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Mowing the Lawn; Some Thoughts About the Conflict in Gaza

On occasion we come up with a term or an expression to describe some geopolitical reality, it makes it's way around the news, maybe even history books, and somehow seemingly without anyone actually taking the time to think tangibly about the implications, the phrase has been inducted into our collective consciousness - now it's normal, like peanut butter and jelly.

I've always thought of nuclear deterrence or Mutually Assured Destruction in this way. How do such sane…


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The Palestinian Problem

I received (elsewhere) a reply to a post in which I provided a Pat Condell video and transcript which had nothing to do with the "Palestinian Problem".  I received the following reply (edited for grammar):

I also was subscribed to Pat Condell’s YouTube channel but just was shocked and couldn’t agree with  his views on Israel.  I really don't see how anyone who often goes on about human rights can talk as if Israel can do no wrong – AND he gets the real news on the matter…


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Physicalism vs. Dualism: An Idiotic Case Study

[Cross-posted from the Teapot Atheist]

With possibly a few very odd exceptions, opinions about the relationship between the mind and the brain come in two flavors. One, called dualism, holds that, despite the unusual correlation between brain injuries and mental impairments, the unusual correlation between active brains and active minds, the unusual correlation between… Continue

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The Jews and the reaction to the Flotilla attack

From Su Nombre en Vano

I don't write much about the Jews. This is mostly because either Christianity or Islam commit more atrocities and make their nonsense more obvious to the world. Which doesn't mean that the Jewish people are not guilty of anything, but in those cases, there is a huge percentage of the population (especially liberals) that will "stand for Palestine" and criticize Israel. Finally, I have to admit I don't know… Continue

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Hard-line Israelis have secularism under siege

Another example of why atheists should care so much about the religious. It is because they have a tendency to do things like this:

An ultra-Orthodox Jew burns garbage in Jerusalem's Mea Shearim neighbourhood on July 16, during a protest against the arrest of an Orthodox woman on suspicion of starving her three-year-old child. Patrick Martin examines how the growth of ultra-Orthodox Jewish communities has led to violent clashes and the encroachment of religion on…

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