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Happy anniversary, Lizzy

We have spent one memorable year together.. It's been a time of growth and change in the mental health system that we have explored together. We are a vital part of the Recovery Advisory Committee that has guided the implementation of Comprehensive Community Services. This Medicaid benefit could potentially speed the recovery of people in Milwaukee County. It may seem strange or unromantic talking about the work that brought us together but that work is an outgrowth…


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Using an atheist social network

I have been on Facebook for a few years now an actively participate in several atheist groups. It has been difficult to be part of atheist groups outside of the internet. However, I got an atheist magazine for my companion as a solstice present and found information about the south-east Wisconsin free thinkers which has a regular monthly meeting and a radio show. In addition swift is part of atheist nexus an atheist alternative to Facebook. I posted a couple of my atheist blog entries on the…


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Not today, Satan

When I check on the atheist groups on Facebook I regularly read stories of people being harassed by their families of devoutly religious people. Even though Facebook has settings that allow people to block individuals who might insult or post negative comments, somehow these believers seem to break through. These long suffering and I suspect somewhat dense atheists don’t understand you could even have a profile for one set of friends and a profile for a second set.

But the basic…


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Preaching On Social Media - via

We’ve all been there at some point. You log onto your favorite social media website like Facebook, and as you scroll through the many status updates in your news feed with highlights about your Aunt Martha’s cat, or your friend’s son that lost a tooth, you see this:


If you are irreligious like myself, all you see is this:…


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internet people are crazy! (also a conversation about vaccines)

it all started innocently enough with a facebook friend who posted the latest vaccine scare.

i usually stay out of said friend's post since they tend to be very gody and i don't really care about her beliefs, but this one annoyed me enough to comment on it and soon enough a champion has arrived to defend the honor of the anti vaccination crowd.…


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Kicked of Facebook...AGAIN!!!

Well got kicked off Facebook again....

They must have something against atheists.

And this time, I had well over a thousand followers...

That alone should tell you something.

But honestly, maybe it is a good thing.

Seems there are those on FB who just like to hunt atheists....

But if you fight back, YOU ARE THE BAD PESON!

Now, these people don't have to come to my page..but they do.

So I think it is time I just walk away from…


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RAGE! (What I want to say but won't on FB)

I really hate having to bite my tongue.... but COME ON!!!!!!!

I found this delightful picture on my Facebook Newsfeed, along with other peoples comments on Muslims, both Radical and Moderate...and I'm sitting there with a couple…


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Facebook group for atheists

The moderated facebook group Atheism is an active community of some 10.000 members with lots of intense debate, but we are always trying to proselytize ;)

Read the rules, join and say hi!

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My Life: Not an Open Book

And I can't be the only one! 

Is anyone else just the least bit disturbed by how integrated everything is getting on the internet?  Maybe I'm just old and fussy, or maybe I just value both my time and my privacy enough that I don't want to squander one to control the other, but I really don't like this trend of running every little thing that is done on the internet through facebook or twitter.  I don't "tweet" at all, but I started an account when it was first getting popular, made a…


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Major Fail: Pascal's Wager

Over on Facebook, a Christian, named Shawn, attempted to challenge my atheism. He said: “The way I look at it you have a 50/50 chance of being right. So what happens if you are wrong? I will even ask you this: what happens if you are right?”

The following is my reply . . .


You’re paraphrasing Pascal’s wager, Shawn. According to Wikipedia . . .

Pascal’s Wager (or Pascal’s Gambit) is a suggestion posed by the French philosopher,…


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In the past year, Facebook has transformed itself from a 'social networking' site to a 'we'll now use ALL your info to sell to third parties' website.

I like the idea of social networking, but this is no longer Facebook's mainstay. Social networking is now strictly a subterfuge to garner all your private information.

I invite all my friends to seriously consider the true nature of the "New"… Continue

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Accepting Evolution =/= Atheism

One thing that I continually come across is the stigma that if you accept the Theory of Evolution as fact, that you MUST be an Atheist. To be blunt, it pisses me off that this persists - Not only do they think they are synonymous, but they associate it with evil. I've come across Atheists who do not fully accept Evolution as the correct theory to describe the diversity of life. Conversely, I know MANY religious folk (including my Catholic girlfriend and her family) who do accept… Continue

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My Facebook Account Was Disabled For Abuse. How Was I Abusive? I Am An Atheist.

Lately, the active atheist community on Facebook has found their Facebook pages being disabled for abuse when theists, offended by our point of view, report us as being abusive. Numerous atheists on Facebook have been disabled or have had warnings that they will be disabled. Many emails and messages have been exchanged between non-theists about this issue. Many, if not most atheists are reinstated. Some have even been issued apologies.

I am only the latest in a long line of atheists… Continue

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I'm On Facebook!

Well now I have an atheist account there. So if you use facebook feel free to add me heres a link to my page:

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Kill my blog? No!

Its been a while sense I posted anything so why not start by defending blogging.

I read an article in Weird called "Kill Your Blog". (You can read it here (it has a different name which made it hard to find)) His arguments are that that blogging has been flooded by "Cut-rate" journalists, underground marketing campaigns that are "drowning out the authentic voices of amateur wordsmiths" its hard to get readers,… Continue

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I know I'm not alone, but it sure feels like it.

Here in Springfield, Illinois the culture is predominantly religious based, so activities in the community that don't cost any money are awash with religious-based programs and activities that require exposure to "scripture."

I am aware of local Freethinker Meetups that gather once a month, but the last few I missed because of my work schedule. There is one Unitarian Universalist Congregation here, but I totally reject all religion and organizations that tolerate all… Continue

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Why I'm an Atheist / Bright / Humanist

The following is a note I wrote on facebook for my friends there (posted yesterday, 7/27/08), but I thought I'd cross-post it here... Maybe you all have some good feedback.

Why is Robby an Atheist / Bright / Humanist? And what does it all mean?

I know many of my friends and acquaintances may have noticed my "religious views" here on facebook and may or may not be surprised/shocked/horrified. If you haven't yet noticed, let me put it all out there: I don't believe in any sort… Continue

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A New Kind of Social Networking Experience

Well, I'm new to Atheist Nexus, and I already like it a lot. It's neat to be on a social networking site with people who have share many of the same interests beliefs and experiences as myself, but there's still a lot of controversy and difference to keep things interesting. (I've already met a few people that I'm pissed at!) It's nice to not have to type in "religious beliefs" and worry about what people might think when they read it. It's nice to search for groups without feeling compelled to… Continue

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