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as painful as sin....

"As painful as sin." Is sin really painful, that moment where you're consumed by what you know you should not be doing? How beautiful is that enchantment of desire, which entangles you when you want what you should not indulge. The most painful sin, is not partaking in that forbidden fruit, not indulging that gorgeous desire, but rather holding out from it. The desire that does not leave your thoughts, the one that takes every breath form your lungs, and haunts your dreams. That one thing that… Continue

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bruised egos and broken bones

so I get it, the world changes, people change and come and go... but whats that one moment that you would go back to? That one sunny afternoon and stairy filled sky night. Why is it that we never really know what we have until its slipped through our weathered fingers. the conversations that shape our choices to come and while enjoying the company we have no idea that impact that someone is about to have on us or I, on them. The little things that we take for granted, how come hind sight is so… Continue

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Aliens and the History Channel

Why is it that everytime I put on the History Channel it's always a show about aliens? Didn't even know there were so many angles of looking at UFOs. Government conspiracies, crop circes, Area 51, implants, hypnotherpy, USOs (unidentified swimming objects...really), and aliens through history, among others. Whether it's before work, before school, or when I get home it's always aliens. Is this just alien season or what? It's interesting in it's own way, but even if I believed in it all it would… Continue

Added by SkeptiKat on November 19, 2008 at 10:45pm — 6 Comments

Prop 8 prepares for annihilation

This just in from the California Supreme Court:

"(San Francisco, California, November 19, 2008)—Today the California Supreme Court granted review in the legal challenges to Proposition 8, which passed by a narrow margin of 52 percent on November 4. In an order issued today, the Court agreed to hear the case and set an expedited briefing schedule. The Court also denied an immediate stay.

On November 5, 2008, the National Center for Lesbian Rights, the American Civil…

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My dad is dying and I will miss him terribly.

A while back, he was diagnosed with melanoma cancer. This is the second time. He had it several years ago, and it was successfully removed. They recently operated again, taking out a large portion of his intestine, once again thinking they had removed it. He has been in and out of the hospital a lot over the past few months. They just told him a few weeks ago that he has cancer in his brain, and throughout his body, and that he has about three months left.

I haven't seen my dad in ten… Continue

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An Open Invitation to Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute

My dear friend Tiana had a fantastic idea. Since I'm going to be in Seattle this weekend, why not invite our old friend Casey out for drinks and a chat about our last visit? She sent him the following email this morning but we've yet to receive a response. I suppose he could actually be busy doing ... stuff.

"Hello Casey,

It’s been awhile since we’ve chatted, I hope all has been well with you and yours. I’m writing… Continue

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I hope to make friends here.

I have a profile on another site. I have made some good friends there, but there is more religious drivel than I care for. I can't believe some of these idiots even try to convince you to go their way!!! Ummm,yeah, I'm going to convert because some persistent jerk is typing things at me on a screen. Right! I haven't left that site, because there are people on there that I stay in regular contact with. It's gotten so bad, that I made my page private! I can't listen to their tripe for one hot… Continue

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USA Today discovers the existence of atheism

It's always shocking to see a reasonable, rational argument for positive atheism presented in the public arena. It shouldn't be. It should be no big deal. In fact to my mind it should be assumed that atheists not only are as ethical as religious folk, by and large, but usually are more ethical. But most god-worshipers are ill equipped to understand that other people can have a strong ethical sense that doesn't depend on fear of a supernatural puppet master.

USA Today is not the most… Continue

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Wikipedias List of "Fictional" Deities

Wikipedias Entry for: List of "Fictional" Deities

As if there were any deities other than fictional.… Continue

Added by TJMorgan on November 18, 2008 at 10:30pm — 4 Comments

The Religious Corporation: Part 2


Yesterday, I argued that the selective advantage of belief was too attractive for individuals in a community not to partake. But this advantage, as humans became more prosperous in the West, became increasingly marginal. In the 15th century, Europe began to experience new found prosperity from the most unusual source: the aftermath of the Black Death.

Over a third of the population is estimated to have… Continue

Added by The Good Atheist on November 18, 2008 at 10:55am — 1 Comment

Same old shit.....

