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Tony Dorsett has CTE



This is how he looked as a running back for the Dallas Cowboys

I always feel sad when I write about ex-football players. Too often, the stories are about death, brain disease and violence. When I read about Tony Dorsett, the story involved the last: brain disease. He was…


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Tony Dorsett has CTE

I always feel sad when I write about ex-football players. Too often, the stories are about death, brain disease and violence. When I read about Tony Dorsett, the story involved the last: brain disease. He was diagnosed in 2013 with CTE, a degenerative brain disease linked…


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Who the Hell is Michael Sam?

Before his announcement of being homosexual Michael Sam was an ordinary football player and the emphasis was on “ordinary.” However, he was ordinary enough to be selected in the NFL draft. While no guarantee that he would ever become a member of any team he was good enough to be selected. So, what is so special about…


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PS. on Football: Sanctity of the Game Desecrated but (Happily) Restored.

For weeks, the NFL was involved in a controversy as contentious as the Protestant Reformation: a salary dispute with and concomitant lockout of referees...and their replacement by lower-level officials who have already made countless blunders, failed to understand football's elaborate rules, and even counted an interception as a touchdown by the player who never caught the ball.

Their ineptitude has enraged the fans. In Baltimore, they united into a "fuck you" chant that the…


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Battered Brains, Blithering Biden, and the Religion of Football (w/new Addendum)

“No child should predecease their parents.  I remember what it’s like (PAUSE).  It brings back (PAUSE)…It brings back memories…that call, out of the blue.”

Joe Biden


Why is football still legal?  It’s a serious question.  Why maintain, nay, lionize a pastime that wrecks bodies and minds? 

A century ago, Teddy Roosevelt, that manliest of…


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Against Contact Sports

Yep, that's right, I am against contact sports.  The basic question is, what is sports for? Is sports about teams, friendly competition, health or is it to beat the living crap out of the next person or team?  I prefer the healthier version of teams, and being healthy and friendly.  Ask yourself, what does a parent of a child who plays football in highschool do if they receive a concussion from a head blow while playing a game that intends to be hit hard?  Do they say oh what a tragedy I…


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Abuse Bowl Hoax

The Super Bowl is barely 24 hours away, and people across the country, even other parts of the world, are all gearing up for a marathon of beer, Velveeta topped Fritos, endless commercials (and, oh yeah,  probably a little head banging good ‘ole ‘Merican football, too). And many are also bracing for that annual orgy of misogynistic violence that accompanies it.
Or are they?



Domestic violence is a serious problem.…


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Please excuse the bragging...

I am going to brag a little on my son here so please excuse the excess of fatherly pride. A little background first - my son is playing 7th grade football this year for his middle school. He is 12 y/o, 5' 10" tall and weighs in at 224 ibs. He plays defensive tackle and this clip is from their jamboree last it HERE

He made the highlight reel first game -… Continue

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Religion and Football

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This guy is hilarious. And awesome. Every now and then he strikes a chord with me. I completely relate to this idiocy.

If there's anything I think is nearly as asinine as religion, it's sports fanaticism...

You know, for a long time, I've wanted to write a satire piece on religion and football. I'm from… Continue

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