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Time to modernise the Bible? - Athiests would do it much better.

Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus born 27 February 272 was the undisputed Roman Emperor from 306 to 324 to his death. He was the first Christian Emperor and in fact had a great deal to do with how the Christian religion was organized and its initial ceremonies.

In the year 313, he declared the Edict of Milan which proclaimed religious toleration throughout the empire.

First Council of Nicaea

He had great influence over the First Council of Nicaea and wanted… Continue

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Films and Pictures of great interest to Atheists

Films and Pictures of Great Interest to Atheists

There are some wonderful images and about 25 enjoyable video films, each around 8 to 10 minutes long, that can be watched on the Nexus site “ORIGINS”.

Among them:

“Evidence for the Big Bang in 10 little minutes”

“The Universe: Secrets of the Sun”

“Birth of the Universe, Big Bang and beyond”

“How the Earth was made”

“Charles Darwin’s legacy”

Do drop by and view these amazing… Continue

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Just sharing some neat links...

'Lost' Miller-Urey Experiment Created More Of Life's Building Blocks

Scientists near in creating artificial life

The… Continue

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On Certainty

Doubt is a very powerful force in our minds. Not knowing the future for certain, we constantly speculate and attempt to deduce what lays ahead in the paths of our collective lives using whatever methods we can find. Many instances of stress are essentially the physical manifestation of this doubt: Can I pay my bills? Am I loved? Am I doing this whole life thing right? If the world worked in a state of pure chaos, nothing acting like it had before, being able to predict possible future actions… Continue

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To the Religious: Deep Down, You Probably Already Know That Your Religion is False

When push comes to shove, there aren't many religious people who truly believe in their religion. The litmus test is how a person feels about death itself.

Assuming you are a religious person, allow me to ask you a few questions:

Firstly, how do you feel about your own death? Are you afraid of dying or are you looking forward to it? Does death seem like a wonderful journey? Or are you scared?

How about any friends and family that you currently have that are… Continue

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XYZZY asked… Continue

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Copyright laws and blogging?

I have been blogging for years and I am not sure what the diffence is between posting a link and "fair use." I thought that was what I doing? I have never claimed to have written anything I have not.

Anyone out there know what fair use means?

An email I received.

As a humanist (and I count myself among those ranks) you should know better than to blatantly steal intellectual property – one of the tenets of the UN Declaration of Human Rights.

Copying… Continue

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Coming Out Of The Religious Closet and A Survey

Today I took the atheist survey about coming out of the closet. It inspired me to talk about being a proud atheist. I think it's important that we show ourselves to everyone as ethical, intelligent people. Feel free to read more at Heaving Dead Cats.

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PrayerMAX 5000

I think I may have watched too much late night television as a… Continue

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My Non-Theistic Seasonal Greeting Card

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Scientific American Special Issue On Evolution - UPDATED

Of interest to many of you, the latest issue of Scientific American is devoted to the subject of Darwin's theory of evolution. You can read the articles here.

Of particular interest is an article entitled 'The Latest Face of Creationism' that describes how creationists hide their true aims under ever changing guises. The legal battles over the teaching of creationism will probably never stop so people of reason need to be ever vigilant to… Continue

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Secular Holiday Cards

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Gate of the Sophist

Alternative titles: Door of the Imagination, and Threshold of the Twilight Zone...

"Do you know everything?"

"Do you know half of everything?"

"In the half of everything you don't know, could God exist?"

And why stop at God???

"Do you know everything?"

"Do you know half of everything?"

"In the half of everything you don't know, could leprechauns exist?"

Could you disprove leprechauns to someone who believes in… Continue

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Just a reminder
A heathen is a pagan not a godless individual otherwise known as a atheist. Not there is anything wrong with being a pagan (I personally like their ideals) but I feel the misusage of the term adhere's to christian orthodoxy and as such not be a term used to identify atheist ideology (or similar).

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Ahh, the JOYS of Mothering a Teenage Girl ...

She's 14 and she snuck into a night club on Friday night with another little friend.

First she lied to me and said that she was gonna spend the night at the friend's house. So I called to check up on her and she was clearly at a party with a lot of kids yelling in the background. I asked to talk to her friend's mother and she handed the phone to a teenage boy who tried to fake a grown man's voice and tell me that he was the other girl's father. When I asked for the address to pick… Continue

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Stan Wilson's article in response to my comments

Stan Wilson's article in response to my comments

What a Christian learned from an atheist (headline)

Once in a while, you have to take your lumps. And lumps were taken.

If you are not an atheist and plan to write a column or blog post or other public-square item about atheism, as happened here two weeks ago, take fair warning from the one with the lumps. Mind your p's and q's. Watch what you write. Check it twice. Better still, ask yourself --- do you… Continue

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A pleasing story about crossing the gap..

E-Mail activism

Stan Nelson of the Pueblo Chieftan penned this article

"The excitement of the moment in the nonfiction publishing industry is the cause of atheism.

Because public appearances sell books, the authors - including scientist Richard Dawkins and essayist Christopher Hitchens - go on the road to deliver talks and speeches to support their points of view, which, in turn, support book sales.

Christians always should pay attention when… Continue

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All the Blogs fit to read

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jungle missionaries and babies

It seems to me when I hear people debate certain topics of the Christian religion that people don't know how Christians justify certain things. Thought I'd mention it just to educate anyone who might want to debate certain points.

They believe that anyone believing in another religion will go to hell, as we well know. Now this brings up the subject of people in remote parts of this world who have never heard of Christianity or if they have they don't really know what it's about. How do… Continue

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Nontheist morality

I think that many atheists, when deciding or coming to terms with their own moral precepts, eventually fall into one of several philosophies for guiding their decision-making.



Scientific method

Law and order

democratic rule


(this list is by no means comprehensive, but I think that it encompasses a lot of us)

A socialist atheist follows the precept that the good of the community promotes the ultimate good of… Continue

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