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Capstone video: Rich ideas of substance: Chris Martenson, "Crash Course", economics.

Over the years, I ran across people and ideas that have important messages that we need to know about and understand. These are individuals and concept who look at the reality of our current situation and have ideas for solving problems and conflicts. The subjects range from economics, education, health care, permaculture, politics, religion, spirituality, and beyond. 

The first one I call attention to is Chris Martenson and his "Crash Course" in which he defines the state of the…


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Deadly Combination: Arrogance and Ignorance

Bypassing a bibliography containing numerous books, articles and journals regarding Intelligent Design and Creationism, which do not reach the level of junk science and would need numerous upgrades to reach that plateau, it is important to understand how such thing harms the country. A recent survey of the top developed countries in the world ranked the United States as number 34 out of 35 in the acceptance of evolution, an embarrassment as well as a finding with enormous economic… Continue

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Public Education in the United States of America

It's a crazy conspiracy theory that education is deliberately stifled in the U.S. right? Wrong. First and foremost, I was never taught critical thinking skills in District 186 in Springfield, Illinois. I was never even taught that there was such a think as "critical thinking" until I went to college.

So, what purpose is served by deliberately limiting or suppressing knowlege?

A primary law of economy states that a product's value is inverse to it's available quantity. In… Continue

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"fuel is more affordable than it was during the early '60s"

Hey folks, gas prices are so much better then in the 1960's (adjusted, of course)! Doesn't that make you feel better? These guys seem to think you should think so:

A big surprise on gas: You may not believe it, but fuel is more affordable than it was during the early '60s.

Talk about a big, warm, fuzzy feeling inside, huh ?! Remember that next time it costs you upwards of $70 to… Continue

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