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A dailogue... Now with 100% more Rage Issues!! And +3 lol

[as a member of FUCK CENSORSHIP i must admit my misgivings and overall animosity to changing the subjects name into a silly- albeit apt -pseudonym, but anyone who Really wants to know and help can just be a pain in the ass and ask me- and anyone who has any complaints against it should yell at Rosemary! I'm yelling at her right now in fact!!]

This was a messenger conversation i was having with a friend of mine today. It's choppy because of that, and the emoticons don't carry over,… Continue

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Evolution is a fact: followup

I really need to stop writing responses to responses on my blog that are longer than my original blog post. I still don't know precisely what to do with such verbiage. What's the Internet conventional standard model?

Anyway, we now rejoin said discussion already in progress...

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A Poem

I posted this poem in "randomness," but thought I'd like to post it here too.

Things I Know

By: JM Wyrd (aka, Pirate Bard)

I thought about writing a sequel titled "Things I Have Reasonable Evidence to Consider True" but it became too long.

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Is he even alive? Have i failed him?

It has been 2 day since i last heard from [Happy Bunny {don't ask me, ask Adult Swim ok? I didn't even want to post him as a Pseudonym, but here we are!}]. By the time i realized he wasn't sending me anything back- texts (his phone cannot be called any longer), emails, IM's, everything i could think of- i was past the point where i could help him. I can only hope desperately that he either checked himself into a mental hospice or is in a hospital somewhere, recovering. I hate the idea of facing… Continue

Added by Rickr0ll on February 5, 2009 at 1:30am — 6 Comments

Near Death as an Atheist

I had a wreck yesterday on the way home from work.

I hit a patch of ice and lost control of the car and as it slid toward the guard rail, I yelled loudly, "Fuck!" and thought of all the things I haven't done.

Lots of people, when faced with the prospect of death, consider their god. Maybe they make a desperate attempt to get right with Jesus or whoever before sliding into the unknown, but I didn't really have any interest in that.

My first thought was of my husband,… Continue

Added by EnsignR on February 4, 2009 at 9:40pm — 5 Comments

Infection through guilt

Going a slightly different direction; it is my observation that development of guilt in the child or young adult opens a portal for religious "guilt relief." There is a lot of evidence for this but one common theme is the many songs children learn in their religious training that involve guilt. "That saved a wretch like me." It appears to me that once the guilt "module" is installed in a child, the child can more easily be programmed with a religion - a religion that promises to assuage the… Continue

Added by Darrel Ray on February 4, 2009 at 8:06pm — 2 Comments

Obnoxious and Rude? Definitely.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation's new billboards praising Darwin are up and one is about 15 minutes away from me. The local paper had an editorial opinion piece about it calling the FFRF a "gloating winner" and that putting the billboard in Dover was obnoxious and rude.

I responded with a letter to the editor.

See it here:… Continue

Added by Dan Gilbert on February 4, 2009 at 7:30pm — 3 Comments

Ongoing Annoyance #2

Crucifixes. I work in a catholic hospital so I am exposed to them more than I'd like to be (but not as much as you'd think; they've toned it down some). They are quite repulsive and disgusting. Is that a nice thing to see in a hospital? No, it's not. You'd think the reminder of the whole human sacrifice thing that their god used to be into before he got nicer would make them think about it a little. If other violent images of torture and death were hung around the place, I don't think people… Continue

Added by Moonbeam on February 4, 2009 at 7:00pm — 3 Comments

Annoyingly amusing

So I quote the Treaty of Tripoli in a discussion about how America is NOT a "Christian Nation" and what do I get in return?

Basically that I'm somehow "taking it out of context" and that it really meant that America was not like Britain (a "truly Christian nation" in that there was no separation), yet... I'm still wrong and America was founded on "Christian ideals" by "Christian men and women" (though which women I'm not sure), and that we are a "Christian nation".

There's… Continue

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Found ya!


I was crazy looking for some sort of forum or multiply for atheists. Now I'm home. Now its time for learning and sharing exp with you guys!

