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Not sure how I'm going to use this blog feature. I suspect that it'll just be too hard to do my main blog and keep this one up to date as well, but I'll have a bash.

In the meantime, my main blog is here: Dikkii's Diatribe

And we'll see if that's that.

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Sunday, 19 October, 2008 21:27:

Sunday, 19 October, 2008 21:27:

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

Jazz music, I love...

I just wish that I could do it,

and bring you pleasure.

Heh, you thought yesterdays' entry was short and non-informative, todays' is more so.

And no fancy shit like spell-chesking, either.

Verrrrrrry crummy night... bowel problems, 'nuff said.

Lana was not feeling well today either... allergies.

I started feeling better in the afternoon, and… Continue

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Mercy Ministries and False DMCA claims

It seems Mercy Ministries itself started a Youtube account precisely so it could retrospectively back up its false DMCA claims( ok this is speculative but Mercy watchers have been on the ball so far).

The wise and all powerful Thunderfoot has commented on their silly attempts here

How do the young ones say?

EPIC FAIL Mercy Ministries

I encourage you all to make a comment

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Try for quiet

My brain doesn't work very well without certain amounts of quiet and solitude. As a SAHM, I do not frequently get time to take away from family responsibilities. The only time that I really get an opportunity to think without interruption is when I go swimming.

I haven't been able to go for a while because of an ankle injury I managed to inflict on myself while gardening this summer. Yeah, gardening. Shovel+border removal = fall down go crunch OW ow Ow that fucking hurts! I don't… Continue

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Saturday, 18 October, 2008 23:31

Saturday, 18 October, 2008 23:31

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

Jazz music, I love...

I just wish that I could do it,

and bring you pleasure.

Hard to say much about today... it was very cool this morning, but sunny and exceedingly atumnal this afternoon.

I got up realatively early, went to Walgreens to pick up drugs and then picked up/cleaned the house a little, did a little laundry.

Lana came over about 18:00 and we had some chili and watched a… Continue

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15 words that certainly should never be used by free thinkers

There are certain words that should be avoided by atheists, rationalists and free thinkers in their writings and conversations. They can, however, be frequently found in the writings of theists, the irrational and those who prefer not to think. (Yes, the headline was meant to be ironic and sarcastic.)

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive list. I’m simply suggesting the most common words I encounter in religious and philosophical discussions. They reflect a certainty about reality… Continue

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Student accuses teacher of being a witch and tries to set her on fire

More reason to get rid of religion:

A 20-year-old man by the name of Darin Najor of Ferndaleis is facing an assault charge after allegedly accusing his English literature teacher of being a witch and then pouring liquid on her. The man also threatened the teacher with a cigarette lighter and cigarette.

There is no doubt that this guy is insane, or I should say "out-sane"; however, his insanity is not isolated, but, in my view, comes from a deep sense of religious… Continue

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My Prosecution Will Bring About The End Of The World Says "Self-Proclaimed Messiah"

More reason to get rid of religion:

A self-proclaimed messiah is accused of molesting children whom he says he was only "healing".

According to the news report the Self-proclaimed messiah, whose name is Wayne Bent 'is awaiting trial in Union County after he was accused of lying naked with underage nude girls. One of them says Bent kissed her on the lips and breasts. Bent says the encounter was a religious experience, not a sexual one'. Really!!

More… Continue

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Holy Mary, Mother Of God, Pray For Our Siners Now

More reason to get rid of religion

A Roman Catholic woman name Gianna Sullivan claimed to have be been in contact with the Virgin Mary, who gave her messages to dis pus to the world. According to Gianna's Foundation, "The Foundation Of The Sorrowful And Immaculate Heart Of Mary", 'Since beginning in July, 1988, Gianna has received the weekly public MESSAGES to the world from Our Lady, the Blessed Virgin Mary; and these MESSAGES have been recorded in all 6 volumes of I am your… Continue

Added by THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER on October 18, 2008 at 3:54pm — No Comments

Pastor Say His Marriage To A 10-Year- Old Child Is Legal

More reasons to Get rid of religion:

A self-proclaimed pastor who argued his sexual relations with an underage girl were legal because he married her in the church that he invented when she was 10, has been found guilty of sexual assault of a minor.
More here

Added by THE GRENADIAN FREETHINKER on October 18, 2008 at 3:50pm — No Comments

Is Religion Dangerous?

