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The three headed bullshit criminal monster of (mostly?) S.Florida...

1. ponzi schemers (Jeb Bush's home-boys n' gals... programmed to continue being snob superficial'officials outta highschool)

2. synthetic drug hole loops (real nice for tearing apart families and causing tons of hospital visits I'm sure) - huge boon for faith-based btw ya got no brains…


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Stoked, two planets seem to be aligned tonight...

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Creep steps to me and my family in front of Salvation Army store. Same day two more happenings!

Ever heard the phrase, comes in 3's, try 4's w/Arizona and all... ready? Here goes.


Today we, my daughter, her mother and I were minding our own business, walking from Salvation Army's parking lot on the way towards the 711. I decided not to walk in front of the old 80's/70's boxy car with 2.5" creepy wooden crucifix hanging from the rearview at the parking lot stop sign, right in front of the store, (store that talks about the lord all the time on the radio as you shop) did…


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The hypocrisy of "love thy neighbor"

They preach to their choirs about values to pander for votes... but when it comes to a matter of a necessity to life and well being... the Governors of Alabama, Florida and Georgia fall short of practicing such values.

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Good Waffles!? What the fuck is wrong with these people!

I'm sitting in my living room, cold because I'm too lazy to start the fire (leaving in an hour anyway) and I am streaming Air America Minnesota (, if you're so inclined, put in a MN zip code, like 55404 for instance), and they have news breaks by CNN at the top of the hour every hour.

This whole day, at least a solid minute of these have been devoted to the "finding" of Caylee Anthony.

Yes, the… Continue

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Why are Americans so afraid of Science?

This is really a blog about blogs. ;) Okay, in my local paper, I posted a blog with this same title. You can see it here:

Not 24 hours later, I see this gem:

Needless to say, this got me a bit hot under the collar (and amused in an incredulous sort of sad way). I decided to give this particular theitard a list of the reasons the… Continue

Added by Larian LeQuella on September 12, 2008 at 12:30pm — 5 Comments

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