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Altar Calls And Night Terrors

It was another terrifying experience. One of many throughout the years. This time I woke up, face covered in tears, mind in a panic as I took a few minutes to calm down. I spent a bit longer than usual getting reoriented, my mind's movie content having hit a NC-17 for a number of things. But confirming that horrible episode of disaster and loss wasn't my reality anymore always takes a minute after waking up anyway. Deep cleansing breaths of cool forced heat assured me of what my slowly waking… Continue

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Flannel-graphs and Other Travesties

Being on my "all things atheist" kick, I have been feeling rather enraged about my own childhood indoctrination and being scared of hell.  I'm having a bit of cognitive dissonance because I can't bring myself to be angry at my parents, since I understand that they were also victims.  

I have been reading a number of blog entries and statements made by atheists, asserting that teaching children about hell is a form of child abuse.  I absolutely agree with this!  However, being…


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the toys you never won


there was chesapeake and i learned to spell the name on the yellow paper and i put my name and chesapeake and west virginia and i wrote them down and that was the name and i was there and living in it and being in it before i knew what it was called by people who were not in it and the noise and i lived above levin’s discount in three rooms with my brother and my mother and my father and he was the one and there was yelling all the…


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My Lost Childhood I: Freethought and Skepticism Don't Live Here

(Excerpt from a blog post about my childhood)

M*A*S*H: The Communist Leftist Threat to American Democracy

One evening, I cannot remember how, I was sitting upstairs and the conversation went to television.  Then somehow I ended up…


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My Way to Atheism

My Way to Atheism

Some people experience becoming atheists as a conversion.    I did not.   I slowly got aware that I never was a real christian.   I was an atheist behaving by imitation, as if I were a christian.   I was baptised, and from their point of view, that made me irreversably a fellow christian.   But of course, that is nonsense.    A handful of water on my forehead as a baby had no impact upon the wiring of my brain.

I had the whole load of christian…


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The story of my life - so far - part 2

Hey guys, so it's been a few weeks but here's part 2.

So I've had my revelation and at the time I was 8 years old. What this meant for me was that I was still vulnerable to change. My parents were a bit worried that they may have scared me out of something that I was happy with. But at the time I told them that "I don't want to live my life controlled by something as believable as Santa." So, still in my naivety, I confronted my religion teacher with the following question: "Why do you… Continue

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The story of my life - so far - part 1

Hello all, as a new member to the Atheist Nexus, I thought I'd share the story of my life so far, as I am only 16.

I was brought up in an atheist family in Australia. My dad is atheist, my mum is Buddhist, but Buddhism is a philosophy with no god. When I was attending primary school I was quick to enroll myself in the Christian Religion class that took place once a week on a Thursday. I was also quick to get hooked onto the concept of God and all the Christianity had to offer me.… Continue

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My story

This is my story. I think it is different than many other people's story so that's why I'm telling it in some detail. It begins in a remote part of northern California where I grew up during the early 70's. Imagine a barely developed countryside with homesteads separated by miles of woodland and connected by a winding dirt road. My nearest neighbors were my cousins who lived about a mile away. Other than my siblings they were the only kids my age I knew until I started school, but I saw them… Continue

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Pam and Lindsay

The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book "Exodus from Zion".

Warning: This post contains graphic descriptions of abuse.

Outside our summer programs of VBS and choir, most of the time my siblings and I played with the other kids on our block. Ryan and Justin were my brother’s age. Unfortunately, Ryan was usually grounded due to his grades, and Justin was a bully. I remember once when Justin punched me in the side of my head and my brother beat him up… Continue

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