it, but the content is, hopefully, useful. See this link:

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Silly T-Shirts and other nuttiness

According to the Daily Telegraph's religion blog, American born-again Christians, have launched a series of t-shirts so that they can declare to the world what they're no longer doing...

The phrase "too much information" springs to… Continue

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left behinders- take 2

Aw hell....
Just go here to see it.....

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left behinders

Rachel Maddow interview with Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins....(i hope this embed thing works)
I can't decide between rolling my eyes or biting my nails.

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Another great article - this one from 11 website

11 Things The Bible Bans, But You Do Anyway

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Yesterday, I found myself in a discussion about the anti-abortion people. The reason: It's just incomprehensible to us that people get so zealous about that issue that they'll go as far as to murder doctors who perform abortions and bomb abortion clinics.

The conversation then took its natural turn to selective, self-serving interpretations of the Bible... finding a few verses that you can use… Continue

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Rant on My Own Stupidity

I, like many, used to be a conservative Christian. I attended a small, Southern Baptist college. And now, I am thinking WHY? I wrote a blog post on my public-everyone-can-read-it blog, Redheaded Skeptic, and de-Conversion picked it up. It sure did create a stir on my Facebook inbox!

Not only did I receive a few odd responses (and one crazy, come back to Jesus book of an email), but I am realizing I… Continue

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When will Neptune get oceans?

Yes, and a strange question that is. But actually not an unrealistic question. Neptune, now the farthest true planet from the Sun (after Pluto's demotion), is namesake to the ancient god of the oceans. Neptune is shrouded in layers of icy, dense air laced with enough methane to color the world azure blue... hence the world's maritime label. But despite its pelagic associations, Neptune has no oceans... though it might have had, with a slightly different composition. And it's very possible that… Continue

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Complete Insanity (not related to religion)

Bipolar is horrid and annoying...I feel like I'm going 500 miles per hour...can't put together a decent sentence...jittery...mad as hell for no fucking reason at all...furious....insanity...can't focus, can't sit still....I am so very very restless....I like thoughts....don't listen to me I am incoherent....sorry about that....the moral of the story is do not get bipolar disorder....complete insanity....

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my entry point

"A child of the mob once asked an astronomer who the father was who brought him into this world. The scholar pointed to the sky, and to an old man sitting, and said: 'That one there is your body's father, and that your soul's.' To which the boy replied: 'WHAT IS ABOVE US IS OF NO CONCERN TO US, and I'm ashamed to be the child of such an aged man!' O WHAT SUPREME impiety, not to want to recognize your father, and not to think God is your… Continue

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Pro-choicers please help

I'm a member of Students for Choice at the University of Oregon. About a month ago we (S4C) held a protest outside of a Crisis Pregnancy Center that just happens to be right across the street from the Planned Parenthood. Crisis Pregnancy Centers lie to women to scare them out of getting an abortion if they need one. They only offer one solution to vulnerable girls: have the baby and/or never have sex except inside marriage. We posted the video on Youtube and lo and behold we have conservative… Continue

Added by Shireen on March 3, 2009 at 4:30pm — 4 Comments

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