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Everyone sleeps.  Every person, every mammal, probably every bird and reptile.

I was thinking about sleep last night, as I was thinking about going to sleep.  I don't like sleep.  For me, sleep is an interlude of death.  I usually have no memories of dreams.  No recollections of thoughts, or sensations. They say, everyone dreams. Not just a few dreams, but many.  Every night.  If that's so, either I'm unusual, or my sleep is so deep that no dreams escape into the world of day.…


Added by Daniel W on July 18, 2015 at 2:00pm — 6 Comments

What Am I?

The greatest question to me at this moment is "what am I?"

Not just as it pertains to my social label of Humanist, atheist, agnostic, irreligious, skeptical, etc., but in relation to my mere existence. This fuzzy feeling I get when crawling around in the darkness of existentialism seems too real. I keep finding new ideas and experiences and when I press their "on" buttons to see what they do, it changes my perception of reality. It's more than just being objective when playing with…


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The Existential Meaning of "Groundhog Day"

“Now that I’ve shed my skin completely, One true reality alone exists.”

Zen saying


Zen monk: “How should I escape birth and death?” Zen Master Shih-kung: “What is the use of escaping it?”


“In this world, we eat, shit, sleep and wake up.  After that all we have to do is die.”



Once again it’s Groundhog Day, which was nothing more than a rather witless locally-oriented celebration (and an American…


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