, Bill Maher's cinematic jab at berserk religious beliefs, has sparked anew the debate about religion's role in society. Maher's approach is to highlight the crazy outcomes of religious irrationality. However, in order to make a funny film, Maher has sidestepped the primary risk associated with theistic… Continue

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AC/DC? Mercy Me!

I might have been 15 when AC/DC became popular in the San Francisco area. I was a born again Christian, and they scared the crap out of me back then. Every stoner in town (which was practically every guy in my high school) blasted their satanic message out of his cassete player over the roar of his open headers as he jammed through town and out into the countryside. They toured out here and played at this mega-concert called the "Day on the Green" at this coloseum in Oakland, I think. I might… Continue

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Friday, 17 October, 2008 22:20

Friday, 17 October, 2008 22:20

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

damn, oblate, oblate

the moon, the weird description...

displays many quirks.

Letter: We can heed lesson

The Capital-Journal

Published Monday, October 13, 2008

People can get smarter, sometimes even congresspeople.

I admire Nancy Boyda's take on the bailout: "He's trying to ram it through with little debate by sowing fear and anxiety. I don't like those tactics, and I… Continue

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sam harris on sarah palin

Added by markystar on October 17, 2008 at 6:12pm — 2 Comments

Thursday, 16 October, 2008 20:45

Thursday, 16 October, 2008 20:45

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the things you don't know

they may or may not kill you;

some make you happy.

wELL, MY "HEALTHY" dose of cough syrup may have been too much... I couldn't get up for my dentist appointment today.

Nor could I waken for the numerous phone calls... I was aware of the phone ringing, but that's about it.

I think that I hit the snooze once, and then turned the damned alarm clock… Continue

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Pascal's Wager (A tired argument)

I know that most atheists are simply sick of this argument, but I need to address it briefly in my book so that the pseudo-debate can be quickly discarded with the rest of the rubbish. I'm trying to put my own personal spin on it here, so let me know what you think (any feedback is appreciated).

Belief as a Safety Net

A popular argument among Christians is that it's better to believe in god "just in case" such a character exists. If you believe & you’re wrong, there's… Continue

Added by Rodoso on October 16, 2008 at 7:30pm — 2 Comments

What Is A Scientist, A True Scientist?


This question about scientists arises whenever there are people hoping to claim that science and religion can be compatible. Most such commentators get the matter entirely wrong.

Obviously to start with, a minimum requirement is that for somebody to be considered as even a candidate to be a scientist he or she must have had adequate scientific training OR scientific experience to a suitably high level maintained for a… Continue

Added by Dr. Terence Meaden on October 15, 2008 at 5:30pm — No Comments

The white-bearded red herring...or YES, I'm talking to YOU, Lisa Miller

by Dale McGowan

Author/editor of Parenting Beyond Belief: On Raising Ethical, Caring Kids Without Religion

pythongod340909 The world is full of ignorant nonsense, and that's okay. Well, it's not okay, but it seems to be part of the unavoidable deal, what with unequal access to education and a thousand other things. What I've had quite enough of is ignorant nonsense from people who really have no… Continue

Added by Dale McGowan on October 14, 2008 at 11:30am — 1 Comment

Abortion and little brothers

I just love this place because it gives me somewhere to post about what I have to deal with in my family. My brother who is younger than me by two years posted the following in his facebook along with a really gruesome picture of a bloody, fully formed baby. I posted a calm comment on it, ending in 'I love you!' but really I was nearly shaking with disgust. I would like to educate him on the… Continue

Added by Krista on October 13, 2008 at 7:21pm — 3 Comments

Calling All Bloggers!

If anyone is interested in doing a guest post on my blog, - please contact me. I've got a great set of debates going on my site, and will also have several religious folks posting their views. The hope is that by inviting participation by all types, the debate will cover a great deal of philosophical ground. Maybe some minds will be changed, if only in small ways. I think the defense of Reason within the competitive marketplace of ideas is essential.… Continue

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