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Atheism vs Agnosticism

I came up with a very long post for another reason. Since I'm happy with how it turned out I thought I should post it here. It was in response to someone misusing the term agnostic, and was insisting that a lack of beliefs is agnosticism and that atheism is the positive belief that no gods exist. The person was also using agnosticism to mean that we currently don't have enough knowledge about gods but that we may one day have enough knowledge and rejecting the notion that knowledge of…


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I propose The Apologist's Dilemma

I don't know if something like this already exists, but I'd like to propose an idea I had I call The Apologist's Dilemma. This was partially inspired by the youtube video Putting faith in its place by QualiaSoup.

All the Apologist's Dilemma really boils down to is you can't lie or cheat in a theological debate, referring to two specific lies that are almost universally found at the core of apologist arguments. These are:

A) No amount of invalid arguments will…


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