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What should we be doing?

One thing that occurs to me about atheism (in at least an intellectual vacuum) is a pretty simple concept that doesn't take all that much thought, at least on its own (how much time does it take to process "I don't believe in a god", really?). A lot of us (myself included) thus spend time complaining more about how dumb, mean, or the like theists are. Podcasts/shows like The Atheist Experience spend a lot of time debating dogmatic demagogues of faith, but I'm not sure that's getting us… Continue

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Sunday, 14 September, 2008 21:37

Sunday, 14 September, 2008 21:37

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

walk into the sea;

or walk into the dessert...

no destination.

Beautiful night here... cool, clear sky, the wind has finally ceased, the moon is beautiful and so is Jupiter.

Again, all is almost right with the world for me... right now.

Until I start reading the news, of course. Which I am not going to do any more today, I've had enough.

I read about the train wreck in CA… Continue

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An Inconvenient Commandment

lie43092 One of the common worries I hear from religious commentators about nonreligious people is the absence of a solid, reliable, unchanging moral compass. Lacking that...why, folks could make up the rules as they go along.

I've written about this nonsense before ("The red herring of relativism," July 8, 2007), so I won't go too deep into the silly idea that moral relativism follows from the absence of religious… Continue

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How Science Shows That God Does Not Exist

Victor J. Stenger at MSCD

Victor J. Stenger, Author of the New York Times best seller "God: The Failed Hypothesis" will be speaking in the Turnhalle at the Tivoli on the Auraria campus on November 10th from 1:00-3:00pm. The address is 9000 Auraria Parkway, Denver Colorado, 80217. Check out the abstract of his talk and a short biography below.



Victor J. Stenger


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Holy Money

The Following is a great satire by my good friend and mentor Riki Mathews

O come all Ye faithful

Joyful and triumphant

O come Ye, O come Ye to the altar,

of the al mighty dollar

O come let us adore it

O come let us adore it

O come let us adore it

Money, and, Our Lord

Let me preach it, brothers and sisters! Are we losing our faith? Have we forgotten the power of our joint saviors so intertwined that we have stamped "In… Continue

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David Foster Wallace Dead.


David Foster Wallace, the novelist, essayist and humorist best known for his 1996 novel "Infinite Jest," was found dead Friday night at his home in Claremont, according to the Claremont Police Department. He was 46.

Jackie Morales, a records clerk at the department, said Wallace's wife called police at 9:30 p.m. Friday saying she had returned home to find…

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Saturday, 13 September, 2008 23:51

Saturday, 13 September, 2008 23:51

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

ultimately, love...

is ineffective against

guns, knives, fists and hate.

But it's all we have.

Sometimes haikus are too limiting... by usually that just means that it's not a good haiku... you just haven't thought enough, boiled it down, cared enough to do it right.

Sequential haikus are great, though, sometimes. Sarah wrote a wonderful one a coupla months ago where she reversed the… Continue

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On Pets and People

Like many Americans, I own pets. Yet I think I'm kind of a looney when it comes to my pets since I don't like the term "own'" for these little furry or scaley beings that share my home. Yeah, I paid money for them...But I think that term is a little insulting to the furry American that lives with me, rent free, in exchange for cuddles. I often find myself pondering our relationship and what it should be. Do any of you do this?

Before I get into my thought processes when pondering… Continue

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Why Atheism is the best way to live.

I have no need for religion and what it commands you to believe. Man created this and the myth is perpetuated by man. One must have independent thought and be honest with oneself, even if that leads us to face our deepest fears. For out of those fears we can be humbled and appreciate our existence.

By nature humans have a need to know the whose, whys, where’s and what’s of this fragile and confusing thing called living. We are fortunate to be here. From the billions who never make it… Continue

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Friday, 12 September, 2008 23:05

Friday, 12 September, 2008 23:05

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the winds of change blow

heedless of damage or death;

they just want to blow

Lotsa lotsa sleep!

It was wonderful, of course. almost twelve hours.

Strange, strange dream, though.

