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Kasese floods article

Dear friends on Atheist Nexus, 

I just want to share with you some news happening in my community concerning a disaster of floods that rocked the  region where all the rivers originating from Mount Rwenzori are causing destruction of life, property, farm land, breakage of bridges  and closure of Kilembe Mines Hospital.

More information can  be read on my friends blog …


Added by Bwambale Robert on May 11, 2013 at 2:27pm — 2 Comments

"Gut Feeling" or "Intuition" is a well developed open-minded connection with one's subconscious, the "God" experience

I don't believe that "Gut Feeling" is exclusively highly developed among persons without a formal education in science. There are many examples of self-educated persons who have a highly developed sense of direction that is not consciously derived.  In fact, I think a person educated in science, who is also a free thinker, will have an even higher developed and more sharpened "Gut Feeling".  The label may be the more eloquent "Intuition" or "ESP".  

In the same way that you may…


Added by Paul B. Claeyssens on April 8, 2013 at 6:30am — 7 Comments

Latest update on the KUHA School Project

Hello my friends,

All is going on at Kasese Humanist Primary school, now in its second year of operation. We expect to have our P.7 Children sit for their Primary Leaving Examinations scheduled for 5th & 6th November.

Many thanks goes to the generous support received from organizations and individuals all over world most especially All child sponsors, The Godless Poutine, Atheist alliance International ,Swin burne University and Foundation beyond Belief.

Our school…


Added by Bwambale Robert on October 17, 2012 at 1:46am — No Comments

A treatise on the nature of human nature.

Nature: red in tooth and claw. The ceaseless fighting and courting must go on for ever. There will never be a victor. We are merely animals. We fight, but over silly novelities and tribulations. When did we become so pathetic?

Why can't we love with the fullness of our hearts and ply with the strength of all our muscles? We love - as any animal does - and yet we feel human love to be something special; something spiritual. We see with oft pessimistic and pejorative eyes and yet we… Continue

Added by Robert Head on August 24, 2009 at 6:12pm — No Comments

On nature.

Since the dawn of human evolution, we've been growing distinctly separate from nature; we've developed consciousness. Where most animals have no sense of inward reflection and just are, we somehow see our lives to be purposeful and meaningful. This is the curse of consciousness.

Around 10,000 years BC we mastered agriculture and we've been wielding fire now for around 500,000 years - whether or not we've always been able to create fire or whether our earliest ancestors merely carried… Continue

Added by Robert Head on August 22, 2009 at 12:00pm — No Comments

My Music & Slideshow Webpages

I create webpages using music and slideshow imagery, such as "The Other Side", with music by Steve Roach and my own "C.R.O.N.O.graphs" (Contrived Reflections Of Natural Objects).


Added by Paxdora Kosmosian on November 15, 2008 at 11:00am — No Comments

God takes credit for Mother Nature

I’m aggravated with people (creationists) giving “God” all the credit all the time for everything that they find good, beautiful, and right, in their lives. This man-made “God” gets all of the credit that should go to Nature. People need to respect Nature, the Universe, not God. If people don’t take care of our only known livable planet, it will die, and us along with it. Admit it; there is and will be no God to save us when we have destroyed the planet and all of its resources. I’m sure the… Continue

Added by TJMorgan on October 2, 2008 at 9:30am — 3 Comments

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