Oh today really sucked. We got a notice for rent and some utilities for about 900 dollars, and I do not know if we can pay it. I am really getting tired of all this crap; all I want is some stability, some peace of mind but everyday I worry and it gets overwhelming. I thought we could actually pay our bills and have enough money so that I could visit my girlfriend. I do not know now and I really want to see her. She is one of the most amazing persons I have every met. I haven't seen her in… Continue

Added by TheFlyingWelshman on November 18, 2008 at 4:00am — 2 Comments

Jury Dooty

I went to jury duty today for the very first time in my entire life. I guess I have Obama to blame because if hadn't registered to vote(again for the very first time in my life) I wouldn't have gotten a jury summons and wasted an entire day. It went like this: my group of jurors were called last and my name was the third last to be called which mean I had to watch nearly 600 people(so said the bailiff) go before saying to myself all the while they'll call me next they'll call me next they'll… Continue

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They've gone paranoid!

Saturday night my dad and stepmother came up for a surprise visit. We went out to dinner. Towards the end of our meal I went to the bathroom, when I came back from the bathroom my husband had started a discussion on politics. Grrrr... I hadn't even been back for a minute before my Stepmother was spouting off some conspiracy theory about Obama being put through law school by the Iranians in order to infiltrate our government. She said that she thinks he's in league with the enemy and cried when… Continue

Added by Creature on November 17, 2008 at 4:16pm — 4 Comments

The Religious Corporation: Part 1


When trying to explain how religion came about, we must undoubtedly answer the question of it came together, since although human beings are social animals, the act of creating a stable institution is an extreme rarity. Consider how many cults come and go; obviously, even if there is a fundamental need to be religious, there must be some explanation as to why humans would continue to participate and develop their… Continue

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"Somebody Up There Loves Me!"

At 2:30 AM on Friday, I sat watching the TV, unable to turn it off and go to bed. Embers had been blown from a rapidly moving brush fire into a mobile home community in Sylmar, Ca., and now I was watching horrified as random homes in the densely populated park began to go up. As I watched, scared and frantic residents scrambled to get what few belongings they could and got out. The police and fire department, trying to prevent destruction were then quite literally chased out of the park by the… Continue

Added by Larry Huffman on November 17, 2008 at 1:55pm — 1 Comment

Artistically Stupid

My four year old daughter loves dinosaurs. I made the mistake of purchasing nearly the entire set of Land Before Time videos from a local thrift store and she has nearly worn them to ribbons. To compound that mistake, I bought each of the varied plastic dinosaurs offered up at the grocery store. It was a good thing they had their names stamped on their bellies because several I didn't know the names of and several others I had totally wrong. For months now, she has insisted they all come to bed… Continue

Added by Roger Rotge on November 17, 2008 at 9:06am — 4 Comments

[insert witty title here]

Well, this will actually be the second time I write this post. It didn't go through before, and I didn't notice and closed the window. Yay!

This post is going to be kind of rambly (rambly?), so if you have an issue with that, stop reading now.

I'm getting a new car. For free mind you. It's a 280Z I think. I can't remember. It's been sitting in a parking lot for over a year. The owner used to run the largest Z shop in the country apparently. He actually had a choice… Continue

Added by Patch on November 17, 2008 at 3:27am — 3 Comments

Phineas Gage and Psychopaths and Mom

I don't know why I allow this stuff to bother me but whatever, I do. At the same time that I wish I could shrug it off I feel like it would be morally wrong to be unbothered by stupidity.

Sitting around with my mom and she's flipping channels, falls on a few minutes of a show on an educational channel about the brains of psychopaths. They logically know what is right and wrong but are unable to feel what we would call a conscience because they lack communication between two parts of the… Continue

Added by Krista on November 16, 2008 at 7:52pm — 2 Comments

God's judgment

More reason to get rid of religion.

I have always stated that There are, in my view, no evidence that can solidly give the slights probability of the existence of a God. So the topic of this blog is in no way an endorsement of God.

I titled this blog God's judgment because all christian leaders, from what ever christian cult they are from, always often make the claim that they were chosen by God. However, it seems to me that God always chose individuals who mostly turning… Continue

Added by THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER on November 16, 2008 at 7:00pm — No Comments

The first really, really hard goodbye

by Dale McGowan

Author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion


"Daddy!! Something's wrong with Max!!" Erin's face was a mask of anguish. "He's making sounds I've never heard before...and he's laying wrong!"

Erin's guinea pig Max, the first pet that was all her own, was clearly not OK. The vet… Continue

Added by Dale McGowan on November 16, 2008 at 4:00pm — 1 Comment

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