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Becoming an Atheist Activist

Let me start by saying one thing: I've always been an Atheist. I was born an Atheist (as everyone did) and my parents Catholicism just never took with me.  In the third grade, I came across a definition of Atheism in the dictionary at my parochial grade school and it changed my life forever (this story also includes my friend Bill and I discovering the definition of "Fart" in the same dictionary).  For the first time I had a title for what I felt beyond simply "Different."  Throughout my…


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New Novel tackles Gay Suicide in Catholic schools! & it is awesome!

Hey folks,

This is going to be more of a review than my usual blogs that are all about me! Canadian writer Suzette Mayr just published a novel called "Monoceros." It explores the impact of a gay teen's suicide on the people in his life - people mostly peripheral to his life. It is extremely well written. In only the first 80 pages I both laughed out loud and cried - a bit problematic since I've mostly been reading it during downtime at work!  The author knows whereof she speaks,…


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Atheist Revolution: Be an Atheist Activist in 30 Minutes a Week

A per usual, vjack over at Atheist Revolution has an excellent post on how you can be an Atheist Activist with minimal effort. While we can always strive to put more time in than 30 minutes a week, this post lays out a fantastic starting plan! This is the least we can do and very doable and effective. Cheers vjack!

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Call to Action: Them This Guy What You Think.

We, as atheists, are opinionated, if nothing else. Here's a guy who thinks we should just sit down and shut up when it comes to the DNC's decision to hold an interfaith service for the upcoming convention. If we don't hold our tongues and sit on our hands, we are 'militant.'

What do you have to do? Just swing on by… Continue

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Effective Atheist Activism

From Wrong in Their Mind Tanks (note: links to Atheist Revolution on blog):

This morning, vjack over at Atheist Revolution posted an interesting question regarding the possibility, or consideration, of picketing. I responded in my usual long-winded manner, but then upon posting, I realized I had more to say. So, rather than double post, I'll blather on here (that's what blogs are… Continue

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