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A small compilation of answers to discussion about difference between "born-atheists" and "atheists-by-"conversion" "

To start with: as you may have noticed I used the word "conversion" within quote marks. That means I use the word in the exact mode. To convert means to change to a different system, from centimetres to inches, Celsius to Fahrenheit, no more, no less. No values attached,,,

I compiled some replies and noticed 2 strains of answers.

1. About life-experience: the people that "converted" to atheism have "more" of something...

- "Those who convert or lose faith are… Continue

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I'm stuck!

So, we're reading Susan Jacoby's book on American Secularism in my book club. We started to discuss it last week, but mostly wandered around during the discussion on other topics related to atheism. It was a serious and very productive beginning discussion, but we didn't spend much actual time discussing the basis of American secularism or much that was in the book (it didn't help that most of us hadn't finished it, but it was announced on short notice) (not that I mind that, we still had, I… Continue

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Always learning, but at my age I forget most of it. Shame really.

I can't help wondering how sites like this, being available to the young, are going to change society. Will they change it fast enough to save us? Will I live long enough to see major changes?

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I had to...Goodnight All.

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Fervor, or madness?

I don't know if any of you have seen the via crucis event that takes place at Iztapalapa, here in Mexico City. Every easter they make one spectacular reenactment of the crucifiction of Christ along with the events leading to it. And I really mean spectacular. I really cannot understand how they can pour such obscene amounts of money and effort into it, when parts of Iztapalapa (one of the worst boroughs in MX City) can go for months without running water. Is it really that much important to… Continue

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Since my main blog is outside AN and it has a serious reflective tone, I thought I'd use this space here for pictures I run across and find funny, cheeky, or downright in bad taste. Maybe I'll throw in a quick rant or two.…

Atheist Continue

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This way to my REAL blog

I won't likely be posting to this blog as I maintain one already at

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Blog Post

I wish I had superpowers and that my car was an autobot.

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Introducing Charles Volpe: Facebook Idiot.

I admit to often being on Facebook. I have friends and family everywhere--in fact, it's safe to say that there are more far away than near me--and this has been the best way for me to keep track of them and vice versa. I try to keep it to people I actually know, with just a handful I don't really, mostly for fun (I do have Jesus Sonofgod and The Prophet Mohammad on my list). Now and then, though, I am approached by some complete stranger. Every time...every single's been for… Continue

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What a genius.

In school today, a christian fundie guy came up to me, knowing I'm an atheist, and said "You're doing Satan's work"

I tried to laugh it off, saying I don't believe in satan (duh), he does not exist.

Then he said "You might not believe in Satan, but Satan believes in you!"

And he walked off, proud of how he had "scared" me.

Added by Sidhant on July 10, 2008 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments Clickable link formats don't work here. So I have to pos…

Clickable link formats don't work here. So I have to post the url.
My take on the Atheist Nexus issue. Let's not shoot ourselves in the feet as we human cats are so ready to do whether, or not the jury is in. Continue

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Atheist Nexus a Sham?

What a roller coaster of a ride it's been!


When I first heard about the Atheist Nexus a few days ago, I thought it a brilliant idea. The fact that over 1,000 people signed up in just a few days points out that this was something needed.

Then, this morning, a revelation is posted in the forum that there is a christian site sharing fax and telephone numbers... then the finding of a prayer being submitted by the administrator just a few months ago... shortly… Continue

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Here I am.

Nice to meet everyone. I'm glad to have this site for a bit of venting and a bit of real non-theist community. Not that other places aren't just as nice, but this feels a little bit safer than saying these things on MySpace or one of the other more public blog spots. I used to have a journal online (before it got termed blogging) that I tediously updated, but I dropped the account a while back, and they finally got around to purging it last year. Not that it would make entertaining reading, as… Continue

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George W Bush Sewage Plant

Ah, morning. Wake up, stumble around the apartment, feed the cat, get the coffee, sit down...whaddaya need? Sometimes I need a good laugh, but don't often get it. I'm usually bombarded with things like natural disasters, tragic shooting deaths, my candidate morphing into a conservative, and Atheist Nexus being a Christian sham. But today, we have been provided ample belly-laughs… Continue

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First of Many

Well, this is my first blog post to this particular site.

I have a somewhat minor journal thingy at LiveJournal, but a more official blog on blogger. Might as well add this one to the list.

I don't know what else to say in this that you can't already read in my "About Me" thing on my homepage here.

I'm a 21-year old college student who is just now entering his "rebellious teen" stage, but my atheism is separate from that. The whole godlessness thing was a… Continue

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Evolution For Everyone

"Consider the way that knowledge is organized at institutions of higher education. My university, like most others, includes a College of Arts and Sciences that is divided into a number of divisions. The Division of Science and Mathematics includes physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and one human-related department-psychology. The Division of Social Sciences includes anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and sociology. These human-related subjects are often… Continue

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Where can I find more by this Ingenious sloth?

I have a blog elsewhere, as does everyone else here apparently, and you can find my ramblings there. Be warned that my blog isn't just about atheism, you never know when the mood will strike me to remark on politics, philosophy, writing, and goofy pictures. The blog is call Apple of Doubt a unique little moniker I chose in homage to the apple of wisdom. I blog to think out loud so don't go there expecting professional journalism or a good… Continue

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My blog

Since I already have one that works good for me I'll just link to it from here:

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Where I Blog:

Hi. I blog on blogger under Luke the atheist.

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I wish there was a way to import my external blog. I have a blog elsewhere on the internet, and I don't want to duplicate it here. I would rather have its entries automatically show up in this space.

I wish there was a way to import my external blog. I have a blog elsewhere on the internet, and I don't want to duplicate it here. I would rather have its entries automatically show up in this space. Continue

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