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Obama Too Cool?

Now I've heard everything. This...this is just ridiculous.

DUNEDIN, Fla. — Where many politicians would have aspired to show anger, Senator Barack Obama spoke in a soft, even tone as he reached the crescendo of his speech Wednesday about government mismanagement of the economy...

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Artificial Intelligence

If the intelligence of the human mind is the product of the a physical mind, and thusly its actions dictated by physical laws, then it is reasonable to conclude that an artificial mind of equal physical capacity would be necessarily intelligent. This is the principle of multiple realizability (1). For any process that produces an affect, there is no reason to assume that said process is the only means of producing the very same affect. That a form produces or infers a specific action does not… Continue

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Critiquing Descartes

When Descartes investigated the implications of skepticism, i.e., that because we can cast doubt on any supposition, we can never be certain that our supposition is correct, he proposed that doubting ones own existence necessarily affirms it and, thus, of at least one thing a person can be certain beyond any doubt; that they exist. In order for an entity doubt anything at all, even that it exist, it must first exist to do so. Descartes proposal is immune to the skeptics doubt because the very… Continue

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Dualism Blurb

I wrote this for my introduction to philosophy class.

According to dualism, the mind can exist separately of the body and is not dependent upon the body to exist. The body is a physical entity that exists wholly in the material world. The mind, though, is analogous to the soul or the conscious and, unlike eating or breathing, is not considered a function of the physical form.

Descartes’ believed that our idea of perfection, which he assumed does not exist in the real… Continue

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The mind-body problem

The mind-body problem deals with questions about the nature of the mind and how it is related to the physical world. Questions as to whether the mind is immaterial and distinct from the physical or an emergent property of a physical reality are of primary interest to the mind-body problem. I am of the opinion that the mind is an emergent property of a physical reality. Physical, in the context of this discussion, would include all forms of matter, energy, and the laws by which they… Continue

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Thursday, 25 September, 2008 18:38

Thursday, 25 September, 2008 18:38

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the days... blank pages;

to be writ boldly or not...

but they must be writ.

No new haiku, and almost no entry....

The meds are pretty much kicking my ass, but doing their job, I think.

The back is much better, hasn't grabbed me but once today... and it's way too early for the pneumonia to be getting better, of course.

I woke up about 06"30 today, then snugly dozed off… Continue

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David Grinspoon: The Science and The Hype

This October 23rd from 3 to 5 pm, Metro State Atheists will be hosting a lecture by David Grinspoon, author of “Lonely Planets” and curator of astrobiology at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, entitled “The Science and the Hype: Why Denver Doesn’t eed an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commision.”. Lucia Guatney, author of the popular blog “Splendid Elles”, will be presenting Grinspoon.

Auraria Campus, North Classroom
9000 Auraria Parkway
Denver, CO, 80217

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Drugs are bad...m'kay?

mkay329881 I had an unusual interview two weeks ago.

I sleep through most media interviews now, since the questions tend to be the same, and in about the same order: Tell me a little about your book, Why do nonreligious parents need their own separate resource, How do you deal with moral development, How can you help kids deal with death without an afterlife, Isn't it important to believe in something greater than ourselves, Before I know it, I'm being thanked for a… Continue

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Girls Can Marry At 9 say Fatwa From Morocco

More reasons to get rid of religion.

In Morocco a Salafi preacher name Mohamed Al-Maghrawi issued a "Fatwa" that permits girls 9-years-old to marry.

Interisting, why is the "Fatwa" or the author of the "Fatwa" saying that they 'permits' these babies to marry. You can't permit a baby to marry. A 9-year-old have no idea of what marriage is and mean. How do you let these babies know that you gave them the permission to marry? Do you go to them saying here is the "Fatwa" we… Continue

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Smell the flowers

A slow day yesterday for deep thinking, so I'll just have to dredge up an old favorite my wife is tired of hearing about.

