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Chris Hedges' "We are breeding ourselves to extinction"

is one of the most insightful, on-the-money, spot-on essays I've ever read. I'm posting it here because I predicted the same events over five years ago when I started writing Mirror Reversal. It's heartbreaking that I could be so right, and yet alone, so helpless.

Professor Cynthia Whipple tells her boyfriend,


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Inspiration, courtesy of jesus

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Coming out of the woodwork to give Oxfordshire PCT a slap in the face. Please read!

Hey everyone. Sorry I haven't been on recently. I'm still suffering from extreme fatigue, and have to save mental/physical energy in every area of my life. This issue, however, is one that is worth the expenditure.

In brief, a friend of a friend is being treated badly by the Oxfordshire health authorities. She is being refused funding for gender reassignment surgery on the grounds that she apparently doesn't need it enough.

Gender reassignment, in the UK, is mediated… Continue

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Publish and perish

Phil Plait recently posted on his Bad Astronomy blog about the latest Congressional creep to try and slam their boot heel in the face of science. This time it's Representative John Conyers (D-MI), with whom I am disgusted to share a state. Conyers is sponsoring a bill that would effectively muzzle open access and free exchange of publicly-funded scientific research in the US. Yes,… Continue

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the religious mafia

There is a bit of schism, I believe, in the non-religious community. There are those who believe that the worst part of religions is the organization of them, the so-called "organized" religion. And then, there are people like me who believe that the worst part about religions is that they harbor irrational thought.

In my opinion, when you say that organized religion is bad, but that unorganized religion is just fine, or worse, good, then you are missing the point of what is at the… Continue

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Scripture is what we make of it

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#68 The Westboro Baptist Church

Prepare thyself, he who reads this, to tremble and quake before the Incredible Word of God, as written by THE LORD HIMSELF!

DAMN THE WESTBORO BAPTIST CHURCH! They spend all their time making Me look like some kind of judgmental monster. What a bunch of a-holes!

They go around protesting and holding up signs telling people about all the things I supposedly hate. WHO ARE THEY TO TELL PEOPLE WHAT I HATE? I CAN DO THAT… Continue

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Thanks for the warm welcome!!

...thanks everyone for making me feel so welcome!! I'm new to this site, and have only been a full fledged Atheist less than a year, although I was Agnostic for a few decades. Someday when I get a bit more time, I'll share my story. In the meantime, I'm honored and happy to be a part of this community, and it's awesome not to be alone. Until next time...

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Atheist/Liberal Blog

I hope you will check it out!

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The N word.


I'm posting my stance on the entire N word's usage.

I don't think that the word should be said at all, by anyone. Blacks say it meaning "Frined" or "That guy", but if a white person were to say it, it'd be highly offencive. I can understand how this would be annoying in the eyes of whites, but I think it should first be understood that the word was transformed into a different meaning by blacks and blacks alone, if somone else were to use it, it'd mean a whole… Continue

Added by Tyler Durden on March 11, 2009 at 4:03pm — 4 Comments

The Black Steryotype Explained... Sorta.

Hello peeps.

Okay, throughout my sixteen years of existance, I've come to find that most people see blacks as the common steryotype. Rowdy, annoying, always yelling, hypersexual, hyper hostile, thinking of nothing but money, pimps, hoes, and the lot. It's not an awesome thing, either. I've been herassed by these steryotypes where I live for not folowing this life style myself.

An African American adolesent following the typical steryotype would be into rap music, be… Continue

Added by Tyler Durden on March 11, 2009 at 3:49pm — 4 Comments

Evangelicals going the way of the Dodo?

A very interesting article , and I think Mr. Spencer may be on to something here.

I for one can only hope that their power wains and mainly for the reasons stated in the piece. I am consistently irked by the lack of knowledge that Evangelicals show in the basics of their religion and the bible in perticular.

How can one believe something and not know what belief entails? Well just find the local Evangelical… Continue

Added by Habman on March 11, 2009 at 2:25pm — 1 Comment

I feel so sorry for...

those who have lost a loved one in the shooting in Alabama. I know what it is like to lose someone to a fatal gunshot. I truly feel their pain.

There was also a shooting in Germany at a school. Death toll: now 17...

Added by Leslee Love on March 11, 2009 at 11:36am — 2 Comments

Ante o Fulminante Dissolvimento da Podridão Religiosa e das igrejas.

O que mais as pessoas conscientes têm ainda que se preocupar é sobre outra empreitada sendo forjada para destruir não nascidos para a crença, como ateus, agnósticos, não-crentes, e avêssos e imunes à hipocrisias, etc: As livrarias (até em cidades de ótimo suporte aquisitivo) foram entupidas de livros de "vampiros", e um site já "noticiou" uma "descoberta" do tipo escrúpulo-zero feita por "criacionistas" sobre essa palhaçada usada como arma amedrontadora; estão armando algo sinistro para voltar… Continue

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I wrote to my local paper about an obnoxious pimple that needed to be popped.


On Friday March 6, the Reverend Ron Whitehead wrote a letter addressing the theory of evolution in an inaccurate manner. Reverend Whitehead stated that evolution was “just a theory.” With all due respect, I fear that the Reverend does not understand what a scientific theory is or what is required for something to become a scientific theory. In science, the word theory applies to a well tested explanation that unifies a broad range of observations. Scientific theories are… Continue

Added by Cassie on March 10, 2009 at 8:25pm — 8 Comments

Top 10 Fallacies Theists Hold About Atheists. . .

Here is a rant. It is very "ranty" because I am in a ranty mood-->you have been warned. . .

10. Atheists share a certain worldview.

Wrong-->Atheism brings no values or paradiagms with it. Atheism is merely the absence of a belief in gods. Atheists may certainly have values and often have similar ideas. But there is no worldview that is intrinsic to Atheism. And you should be grateful for that, because we would have otherwise taken over the world by now and… Continue

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I think there is this huge misconception that all atheists are left-wing liberals. I don't think I fall totally into that category. First off I believe in the death penalty. Violent criminals, child molestors, rapists have the potential to be executed for their dispicable crimes. However I'm for abortion and stem-cell research. I believe that being too liberal i detrimental to society. Although The Netherlands is a very free country they are too liberal allowing for the disease of islam to… Continue

Added by Adam Johnson on March 10, 2009 at 5:30pm — 3 Comments

Sexual Control in Religion

Why is sexual control so important in most major religions? This is the subject of my next two videos. I just put up part 7 today and will get part 8 up soon. Sexual control is important to religions NOT to help people to control sex but to put them in a double bind - caught between powerful biological drives and teachings that appear to oppose those same drives. Sexual guilt must be taught/learned. There are cultures where sexual guilt is not experienced or is a very minor part. Food control,… Continue

Added by Darrel Ray on March 10, 2009 at 5:00pm — 1 Comment

It's Catholic Fund Drive Time!

It's not often that I read an article and find myself in complete agreement with it, but this article in the Bostonist is spot on.

Go read it.

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Cognitive Dissonance OR Jesus is a Shapeshifter

I think my Art History professor hit upon something last night while discussing the Pazzi Chapel designed by Brunelleschi. He said, “Belief is knowledge, and when you ‘know’ something, you are comfortable. But if I say, ‘WRONG!’ then suddenly your belief in what you thought you knew is called into question and you are uncomfortable.” He went on to discuss why the chapel itself was “comfortable” because it mathematically had correct proportions, etc. etc., but that quote got me… Continue

Added by Jas Brimstone on March 10, 2009 at 11:58am — 2 Comments

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