Added by Marco Araujo Bonamico on February 4, 2009 at 6:31pm — 2 Comments


Having family members who come to me for my take on various issues makes for great blog fodder. This time we have someone asking for my thoughts on a petition going around to stop the FDA from approving a new genetically modified variety of corn. My response follows:
I love that you come to me for this sort of thing. It’s a great way to keep my brain exercised through the occasional stints of mindless tedium at work. Without spending the 4… Continue

Added by Matthew Orlando on February 4, 2009 at 1:56pm — 1 Comment

Freedom of Speech and Religion

From my blog

I read an interesting article today. A Dutch MP is in trouble for making a video criticising islam. In the video he talks about how they are like nazis and extremely violent. Ironically he is now under 24/7 protection because he has received various death threats…. Reminds me a lot of these guys:…


Added by Dustin Sanders on February 4, 2009 at 12:30pm — 4 Comments

to all creationists who think...

... that intelligent life needed a creator, I've got one thing to say. MYH16.

Added by Greg F. on February 4, 2009 at 12:01am — No Comments

Another Recent Discussion with an Irrational Person

This was posted in response to a journal entry I made on another forum:

"FWIW IMO I believe that one day the championing of scientific knowledge will implode when its limitations are reluctantly acknowledged. Nobody has yet been able to prove that science will explain everything any more than they have any other epistemology. I predict a new age of enlightenment which goes something along the lines of "...use whatever theory works best for you, no matter what others might tell you".… Continue

Added by Moonbeam on February 3, 2009 at 10:00pm — 5 Comments

American Atheists Announces New Missouri State Director

American Atheists Announces Greg Lammers as Missouri State Director

American Atheists is proud to announce the appointment of Greg Lammers as its new director for the state of Missouri. Greg is a life member of American Atheists, and is already familiar to many members across the country. He has excellent writing skills, and is looking forward to working with the Atheists throughout Missouri. Greg is already busy making contact with the affiliated groups throughout the state, and is… Continue

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One Can Learn a Lesson From Book Stores

Walk into any book store with an idea of what you want. Do you want one of those poorly written Grisham's? Fiction! Do you want our new president's stances? Current Affairs! What about Bernstein Bears? Children! How about the bible? Religion! The Koran? Religion! Torah? Religion!

The book stores have the order of things correct. Those books are not located in the nonfiction section and are rightfully all lumped together in a broad section of 'Religion'.

Now walk into… Continue

Added by Adam Johnson on February 3, 2009 at 1:09pm — 2 Comments

No more theories: Evolution is a fact

I just read a depressing article on by Robert Roy Britt, discussing the limitations and flaws inherent in most public surveys about "belief" in evolution. I have to use quotation marks there, because "belief" is absolutely irrelevant. The proper term should be acceptance, as in "Do you accept the evidence of biological evolution, or are you sufficiently ignorant and narcissistic to… Continue

Added by Planetologist on February 3, 2009 at 11:22am — 10 Comments

The Guilt Cycle

As a psychologist who interacts with fellow atheists, I think one area we could all take a look at is how much our current beliefs and behavior continue to be affected by early religious and superstitious training. Assumptions about relationships, human connection, and especially sexuality are often areas that, as people floating in the sea of religious paradigms, we may simply follow along without questioning. Examples might include feelings of guilt that may come from early religious… Continue

Added by Darrel Ray on February 3, 2009 at 7:38am — 8 Comments

Coming out twice

Well the first time I came out it was more of my mother forcing me out of the closet. She asked me if I was gay, I had to say "yes of course I'm gay look at me!" Well it went more like "Yes!" and me running to my room not wanting to tell my dad haha. That was little gay me at 15 years old.

Now the second time I come out as an atheist, I tell my mother I need to come out a second time, which she asks. "wait for being an atheist, I already know that" haha. That was 26 year old me… Continue

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Bill Hicks, a man 15 years ahead of his time?

Hicks stands up to this day, and Hicks stands alone. To this day.

What's funny to me is that the gay stuff is now more of a hot button issue than the abortion stuff these days. It was clipped of course because of the pro-choice… Continue

Added by Jeremy on February 2, 2009 at 11:26pm — 1 Comment

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