Imagine a race of alien creatures from a far off planet. These creatures have a very different evolutionary past than humans. By chance, one of their cultural quirks is to give gifts to of unusual items to someone they would like to mate with. This space faring group routinely combs the stars and the planets around them looking for aesthetically pleasing… Continue

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The Problem With Prayer


One of the most common beliefs found throughout the various theistic faiths, is that of prayer being a useful tool to communicate with ones deity. Some theists such as Muslims will pray many times a day, while others pray only when some type of tragedy befalls upon them creating a need for "divine intervention." Regardless of how often people pray they all are equally deluded into believing that such actions produce some type of positive results. I can already… Continue

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Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 19:58

Wednesday, 24 September, 2008 19:58

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

the days... blank pages;

to be writ boldly or not...

but they must be writ.


It has been a day, certainly. It didn't begin until about 12:30.

Crummy sleep, as usual, but besides the cough, the back problems make it even harder to sleep comfortably.

I've got a lot to… Continue

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Red light epiphany

At the corner of 3406 and Inner Loop here in Georgetown, there is a four-way traffic light. I pass it twice everyday. I head west going to work in the morning, and east to go home. Last night, I had an epiphany. The light was set about a month ago to allow traffic in only one direction at a time. When one direction is green, the other three are red. The eastbound light has a sensor under a white stripe in the road practically in the intersection. Cars stop well before the stripe on the… Continue

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Children should be taught about creationism in school, top scientist says

Creationism is a religious belief and should be kept out of our schools, I say. Stupid Scientist:

According to a top British scientist, Professor Michael Reiss, director of Education for the Royal Society said that

'Children should be taught about Creationism in school biology lessons'

Why does the Professor think teaching a Biblical belief in school to your children is a good idea, because, he said

More… Continue

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New faith throws out the Ten Commandments

Religion is arguable the institution among us that that is responsible for the most bloodshed on our planet. With the creation of religion, man, in my view, have become more enemies to towards each other than ever. Religion have make us more ignorant and stupid. Religion turn us into pointless killers. Killing in the name of some God we can not see, will never see and who don't exist.

Yet we have people who kept trying to give us more of this bullshit thing call Religion.

More… Continue

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Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 21:11

Tuesday, 23 September, 2008 21:11

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

shit happens often;

if we are ready or not....

we are not boy scouts.

Eh, where to start with the bad news...

I'll just lay it all out in chrono order.

Kim lost her house. Not sure of the details. That's two out of the three houses for her kids that Karen financed with our money.

I felt a little creaky getting out of bed today, and then when I went to take a shower I… Continue

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Stupid wins out?

After the debacle Saturday, I began to wonder. Why do ignorant people seem to do better in life than intelligent people? I read that people that take larger risks, on average, reap larger rewards. The article was referring to the game show “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” The author was noting that contestants rarely went for the million dollars and therefore very few ever received it. If the real world is this way, then the most successful people should be the ones that take the most risks. I… Continue

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A Yale Jr. Prof Reviews THE GOD DELUSION

If you've read this book, I'd sure love to have any of you visit my blog to read the latest guest post by Neil Shenvi. Neil received his PhD from Berkeley and is now at Yale University doing research & teaching Theoretical Physical Chemistry.

Neil's review is the front page topic on - check it out!! It would be great to have a few atheist/agnostic responses.

Ben Barnett

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Monday, 22 September, 2008 22:49

Monday, 22 September, 2008 22:49

Nilknarf Daily Haiku

Monday Monday hah!

Means nothing to me anymore!

Neither does Friday....

First, my response to a blogger who thinks that Obama is a non-patriotic Muslim:

People who look at all sides of the questions... question their sources. It appears that you haven't done that. And I find that it's strange for anyone who has a memory before 8/11 can look at America today and say, "Ooooo! It's so much better… Continue

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Water Powered Car?

On Monday, September 8, 2008, a Ford mini-van was towed into the dealership where I work and I was delighted. It was the first vehicle I have seen in two years that advertised it was water powered.

I have some familiarity with "water powered" cars since I initially choose that to be my seventh grade science project. I submitted building a car that runs on water. Coach Jones said no.

I settled with using a 5 quart ice cream bucket filled with water and two metal plates… Continue

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