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How Jesus became God on Humanist Hour

Have you ever walked across the ice on a frozen lake and begin to see small cracks form under your feet? The cracks become bigger, making a pretty sound ... until you realize that the ice is not going to hold you and you have to change direction, and really fast or tragedy will occur?

That is what it was like for me when I believed in god and Jesus. I taught and was superintendent of Sunday schools, belonged to and held leadership roles in the women's bible study groups and outreach…


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Compost, black gold

Every snippet of growing things, except diseased or pest ridden or with seeds or with plants that have runners that spread, go into my compost. The result is priceless mulch better than money can buy. 

Several years ago I bought Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoons™ and buried them in my compost bins and into my box raised beds. I have an abundance of worms working my soil…


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Spam for dinner

During WW II, we had a lot of Spam. I and several of my cousins lived with my maternal grandparents and they must have been challenged to feed all of us kids. Grandma did everything with it, cooked it in lard, or in maple syrup if we could get it, she made all kinds of sauces, tomato, or cream sauce, or Spam gravy. We had it with all the garden vegetables, fried, baked, roasted.

We kids had to help in the kitchen because she really needed help. We learned all kinds of things at her…


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On the Architecture of Pleasure

Originally written for Society of Epicurus, the following piece delves into the relationship between architecture and ideology, experience, identity and worldview.  It also evaluates the Epicurean model of the Garden as a place of human flourishing.  Epicurus' philosophical (hedonistic) schools were known as 'Gardens' and were oases of reason, serenity and pleasure.

Notice, on the other hand and by way of contrast, how Stoicism derives its name from the stoas, the places that face the…


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