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Intelligent Design

Yes it has happened. There is proof that there is Intelligent Design. Don't worry the mythological faither god didn't do it. this is a site supported by University of Washington They have created a game to fold Amino Acids. The process is you get an Amino Acid then you help figure out how to fold it up as compact as possible. This is the beginning process of creating life. Oh the intelligence is human nothing supernatural.

There is…


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Chapter Eleven; MORALITY AND MANKIND part forty-one

While it it's not as big issue using some of the moral teachings of the

Bible to guide your life, it is nothing but a delusion to believe the

stories of the Old and New Testament are based upon reality and science.

I may not be able to convince the devout followers to abandon their

faith in the fairy stories of the ancients and become and atheist as I

am but I may be able to convince some moderate followers to see the

wonders of nature and live their life for what… Continue

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God In Chaos; Chapter Nine; THE INTELEGENT DESIGN VIEW OF EVOLUTION part thirty-eight

When addressing some of the issues of the fundamentalist view of evolution

it is important to identify some key words that they use to try to

vilify reasonable scientists and educated people that understand the

concepts of evolution and natural selection. From the way the word

is used by the intelligent design side it seems that the word

“Darwinism” is meant to describe the “believers” in the

Theory of Evolution to make it seem more like a radical belief… Continue

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The Next ORIGIN: Synthetic Genomics / Bio-Engineering; Edge Master-Class, featuring George Church and Craig Venter.

I'm cross-posting this in my blog from the ORIGINS group because I want to try to make sure as many people get to see this as possible.

Edge Master Class 2009

These videos are all embedded so the best I can do is link you to the page where they can be viewed.

These are a series of 6 lectures on the current* state of synthetic genomics (5 by Church, 1 by Venter) given to an… Continue

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Found in translation

Found in Translation

By Lance Gritton M.A. Ed

DNA! DNA! I’m sick about hearing about DNA. Did you know that in many court cases, if you don’t have DNA evidence, the whole trial could be in doubt? Prosecutors have a name for this. It’s called the CSI effect named after the popular TV series. Jurors expect all trials to have some black and white evidence in the form of DNA. While DNA has the ability to put a person at a crime (or not) scene, and it also contains all the… Continue

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