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Axiological atheism an argument for atheism

Anthropocentric argument for atheism:

Axiological (or constructive) atheism favors humanity as the absolute source of ethics and values, and permits individuals to resolve moral problems without resorting to gOD. Marx, Nietzsche, Sartre and Freud all used this argument to some extent to convey messages of liberation, full-development, and unfettered happiness.

(This quote is taken from: Atheism - By Branch / Doctrine - The Basics of Philosophy)…


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Axiological atheism unsympathetic toward gODs.

Axiological atheism takes a very strong and not particularly sympathetic line toward gODs. Axiological atheism goes beyond the daunting dictum that "gOD is dead" to add "And good riddance too." Axiological atheism stance is that of the person who says " I just can't think of any sort of being worthy of the name of gOD whose existence I would be prepared to welcome."

(This quote is taken from the pro-religion book: "Issues in the Philosophy of Religion")

Axiological atheism does…


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A Child Asks About gOD?

What do you do as an atheist when a child asks about gOD?


I think authenticity with children is best, just like all people. I see this the same as when a child asks about gay. 


What I do is simply say what I think not that it is how everyone else sees things. I am a more extreme atheist then most atheists and I tell them that to. I say I am atheist reject all gods as fake and reject all religions as untrue as well. I say this is only how I see it others are…


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I reject reading the bible makes atheists

I hear the beloved atheist saying again and again, "you just have to read the bible to become an atheist" or some version of that saying. If this where true we would already have less Christianity for even though lots of Christians don't read the bible all the way, lots do and justify all manner of illogic, injustice, insanity, violence, rape, slavery and murder. Likewise I don't value this saying much because I think lacks universal truth. I can agree it could help some thinking Christians…


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The Bible Should Not be Tossed Aside Lightly.

The bible is not a book that should be tossed aside lightly. It should with the respect deserved be powerfully thrown into the garbage with the greatest intentions. I did this very thing to the expensive onion paged leather bound gold embroidered bible I once so proudly clutched with all my life as a Christian until going to college and seeing the light in 2006. Long live reason and evidence. People can get or keep a bible if they wish. I never will do so or any other holy book. If I want to…


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Axiological Atheism and the call of Hope

Axiological atheism spread the call of hope not just hate of Religion.

Axiological atheism should spread the call of hope and self-enlightenment, not just hate of religion and its evil monster myth gods.

A dark room is only scary until you turn on the light. So when we let our dark thoughts out in the light, we may see there is not so much reason to fear…

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Axiological Atheists uses axiology a value theory

I am a axiological atheist and axiology is a kind of value theory it can be thought of as a positive leaning ethical way of evaluation and assessing value. Put simply it sees greater or lesser value in everything. It can be thought of as a kind of humanism. In this way it is not nihilistic as some thinking in atheism can at times tend to be. So axiologically humanist atheism is preferable over nihilist atheism. To grasp why this matters one need remember…


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The Religious Usurping Of Your Humanity

Nelson Mandela once said,”To deny people their rights is to challenge their very humanity.” Granted, he was referring to the hard to imagine reality of South Africa’s apartheid crisis, but his message can easily be projected onto many cultural crises in the world today.

I have always been keenly aware…


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Atheist organizing this week

I just got home from the atheist backyard barbecue which was pretty much like any sort of similar event. You see who is talking about something you would enjoy discussing and you join in. Things were very tough this weekend because my allergies bothered me the whole time up until this afternoon when Lizzy got me some eye drops. She also got me some stuff to replace the meds I had taken. Stuff that just wasn't working

I had planned on going to a few more things this weekend but they…


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Godwinks or Hoodwinked?

Have you heard about Godwinks yet?

They are new in the “feel good” style media line up lately. I was introduced to these once a month motivational segments while at work the other morning when one of our clerks went on her break, tuning in to the ever popular wine drinking duo of Kathy Lee and Hoda on the Today show. This…


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Spiritual Eugenics Really Are A Thing

My eldest son and I were making the daily commute to school this past week, and we ended up on the discussion of extending human life to hundreds of years. He’d overheard a news article about slowing down the aging process, which got him thinking. Naturally, I’m somewhat against extending human…


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Trial and Error Isn't All That Complicated

"You're an atheist. How can you know right from wrong then if you don't have God to show you?"

I was asked this by a representative of a local Catholic church at a community small business event last night. You know the type of event, where the businesses stay open extra late and let…


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The Padded Cell Of Apologetics

Friend of mine (M. Penn) brought up his increasing frustration with how easily the religious swallow ridiculous doctrine and unhesitatingly apply it to everyday life. He cannot stand how easy it is to live with a mind so warped that even the word "the" might mean that the End of Days will happen by noon time after…


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Self-Management & Recovery Training: A SMART Humanistic Approach to Addiction Recovery

The May-June issue of The Humanist includes a few pieces on a secular alternative to Alcoholics Anonymous, which has recently been exposed as an inefficient system of recovery that's only supported with public funds because it's filled with religious propaganda.

In the editor's note for the issue, Jennifer Bardi…


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Radio Show

The Garin Hoover Radio Show is on line.  It was recorded March 12 and featured a Jew (Manny), a Christian (Rev Terry Jones), an imam and an atheist (moi).  The discussion was centered around the question, "Is Islam a Religion of Peace?"

The debate was often heated and vituperative. Rev Jones, I thought, was very good with an all-American cowboy mentality. He told the imam, "we don't want your Sharia Law, so don't even try to bring it here."  He made national news last year by trying…


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Where Am I Again?

A lot of politicians and congressional members have been making the headlines in some of the worst ways lately. Headline making behavior like writing treasonous sounding letters of hate and rebellion against diplomatic talks directly to Iranian leadership. Making the phrase "climate change" an…


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Celebrating Is Better Than Defending

I hate to admit this, but I have a trophy folder on my laptop. Not game trophy images. Not racks of deer I've hunted. Not the typical photos of my children standing all posed with academic or sport awards. No, it's a folder full of screenshots. Frozen images in time, with winning moments in…


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When Atheist Lovers Collide

"Anyone who believes in that shit is an idiot. Feeble minded and stupid."

Man, that is pretty harsh an assessment of those who believe in religion, isn't it? It's even harder to hear when you don't share the same attitude towards…


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Voluntary Euthanasia: A Quantum Theory of Moral Action (part 5)

This is part 5 of a 5-part series.  Please read them in the order they were posted.

I contemplate writing a book on this subject intended for the educated reader, tentatively titled “My Death, My Choice: A Secular View of Voluntary Euthanasia” in which this quantum theory will play an integral role.  The book assumes that readers hold a secular humanist worldview.  That is, secular in the sense that no deities, afterlives, or other supernatural notions are involved, and…


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Freedom From Religion

Please consider helping out an Atheist related cause. It costs nothing but one minute of your time.

Go to and search for FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. You can vote for other charities as well, and the top one will get 10% of ad revenue from Reddit!

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