I was somewhere in downtown Topeka, conducting some shady business... don't know what, really, but I had a trench coat and hat on... and I was being very sneaky.

I was in an alley, and I… Continue

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Pagan's Retake Parthenon-Briefly

When I was a young student in school studying ancient mythology, I always loved the fanciful tales and colorful characters, but couldn’t help but wonder why we call ancient Roman and Greek religious practices mythology and ancient Christian practices religion. If Christianity had not had such a powerful or successful PR machine behind it, we might all still be praying to Athena and worshiping Zeus, and the world’s few remaining pagans might not… Continue

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Why are Americans so afraid of Science?

This is really a blog about blogs. ;) Okay, in my local paper, I posted a blog with this same title. You can see it here:

Not 24 hours later, I see this gem:

Needless to say, this got me a bit hot under the collar (and amused in an incredulous sort of sad way). I decided to give this particular theitard a list of the reasons the… Continue

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Best Practices 1: Feeling your pain

[First in a nine-part series on best practices for nonreligious parenting.]

"I feel your pain." --BILL CLINTON at a campaign rally in 1992

"We need to...pass along the value of empathy to our children. Not sympathy, but empathy – the ability to stand in somebody else’s shoes; to look at the world through their eyes."

--BARACK OBAMA in a speech on Father's Day 2008
In the Preface of… Continue

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Thursday, 11 September, 2008 20:17 Nilknarf Daily Haiku the winds of chance blow heedless of damage or death; they just want freedom. And the winds are going to blow in Texas tomorrow... it's going…

Thursday, 11 September, 2008 20:17

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the winds of chance blow

heedless of damage or death;

they just want freedom.

And the winds are going to blow in Texas tomorrow... it's going to be interesting for JD and Tyler and several million other people, I think.

I have not been able to connect with them today, the cell traffic is very dense, heh. JD tried calling me earlier, but I was busy, and calls back to both him and Tyler went… Continue

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Good laugh this morning..

My daughter made an observation this morning on the way to school.....

My son was standing in a puddle on a bump which gave the appearance of "walking on water", which he thought was cool. My daughter said "Well, in the winter the water freezes so we can all walk on in...take that Jesus!" It was just so casual and innocent that it was hilarious!! Having a laugh like that was a great start to the day. Ahh, kids.

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An argument

First, I'd like to give just a little detail about my background as a Christian. I was born and raised in the faith-cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. I really never took it all that seriously until I was about 17. Every JW is expected to evangelize from door to door. I started to take an interest in this and began doing this preaching work full-time. I believe that anyone who takes this preaching work seriously will inevitably come to a point where a conscious decision must be made. Either you… Continue

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Will Wright the Anti-Christ?

Really, words are unnecessary. Just click and see for yourself.

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Freedom of religion and Sept. 11th 2001

First in honor of this day I posted a rare recording of John F. Kennedy giving a speech to the press, in it he illuminates his all to revolutionary thoughts on Freedom and Democracy. It's sad that we lost such a great man, he certainly would have prevented many of the American atrocities that have happened since his assassination.

It has been my duty and privilege these last 8 years to engage in dialog with many people of various faiths and challenge their beliefs. As it's only… Continue

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Neece Update and Request for xmas Company Advice

Hey everyone! How are you!?

Well, I survived my company. Barely. It was a near thing. They are expecting to return for xmas and have xmas dinner at my house.

I'm more than willing to take ideas for how to tell them they can't use our house as a hotel whenever they like. They are catholics. They are the most wasteful, vain, shallow people. They are selfish and self centered. And if they come to visit for the holidays, I think I will go ballistic.

Any suggestions? Please… Continue

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Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 02:18

Wednesday, 10 September, 2008 02:18

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

infinity is

so far... but the real world is

around the corner.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) was turned on 18 minutes ago, and I'm still here... and so, presumably, are you.

So, we can start the day off on a happy, happy note! We. Are. SURVIVORS!

Fascinating shit, really. Physics... not just for the alimentary canal any more!

There is, however, a lot of… Continue

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